LOST: Who’s In That Coffin?

Ben Linus
I’m just going to throw this out there. Since that coffin showed up at the end of Season 3, I’ve been going back and forth about who’s inside that thing. Everyone has a guess, saying “this is a real game changer” and “it’ll blow your mind”. I’m going to throw my guess out there.

I think it’s Ben.

Yeah, yeah… I hear you say, “But we saw him with Sayid! He’s not dead!” Well, not yet.

We’ve seen Ben and Sayid interacting in these flash-forwards… Some of those took place in 2005. That’s when Ben and Sayid’s first interaction took place.

If the season finale took place in 2007 (remember, the paper Jack read was from 2007), that’s when Jack attended the funeral. That points to the very real possibility that Ben might be the one in the coffin. I say that because the assumption that Ben is alive and kicking because he and Sayid are teamed up, and when Ben visited Widmore. But if those scenes happened in 2005, many things could have happened since then. Including Ben’s death.

If that really is who is in there, it would help explain why Jack wants to get back to the Island. With Ben gone, Locke would be in charge. In that two years, anything could have happened.

Would that be the last we saw of Ben? No, I think that would just be a transition point to where we’d start seeing Ben in the same state that Christian/Charlie have been.

We’ll see soon.

2 thoughts on “LOST: Who’s In That Coffin?”

  1. Nope. Still believe it’s Michael. Michael would know best how to get back to the island, hence Jack’s feelings about the person in the coffin.

    I seriously doubt it’s Ben.

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