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Spoilers ahead!

Another solid episode! Season 4 is really shaping up!

What a bomb drop at the end of the show, eh? Early on, we find out that Kate has a son, which was who she was probably referring to when she said she had to “get back to him” in the Season 3 finale. Then at the end we find out it’s Aaron! So what about that extreme growth he went through?

On the face of it, whatever happened to Aaron must have been the same thing that happened to Walt. Remember the “tall Walt” mention in a previous episode? I knew they’d have to explain how Walt grew so quickly eventually. They still haven’t done that yet, but I knew it was coming. The real kicker that I didn’t see was that it happened to Aaron too.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they explain Aaron being Kate’s kid. At first I thought that Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Kate probably came up with the idea that Aaron’s real mother was one of the eight survivors of the crash (Jack mentioned eight survivors in his testimony in the court case), but she died. If that were true, I doubt the authorities would have let Kate keep the baby once they figured out who she was. That is unless she made a plea that “it was Aaron’s mother’s dying wish!” My guess is that they’ll just end up saying he was an un-ticketed passenger, since he was less than three.

Hmmm….. I just realized that Aaron is Jack’s nephew. Half-nephew, maybe? Anyway…

The bigger question right now is, what were the circumstances that lead to Aaron going with the other Ocean people? Is Claire still alive, but give up Aaron to make sure he made it to safety? If that’s the case then something must have happened on the island to make them get out of there in a big hurry.

The other possibility is that Claire’s going to die, and Kate took over as Aaron’s guardian when she did.

On to other topics…

Whatever you want to say about Locke before, he’s sure embraced the dark side. It sure is a bit disturbing that he embraced it so much. Very creepy how he was so nonchalant about putting that grenade in Miles’ mouth. I expected a BOOM during that entire scene with Sawyer and Kate.

Here I was waiting for Miles to do some kind of psychic voodoo on Ben, and he asks Ben for 3.2 million dollars! Plus we find out that not only is Ben known off the island, the people that are looking for him consider him pretty powerful (and probably rightly so). Pretty interesting. If you’re someone who’s really powerful, what better place to hide than an island? Can’t wait to find out what happened to change Ben from the guy who wiped out the Dharma Initiative to someone who’s known to people off the island as someone so powerful that they think getting 3.2 million dollars would be no problem.

Nice touch having Ben point out that asking for “3.2” million was pretty specific.

Miles didn’t seem like he thought he’d have a problem with Charlotte; Maybe she’s in on that part of the plan too?

I have to wonder what’s going to happen to them when the person that sent them to the island finds out what deal they worked out with Ben.

Any idea what Charlotte and Daniel were trying to do? Were they seeing if being on the island would help them get in touch with their inner psychic?

Did you notice in the very final glimpse of next week’s episode, Desmond didn’t have his beard? Looks like he’s going to be taking another trip through time, this time to meet Daniel.

Oh, and Kate’s probation? She’s definitely going to break that.

I can see it now: The Oceanic 6 came back, and then they all disappeared, never to be heard from again.

So far the Oceanic 6 are: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Aaron. Wonder who the last one is?

All in all, I liked the episode. What did you think?

7 thoughts on “LOST: Eggtown”

  1. I’ll read this more fully later…but I would presume Aaron is 2-3 years old in this ep, and that passage of time appears to be about right with where I place these eps in a timeline in my mind.

  2. I hve a question that might point out to my losing my own mind, but here goes: wasn’t the compound on another island? Does anyone else remember that? Or was that Ben lying again?

    Rearding Aaron, we don’t know how far in the future the flash forwards are, but if he is about 2-3, wouldn’t have Kate been about to give birth when the marshall caught up with her? And that being the case wouldn’t that be something he’d mention on his report after catching her?

    Miles is not beyond trying to rip off dead drug dealers and whatnot, but did you get the impression that conversation wasn’t about money altogether but constructed as such to throw Kate off?

    My head exploded just now…

  3. It was very funny reading this morning that the baby is Aaron. Last night I thought I heard Erik, and even rewound and played it back again to be sure. So all night I was thinking that it was the love child of Kate and Sawyer. Heh.

    One of the big questions I have is why does Jack not want to see Aaron?

  4. I bet Jack made some decision that affected who could come/go from the island, and it was a last minute thing…thus he may feel some level of guilt over what happened to Claire. Just a guess, nothing much to go on except his reaction last night and how his attitude over time changes about going back to the island.

  5. I love the show, but I loved Twin Peaks, too, and I long ago gave up the notion that all these plot lines will be adequately explained. It’s well-known that Michael Emerson was originally hired for only three episodes, and now his character is the focal point of the entire series. Does that give you confidence the writers knew/know where this will end up?

    The characters continue to excite, but I liked the show a lot better when it was a group of crash survivors and a mysterious noise in the jungle.

  6. The only question I have that has not been addressed yet is: Does anyone thing that the kid who played Aaron at the end of this episode is that same person who played the part as a baby in season 1? that would be a part that would need to be recast every season.

  7. Generally they get twins to play roles of little kids because of the rules governing how many hours they can work in a day.

    I’d be willing to bet the baby has been switched out once or twice, and the new kid (if we see him again) is a twin (in real life…not the show)

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