Who Staged The Oceanic 815 Crash?

Ben Linus

I have a question before tonight’s show: Who staged the fake Oceanic 815 crash site?

At first I thought it must be the group that’s trying to get on the island. I’ve been operating under the assumption that the Widmore Group is involved in some way, simply because of Penny’s connection with Desmond. You know, it’s the whole “powerful father that’s a bad guy vs. children work against them” theme. It would require enormous resources to stage something like that, and a powerful man like Widmore would have those resources.

But the more I thought about this, the more I realized I was looking at this from the wrong perspective. Why would the Widmore group do that? What possible reason would there be for them staging the crash. So, if it’s not them, who would it be?

I kept coming around to Ben and The Others. They have a VERY good reason to make people think the crash site was found: They want to keep people from accidentally finding the island. If there was a search going on, finding the airplane would put an end to it. The real question then is, how did he pull that off? What kind of resources does Ben have that he could do something like that?

Who do you think staged the fake Oceanic 815 crash site?

5 thoughts on “Who Staged The Oceanic 815 Crash?”

  1. Well, here’s a simple question/observation backatya:

    I think it’s pretty clear that NO ONE wants this island found other than the 815 survivors, and in their case, THEY want to be found; they could give a rat’s *** about the island itself (with possibly the sole exception being Locke).

    So really, Widmore/Hanso (who are tied together) wouldn’t want the island to be found (it is THEIR island after all, isn’t it?) and Ben/The Others don’t want it found either…so I think it’s possible that either group could have done it.

  2. I think it’s pretty obvious after last night’s episode that you are correct in that Ben DID fake the crash site… Good call!

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