Welcome to EW.com readers!

Welcome to EW.com readers!

Jeff “Doc” Jensen asked for predictions on the season finale, and this week he’s posted reader responses. My guess was one of them!

I prefer the time-travel zaniness of my friend Steve at MagicLamp.org, who writes:

”The Island will move in the present and past, causing 815 to crash into the ocean, since the magnetic pulse never happened. Those versions of the 815ers all die, leaving their counterparts alive on the Island. The Oceanic 6 are told their friends can’t return or the paradox will endanger the world. Locke replaces Ben, who ends up in the coffin, and Aaron will be foretold to be Locke’s replacement.”

I love the way you think, Steve, because (1) I’ve been predicting something close to this for most of the season; and (2) it makes no sense.

If you’re a regular reader of MagicLamp.org, be sure and read the EW.com article, “Lost: A night to ‘move’ on?”

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  1. Dude dont forget about the pilots wedding ring!!!! Kinda , well i think, according to le quetius ( spelt wrong i know ) that proves a stitch up as per the crash site in the ocean???

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