LOST: Predictions Before The Season 4 Finale!

Here’s an expanded list of predictions for what’s going to happen during the season finale:

The first two are expanded versions of what appeared at EW.com

The Coffin: Ben’s in there. All the signs point to it. Richard Alpert tried to get Locke to come with him at an early age. When he couldn’t get there, circumstance shifted and Ben was brought on the island as a replacement. Now that Locke is coming into his own on the island, the island will have no use for Ben, and he’ll end up getting killed by Widmore himself, or one of Widmore’s henchmen.

The Island Move: When that island moves, it’s going to move big time: Past and Present. The implications of that? If the island moves in the past, that means there’s no Desmond and button to fly over, and Flight 815 keeps flying until it crashes. That means there was no “staged” plane; it’s the same plane from a different timeline.

The Black Rock: When the island moved previously, it must have caused a huge disruption in the ocean. Fish must have been everywhere scattered across the island when it just popped in on it’s new location. (Man, I bet that smelled for weeks…) Anyway, I think that’s how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the island; it was just in the middle of the ocean and when the island did a jump, it happened to be right where the island “landed”. One has to wonder what else the island is going to pick up when the island jumps this time.

Richard Alpert vs. Matthew Abaddon: I really think that there might be two opposing forces at work on the island that have been staring us right in the face: Richard Alpert and Matthew Abaddon.

We’ve seen Alpert at work already, even as far back as when Locke was a baby and young boy When Alpert went to visit Locke, he looked very upset that Locke took the knife during the test. This isn’t what Alpert had hoped for. Another attempt was made to get Locke onto the island when he was a teenager, but that was also rejected. It wasn’t until Matthew Abaddon planted the seed of that Outback trip that Locke “took the bait” (so to speak) and went on that trip, the trip that made him get on that island.

So think about that a minute: If Alpert rejected Locke early on, why did Abaddon want him on the island? Yes, they could both be working together, but remember that Abaddon was one of the people recruiting Naomi and her crew to get ON the island. Bringing hostiles to the island sounds to me like the last thing that Alpert would want.

I really think that Ben and Widmore might just be pawns in a bigger game that is just now going to be revealed.

The polar bear, the parka, and “Frozen Donkey Wheel”: It’s clear that Dharma thought that they were able to transport animals into the arctic in their experiments. If they were doing animal experiments, they wouldn’t be sending anything that wasn’t native to the arctic because it would kill the animal. The problem is, they really weren’t sending things off the the arctic – they were sending them to the desert. I think they had no idea this was happening. The fact that Ben showed up in a parka in the desert reinforces this idea even more. That could be a precaution (a well deserved one… if you got sent through a portal to transport you somewhere else, you wouldn’t want to be caught in the arctic without a coat). I think there’s something more to it as well.

What happens if the device the transports the island is very cold? So cold that have to get into heavy coats just to keep warm while operating the device? And what about that “Frozen Donkey Wheel” code word the writers have been using for this finale? If it’s a very old device, it could be in the shape of a big wheel, the kind of wheel you might see donkeys hooked up with in a mill. Turning that wheel might realign the island in order to facilitate the island’s move.

What goes wrong: I think that in the midst of getting the island shifted to a new place, Keamy’s going to break in and start shooting. Ben (in his Parka) is going to get shot in the arm, drop through the portal they’ve opened up and end up in the desert. Keamy’s going to end up dying which the device in his arm will pick up and trigger an explosion on the boat.

Locke will then make a choice of what to do, and it’ll end up moving the whole island not only in space, but in time as well (which is not something anyone expects).

Why The Ocean 6 Won’t Talk: Sometime shortly after they make it off the island,
Widmore will warn them that they shouldn’t tell anyone about about the island, because if they do, he’ll have them killed.

Just How Old IS Widmore?: How long has Widmore been around? If the island doesn’t allow people to die until it is done with them, could it keep them alive past the time when they should have died? Widmore could be much older than we expect.

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