LOST: Feedback on EW’s Recap of Something Nice Back Home

Jeff Jensen at EW.com has an excellent synopsis and analysis of Something Nice Back home which you should read.

A few things I’d like to respond to in that article:

We learned that shortly after Kate’s trial, Jack got over his aversion to Aaron (though it wasn’t explained how or why he was so anti-Aaron to begin with) and shacked up with the former fugitive.

I’ve said this in other postings, but I think it’s because Jack feels somewhat responsible for Claire. I don’t have any evidence of this, other than his need to save people.

Sealing the deal was his mounting paranoia that Kate was pulling a Sarah and stepping out on him. And as it turned out, Kate did have another man on her mind: Apparently, she had been secretly fulfilling a promise she made to Sawyer before leaving the Island. (My guess: The shaggy con man asked her to look in on Clementine, the daughter he had with con gal Cassidy.)

I posted this earlier, and I can’t figure out who else he would want Kate to check on… I’m still not completely sold.

The headline of Jack’s newspaper read, ”Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in series sweep.” The Yankees swept a series with the Red Sox late in the 2006 season (a historic five-game wipeout) and the 2007 season (a traditional three-game set). If you pause the picture (on a high-def DVR), you can make out the score 5-0, which is how the 2007 series ended. So I’m going to call it: Jack’s flash-forward took place in late summer of 2007.

This is an excellent catch. It also puts to rest the “Aaron aged quickly” theories.

But this thought occurred to me last night as I tried to make sense of Miles’ fixation with Claire: What if she actually didn’t survive the obliteration of her home in last week’s episode? What if she died? What if the Claire we’ve seen since then is some kind of spectral but physically tangible manifestation of Claire generated by Island magic, just like Eko’s brother Yemi, Kate’s horse, and now, apparently, Christian? Could that be why Miles is so intrigued by her — because he can sense that she’s no longer human?

This could well be true, but wouldn’t Mile’s reaction to Christian and Claire been a lot different than what we saw? I mean, we saw how he reacted to finding Carle and Danielle. Wouldn’t he have had a similar reaction to Claire in the first place? Or at least be a little startled?

As for Charlotte’s Korean, the crazy thought occurred to me that perhaps this Dharma-hunting anthropologist uses it to converse with one of her secret masters, someone I suspect has more to do with the larger Lost mythology than we’ve been led to believe — Sun’s father, Mr. Paik.

This is a nice tie-in with the “sins of the fathers corrected by the children” theory. I bet this is right.

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  1. I think Miles was brought into this to talk with Jacob. It makes the most sense. I’m not sure what Charlotte’s role is yet…why an anthropologist on this team…?

  2. Probably because The Widmore Team know more about the “temple” that Ben sent The Others to, and might know more about what that Four-Toed statue is.

    Plus, if they’re using island artifacts for anything, they’d need an expert of investigate.

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