LOST – Some Like It Hoth

Thoughts about tonight’s episode:

First off, this theory about Miles being Pierre Chang’s son was right on the mark.

Why are does Chang and the rest of the Dharma leadership find it important to hide that body? Why act like it doesn’t exist? Just to prevent panic among the Dharma folks?

So, we saw the numbers being put on the hatch. The crew called it a serial number… was it only that? Is this whole number thing destined to be one of the mysteries of the show that will never be solved?

Speaking of mysteries: “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” is LOST’s “Save the cheerleader, Save the World”. My guess? The Others are protecting a portal to the afterlife.

So, what did you think about Mile’s brief kidnapping? Yeah, I know Ben was probably behind it. I’m not sure the story line has room for a fourth group of “Others” wanting their way on the island.

Fourth? Didn’t I mean third? Nope, Ben’s group, Charles’ group, and … Richard Alpert’s group. I think those are the three that are trying to get the power on the island. Ben and Charles might be at each other’s throats, but I think it’s Richard Alpert who is pulling the strings.

And the theory about who really put that plane in the ocean has been put to rest – the winner is: Charles Widmore. He paid to have graves dug up, and an old plane sunk in the ocean, just to cover things up so that no one would keep looking for that plane.

How random is that $1.6 million that Miles was offered to go to the island? Why $1.6 million? That $3.2 million figure that Miles wanted from Ben seems to only turn out to be double the number Charles offered. I’m a bit disappointed by that revelation.

Things are rapidly spinning out of control now that Sawyer hit Phil. That, combined with Roger’s suspicions of Kate are going to bring things to a head.

Oh, and if you didn’t realize it before then “Hoth” is the ice planet in Empire Strikes back.

Favorite parts:

Hurley writing “Empire Strikes Back” and the “Let’s face it, Ewoks suck, dude” line.

Lost “Special” next week, and all new LOST in two weeks!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

LOST – “Namaste” – Thoughts about The Show


Spoilers ahead
Not much time to write, but I did want to post a few thoughts about the show:

It was great to see what else was going on when the plane went down. I was quite surprised to see that Sun was still in the present day, rather than in the past with the rest of the Oceanic Six. I was even more surprised to see that Christian was the one that met Frank and Sun when they reached the barracks. Next stop? The only thing I can think of is that they’ll have to find (or, more likely, be found by) Richard Alpert.

If Ben originally tried to leave the camp, he’s going to head out again as soon as he can, especially with Locke being alive again.

Sayid seeing Ben, and then saying “I know why I’m here” in the previews for next week pretty much confirms for me that he’ll try and kill the young Ben as soon as he can. He’s going to fail, and I’m afraid that’s going to be the end of Sayid. I think that’s a shame.

Love Hurley’s reaction when he found out he was in the 1970s.

So, are the folks from the 1970s going to be transported into the future, or are the present day folks going to be transported into the past… or will something else happen? I’m guessing that they’ll both be pulled out of their timelines, and sent further into the past.

What do you think?

LOST: Who will be in charge now?

Spoilers ahead! Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the Lost Season 4 finale!

Something’s been bothering me since the season ended.

The show has established that the island won’t let people die before it’s done with them. Michael couldn’t commit suicide when it tried because it had another job for him. At the very end of Michael’s life, the island sent a message, “You can go now, Michael”, and boom the boat exploded. I still have questions about whether Michael actually DID want to go right then and there, but that’s another topic.

Then we have Widmore and Ben, who appear not to be able to kill each other. I think we can agree it’s the island keeping each of them safe too, rather than some pact the two have. I think it’s interesting that Ben is very willing to personally put himself into harm’s way. He has the kind of confidence that tells me he knows he can’t be killed. Now, that’s not to say he won’t get hurt from time to time. Look at everything that’s happened to him: Beat up, shot with an arrow, beat up some more – you get the idea. It’s just that he has the island on his side.

Anyway, having the island on your side is a pretty good thing, at least while it likes you.

So, I have to ask, why didn’t think work for John Locke? He’s the new “chosen” leader of The Others, right? What in the heck happened? The island gets a leader and the leader dies? Wasn’t there a “You can’t die” part of John’s contract with the island too?

Perhaps there was, at the beginning. Falling out of favor with the island can lead to big problems. Just look at Ben and his tumor. Why did he end up getting that? Did he fall out of favor with the island? What could he have done to fall out of favor? Maybe it’s because of the way he’d been treating people. Or maybe the island decided that a new leader would better serve the “mission”: John Locke.

It’s not unlikely that John suffered the same fate as Ben. Everything was working just fine at first, but something happened (to be revealed in Season 5, most likely) that made John fall out of favor with the island; by the time we see Locke in the coffin, could the new leader have already been chosen? Let’s look at that in a minute…
Another possibility is that in order to allow John Locke to serve the island, he had to die. If he really were in tune with the island as it appeared, dying would just be a transition to a new (and perhaps more important) job for the island. The Others sure seem to be able to pop up in the strangest places at the right time. Maybe Locke will be able to do this as well, and this will be part of his new mission.

Combine these two ideas (a new leader has been chosen, and Locke had to die to serve the island), and we might be on to something. Who would be the best advocate for the island? Someone that came to the island and just blindly accepted everything that was happening, or someone that was skeptical at first, but then grew to realize how important the island was?

Someone that was blindly faithful to the island would be too vulnerable to outside influences which made it appear that the island wanted things a certain way.

I think you’d really need someone who didn’t believe what was happening at first, but finally came to believe in the island after the evidence was laid out. That leader would always keep a skeptical eye on things, and probably think more clearly in situations that required it.

I think it’s pretty clear that the island really wants Jack back there to run things. Locke was just too willing to accept what he thought the island was telling him, and I think that’ll end up being the reason he dies. Not because he didn’t listen, but because he did – just to the wrong people.

Lost Live Blog: No Place Like Home Part 1

Update: I’ll post a write-up later. Overall, not the most exciting episode, but it was good!

Update: Two weeks from now scenes….ending with Locke yelling “What did you do?”

Update: Knocked out.

Update: Ben’s got a plan. Locke better hurry up.

Update: Richard Alpert and The Others. As Dave would say, it’d make a good name for a rock band.

Update: Oh oh… explosives. A lot. Never a good sign. Ah…But Michael knew about that, remember?

Update: Claire has to be one of the many reasons Jack wants to get back to the island. As things stand now, he doesn’t realize something weird has happened to Claire.

Update: Commercial

Update: Little did she know that Aaron was really her grand son.

Update: I knew that would freak him out.

Update: Jack finds out about Claire.

Update: Jack’s dad’s funeral. Everyone’s there too.

Update: Sawyer’s going after Hurley.

Update: Something broadcasting on the boat? Probably a transmission between Michael and Ben.

Update: Oh…and by the way, Michael is on the boat.

Update: First group to the boat.

Update: Wonder if those numbers are what’s needed to move the island?

Update: That’s the first time in a while we’ve seen the numbers.

Update: Commercials

Update: Oh oh…Keamy and Company are already at The Orchid.

Update: The numbers are on the odometer…. Creepy.

Update: Hurley’s dad fixed the car. Nice.

Update: Whispering noises like The Others, of course it’s a a party.

Update: A coconut?

Update: Back at the Hurley mansion… nice final backfire on the car.

Update: I have to say, I love the way Sun stood up to her father.

Update: Commercials

Update: Oh man… Two people responsible for Jin’s death? She considers her father one of those people… the other must be herself.

Update: YEAH, SUN! Bought out Dad! Good for her!

Update: Oh, man. I don’t like that Jin was on that boat… doesn’t bode well.

Update: Charlotte didn’t look to happy about being left.

Update: Drop off the baby… We have some Jack rescuing to do.

Update: 15 year old crackers. Pretty funny. But how does Ben know it was 15 years ago?

Update: Moving the island is dangerous and unpredictable.

Update: So far nothing island shattering.

Update: Commercials

Update: Meanwhile, Sayid’s been on a raft for a week.

Update: Sayid’s girl, Nadia!

Update: These reporters sure get to ask most of the questions. You think they’d pass that around.

Update: Only eight left?

Update: That island they washed up on sure looks like Hawaii.

Update: Day 108!

Update: Membata.

Update: Heh… “Hold up, you don’t get to die alone”.

Update: Woo! Sawyer called it “New Otherton”. (That’s the producer’s name for The Other’s camp).

Update: Sawyer and company!

Update: Back on the island, Jack’s really going quick. Maybe too quick, if he’s bleeding.

Update: I love that spiral on The Orchid logo too.

Update: Commercial

Update: Daniel knows what’s going to happen.

Update: Calling on the phone… bad idea, I think.

Update: Hurley’s folks, Sun’s folks, Jack’s Mom, no one for Kate or Sayid…

Update: Finally, they get to act like they’re on Hawaii.

Update: “We are in shock, Jack.” Great line. And they’re playing the “sad” Lost music. (Flight 1717)

Update: Ah….Oceanic 6 plane landing… That woman looks familiar.

Update: Previously on LOST….

Update: Shows that don’t start on the hour are really starting to tick me off.

I’ll be doing a live blog of tonight’s LOST: No Place Like Home. Stay tuned!

LOST: Cabin Fever Live Blog

Last Update: I’ll do a write-up later.

Update: “He wants us to move the island”

Update: Ben and Hurley sharing an Apollo bar, while Locke finds out how to save the island.

Update: Oh wow… I guess those theories that Claire is dead are true.

Update: Christian Shepard speaking on behalf of Jacob.

Update: Ben’s handing over the reigns of the island. I think Ben’s more scared than we’ve ever seen him.

Update: I thought that beeping was a bomb.

Update: Desmond isn’t technically one of the 815ers, so he might have made it back to the mainland too.

Update: Commercials

Update: How many people left on that boat?

Update: Dead doc, dead captain. That must be a detonation device on his arm.

Update: Keamy is just not one nice guy.

Update: “When you and me run into each other again, you’ll owe me one?” Yikes!

Update: WALKABOUT! Wow! People manipulating The 815ers to get on the plane!


Update: Guys? Cabin. (Gotta love Hurley).

Update: Consequences to being chosen.

Update: THG.com Guy, I think that safe spot must be “the temple” Ben told people to go to. How Widmore would know about that… unless people sent him reports before The Purge.

Update: Commercials

Update: Oh, Desmond… Don’t stay with the bad guys.

Update: What’s that on Keamy’s arm? A radio?

Update: Michael’s still fighting for his friends.

Update: Mittlelos anagram for Lost Time.

Update: I like “boxing”…. heh, he got that job.

Update: Geronimo Jones poster inside that locker.

Update: “I think I’ll stick with you guys”.

Update: I saw that Dharma logo too. Must have some of that organization still off island doing work. Kinda makes sense.

Update: Ha! They really are bringing back “The Mole”

Update: Commercials

Update: Notice that morse code? The timelines are screwier than we thought. So, the doc died before the message was sent on the boat. That island/boat timeline isn’t just 30-ish minutes off. It’s varying.

Update: Ok…Widmore knows enough to know where Ben would be heading??

Update: Two key protocol.

Update: Ben looked a bit surprised at who Locke singled out.

Update: Their “leaders”? Plural?

Update: Alpert looked a little disturbed by that knife pick.

Update: Which things belong to you already… sand from the island, compass, the knife

Update: Nice picture of Smokey.

Update: Either Alpert is dead, or he’s got this time travel thing down.

Update: Hasn’t Locke met Alpert before? Must not have.

Update: Commercials.

Update: That’s why I think he’s dead, like Horace. He just knows how to deal with it.

Update: Richard Alpert. Hasn’t aged a day.

Update: She can’t hold her own baby?

Update: And… it’s all a dream. Ben: “I used to have dreams”. Transfer of power.

Update: Interesting time loop.

Update: Now, if you were dead. Would YOU be chopping trees?

Update: Gotta love the eyeball shot.

Update: Yes, I’m kidding.

Update: Commercials. First big question, Who’s Locke’s Father?

Update: Gun Jam. Thank you island.

Update: The doctor is still alive… AFTER the Smoke Monster attack.

Update: Interesting. They don’t know where the cabin is. Looks like a Locke-centric episode.

Update: John? John Locke?

Update: Another quick open with no recap. Weird. It’s 1950-ish.

Update: These shows that go over by a minute or two are ticking me off.

I’ll be posting in this thread for the LOST episode “Cabin Fever”.

LOST: Feedback on EW’s Recap of Something Nice Back Home

Jeff Jensen at EW.com has an excellent synopsis and analysis of Something Nice Back home which you should read.

A few things I’d like to respond to in that article:

We learned that shortly after Kate’s trial, Jack got over his aversion to Aaron (though it wasn’t explained how or why he was so anti-Aaron to begin with) and shacked up with the former fugitive.

I’ve said this in other postings, but I think it’s because Jack feels somewhat responsible for Claire. I don’t have any evidence of this, other than his need to save people.

Sealing the deal was his mounting paranoia that Kate was pulling a Sarah and stepping out on him. And as it turned out, Kate did have another man on her mind: Apparently, she had been secretly fulfilling a promise she made to Sawyer before leaving the Island. (My guess: The shaggy con man asked her to look in on Clementine, the daughter he had with con gal Cassidy.)

I posted this earlier, and I can’t figure out who else he would want Kate to check on… I’m still not completely sold.

The headline of Jack’s newspaper read, ”Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in series sweep.” The Yankees swept a series with the Red Sox late in the 2006 season (a historic five-game wipeout) and the 2007 season (a traditional three-game set). If you pause the picture (on a high-def DVR), you can make out the score 5-0, which is how the 2007 series ended. So I’m going to call it: Jack’s flash-forward took place in late summer of 2007.

This is an excellent catch. It also puts to rest the “Aaron aged quickly” theories.

But this thought occurred to me last night as I tried to make sense of Miles’ fixation with Claire: What if she actually didn’t survive the obliteration of her home in last week’s episode? What if she died? What if the Claire we’ve seen since then is some kind of spectral but physically tangible manifestation of Claire generated by Island magic, just like Eko’s brother Yemi, Kate’s horse, and now, apparently, Christian? Could that be why Miles is so intrigued by her — because he can sense that she’s no longer human?

This could well be true, but wouldn’t Mile’s reaction to Christian and Claire been a lot different than what we saw? I mean, we saw how he reacted to finding Carle and Danielle. Wouldn’t he have had a similar reaction to Claire in the first place? Or at least be a little startled?

As for Charlotte’s Korean, the crazy thought occurred to me that perhaps this Dharma-hunting anthropologist uses it to converse with one of her secret masters, someone I suspect has more to do with the larger Lost mythology than we’ve been led to believe — Sun’s father, Mr. Paik.

This is a nice tie-in with the “sins of the fathers corrected by the children” theory. I bet this is right.

Lost: Something Nice Back Home

I don’t think this episode was quite as high impact as the last one, but it did have it’s moments. In the “I didn’t see that coming” category we have: Rose questioning why Jack would be getting sick; Charlotte speaking Korean (good catch TropicHunt.com Guy!); Jack’s proposal to Kate.

How in the world could Kate doing something for Sawyer get Jack that upset? I think it deflects the real question though: Who was Kate talking to?

What happened to Claire that lead her to leave Aaron behind? Where did she go? Did Christian take her away to wherever he has been all this time?

I loved the fact that when Jack saw Christian, he was wearing those white tennis shoes. It didn’t appear to me that Christian was wearing a suit when he was holding Aaron though.
And did you catch the previews? Horace (from Dharma) saying that he’s been dead for 12 years?
How many dead people have we seen running around? Christian, Yemi, Horace (well next week), Charlie…

The strange thing is, Charlie seems to know he died, and from the previews it sounds like Horace does too.

Does this mean the island is some kind of way point between worlds? Some property of the island make it possible to not only communicate with the dead, but bring them back in some way?

That does explain why they wanted Miles on the island, at least to some extent.

As last week, a lot of things to digest.

One last thing…. Did Jack have a scar when he was in that towel or not?

What did you think of tonight’s show?

Lost: The Shape of Things To Come

There was so much happening in this episode, it’s crazy.

Let’s see.. the random weirdness for tonight’s episode was:

The ship’s doctor died, but the people on the ship say he’s OK.

Ben has the ability to travel off the island using the same, or similar, method that got the polar bears off the island.

Ben wanted Locke to survive that ambush so they could go to Jacob together.

Ben had to ask the year when he finally made it to civilization, so the travel method he uses isn’t completely accurate. The date was Oct. 24, 2005.

For some reason, Nadia died. I don’t think she was the intended target. I think the target was Sayid. If that’s true, then the rest of the Oceanic 6 could be in trouble. Is the reason they’re not talking that Widmore has threatened them?

I was surprised that Alex died. That appears to be one of the reasons that Ben is going after people.

Ben’s secret panel with a room behind it has ANOTHER secret panel in it, leading to … Well, at first I thought it was Jacob, but it wasn’t him. Wonder what he did?

Ben smiled after Sayid volunteered to go after people for Ben. I think a lot of people, myself included, thought Sayid was doing this to help people stuck on the island.

Ben’s reaction to Alex’s death, “He changed the rules”. We found out later he meant Widmore, not Jacob.

Bernard knows Morse code, and Faraday finally admitted that they had no intention of taking anyone off the island.

Ben can’t kill Widmore??

Penny’s in trouble. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Ben tries to go after her, or if he tries to get Sayid to go after her.

That “He changed the rules” comment got me thinking. Did Widmore and Ben have some kind of uneasy truce? Widmore’s comments like “All you have you have from me”, MUST mean that he in some way financed either The Others or Dharma at some point. They must have had some kind of agreement that no one in either of their families would get hurt, in case it came to that.

All in all, a surprising episode in many ways.

What did you think of it?