Lost: Jack’s “Illness” Is Not What It Seemed To Be – Part 2

Just to continue that last posting about Jack’s illness:

What if Juliet wasn’t taking something OUT of Jack, but was putting something IN to Jack? Drug Jack up, get him thinking he has appendicitis, and throw one of those Claire devices in there. I thought I’d just throw that out there as an additional possibility.

Oh, and that scar that isn’t there when Jack was in his towel? No scars when the island heals you.

8 thoughts on “Lost: Jack’s “Illness” Is Not What It Seemed To Be – Part 2”

  1. I’m gonna watch it again later. I didn’t see it first time round, and Jensen on ew.com didn’t see it either.

    The location of the scar will be key, if it’s there. By that I mean, there was no scar before, and if there is one, we’ll know if it was in the wrong place or not.

    …Then again, so would Jack….

  2. Okay, I rewatched my HD recording. He *does* have a scar, but it’s light. It’s on the right side of his body, about 2 inches below and 5 inches to the right of his bellybutton (from Jack’s perspective).

    You can kind of see it as a dark line here.

    I watched the entire opening, and you can kind of see it as he picks up the toy off the floor, too. But in that particular shot (not great b/c of the weather warning on the TV) it was very apparent (it’s clear on my HD recording).

  3. Maybe Jack suspected that Juliet WAS putting something in and that’s why jack wanted to be awake. But Bernard was there so she couldn’t have gotten away with anything. Plus, we already know that Jack gets off the island so he can’t die no matter what.

  4. I think Jack did suspect that. Bernard could have been distracted in some way to get something into Jack, but I think it’s more likely that she didn’t get away with anything.

    I re-watched it last night, and I think this was basically a plot device to show: 1) Jack still really doesn’t trust Juliet; and 2) To reinforce Jack loves Kate.

  5. I think that the appendicitis was so obviously faked by Juliet. It hadn’t occurred to me that she put something into Jack but that’s a good theory.

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