LOST: Season 4 Finale Live Blog

Update: I’ll do a write up later. Thanks for joining me!

Update: Wow. They have to bring Locke’s body back. That’s so he can do a “Christian Shepard” and come back, I’ll bet.

Update: “Some very bad things happened, and it was my fault for leaving. And he said I had to come back.” “The island won’t let you come alone, all of you have to go back.”

Update: Outside the funeral parlor. Hoffs/Drawlar.

Update: Probably not the last we’ve seen of Frank and Desmond.

Update: Commercials – You know something? Every single thing is pointing at Ben being in that coffin. I’ve said that for a while now, even before tonight.

The person we would least suspect in that coffin right now? Locke. If Ben’s in there, where’s the mystery for next season? But if it’s Locke… Oh, man.

Update: EXCELLENT! IT’S PENNY!!!! Didn’t see that one coming either.

Update: The big lie begins.

Update: Now, the last time someone had a boat, they took a kid. You’d think Sayid would remember that.

Update: What the heck did that person say? Gonna have to look at that again. It’s Claire! In a dream…geesh.

Update: Yeah! He’s alive! Now, just make it to the end of the season, dude.

Update: Come on Desmond! Be ok!

Update: Commercial – Ben looked really upset that he was leaving, which I think is understandable. Good to see he apologized to Locke.

Update: Wow..it’s amazing anyone survived that crash. Hope Lapidus makes it. I like that guy.

Update: Ha! And they acknowledged it too.

Update: Technically, they moved two islands.

Update: Excellent! Completely called the wheel and the cold room.

Update: Ben leaving with no instructions for Locke. ANd he can’t get back to the island after he moves it. Ah, not a gunshot in his arm. An injury.

Update: If it is Ben that’s died, I think the Oceanic 6 are going to try and take matters into their own hands.

Update: Commercials – Sun must want to try and use Widmore to get back to the island to get to the rest of the people there. When she said the other people got off the island, she probably means Ben. And I would be willing to bet when Ben said he was changing, he’s changing into a Parka and warm clothes. Question is, is Locke going to be the one that shoots him in the arm? Better not be Keamy. (har!)

Update: Why did Ben throw all that stuff in there are short it out?? Notice that Ben seems to realize he knows it’s Locke’s time now…

Update: Paik does know Widmore! Ha!

Update: Sun with Widmore?

Update: Alternate endings tomorrow on Good Morning America.

Update: Commercials – We didn’t see Jin blow up. Sure hope he grabbed a life vest. Could be that Christian telling Michael “You can go” means he could save himself, but I really don’t think so.

Update: Michael stays. Whispering. Christian let him go.

Update: Wherever you go, Widmore will find you. Not if I find him first.

Update: How did they miss that boat with the heading?

Update: “Why are you calling him Bentham….” Hmmm. Wonder what someplace safe is? Checkmate, Mr. Eko? Yow.

Update: Sayid kills again. Wonder who that guy was? A body guard?

Update: Commercials – At least the fall didn’t kill Sawyer. He’ll be on the island too. Sawyer must have told Kate to visit his daughter, or give her some money he has stashed away.

Update: Hurley’s thinking of going… Sawyer’s secret… He’s gonna jump.

Update: They can’t reach down and plug that hole?

Update: Fuel leak, great.

Update: I think Juliet realizes Daniel might not be back.

Update: Does that mean Charlotte was born on the island?

Update: Commercials – Didn’t expect to see Keamy again. I”ll also point out that radio signals don’t have the timeline effect (at least, the phone call to the boat didn’t). They could talk in real time.

Update: Ben wipes out Keamy, and a second later turns into a rat with one word. “So”.

Update: Bingo on that bomb and the dead man’s trigger.

Update: Keamy’s back? Dang!

Update: Helicopter ride… Hurley still concerned about Claire.

Update: (Kali.Amanda – I saw the same thing).

Update: Commercials – I love how Ben is putting all that metal in the chamber while the tape said not to. Wonder who’s headed down into the station? The only person I can think of is Alpert.

Update: “Time traveling bunnies” WBAGNFARB.

Update: The Orchid tape from last year’s Comic Con, at least the Comic Con tape was the blooper tape.

Update: Ha! Silly experiments, and a video tape.

Update: Charlotte’s been on the island before? What? She’s DEAD TOO? Or is she a Ben operative?

Update: Gotta love Rose.

Update: I think Michael’s going to end up sacrificing himself to keep that bomb cold.

Update: Ah! The timing of the island vs. the boat is off. Forgot. That’s why it didn’t blow up. Good solution for the bomb too.

Update: Commercials – Finally a decent explanation for why Walt is older now. If “Jeremy Bentham” ends up being someone we don’t know, that’ll be a surprise. Kate’s reaction, “him, of all people”, really points to Ben.

Update: Locke was the one that told Jack they had to lie? Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

Update: To protect everyone that didn’t come back! Hurley believes Michael is alive too. It’s beginning to sound like Ben (if he is Jeremy Bentham) can’t find the island either.

Update: WALT!

Update: Commercials – The question is, did they have the insight to get in that rubber raft when it came back and get OFF the boat? Or did they find a way to stop it? I’m guessing the later, if it didn’t explode already.

Update: Sayid to the rescue. And Alpert too. Bet that boat is gone.

Update: And the whispers…and …it is a trap!

Update: People running in the jungle need to look ahead when they run. …Of course, this is probably a trap.

Update: Commercials – I’m gonna have to re-watch that scene with Kate and Jack when she backs up. She said something to him I missed about being married. I still bet Ben is Jeremy Bentham. He does use aliases, so that’s not a surprise. Ben must visit Jack to tell him to get back to the island.

Update: How is disconnecting a power source going to blow something up?

Update: Jeremy Bentham must be Ben’s alias.

Update: Three years have passed…..

Update: Jeremy Bentham? Who the hell is that?

Update: EXCELLENT! She backs up!

Update: The Coffin.

Update: Bet Sawyer bails out of that helicopter we saw in the preview.

Update: Two Hour finale starts now! (Looks like a Kate Sawyer kiss!)

Update: And gets decked.

Update: And Ben walks in….

Update: I love Hurley’s reaction to the phrase “the actual Orchid station”. “Wait… What?”

Update: Yeah, not so good with the C4 explosives. …Wonder why they mentioned Kate’s father just now on the popups?

Update: I swear Ben’s bearing that he gave Michael wasn’t 305.

Update: Commercials (Four days until The Mole!)

Update: I wonder if Jack tells Kate about Claire, or if she overheard?

Update: The funeral, and Claire’s mom. First in a series of shockers for Jack.

Update: Gah! Network hiccup. Windows….grrrr..

Update: I’ll probably write more things during the commercials during the last two hours, since I’m not pausing the TV the way I do when I do the 24 writeups.

Update: (Andy, good catch on the keys). (Kali.Amanda… I’m trying! Updates probably won’t be as frequent during the last two hours).

Update: And we’re back to commercials. Again.

Update: Back at The Orchid, we have mercenaries!

Update: The numbers on the odometer. Wonder what convinced Hurley to take the car?

Update: Ha! Didn’t notice the numbers on the jerseys.

Update: The coconut and whispering would really freak me out if I were Hurley.

Update: Commercials. THis “Wipeout” show looks a lot like “Ninja Warrior”

Update: Sun likely got money from Hurley to do the takeover of the company. A settlement wouldn’t be enough to buy that much interest in the company.

Update: Stunt baby on the rubber raft with Sun and Jin.

Update: Man, if that boat blows up, there are going to be a lot of people that go with it.

Update: Wonder if we’ll finally see The Temple tonight?

Update: Dangerous and unpredictable to move the island. Love this cracker scene. Wonder how Ben knows those crackers are 15 years old (There’s that number again).

Update: Commercials

Update: Sayid on the boat, finds out that Jack and Kate ran off.

Update: Nadia. I’m sorry she’s gone.

Update: Aaron’s five week’s old.

Update: Question for Sayid and Jack. Those are new too. (I think).

Update: Boone mentioned. Libby didn’t make it through the first week. Charlie drowned a few weeks before we could leave.

Update: Expanded press conference.

Update: “You don’t get to die alone”. Reference to “Live together, die alone”.

Update: Genghis. Gotta love Sawyer’s nicknames.

Update: Jack’s great. “It’s only a flesh wound! I think I’ll go for a walk!”

Update: Commercials

Update: Charlotte’s out of the loop on the Secondary Protocol, and Faraday’s pretty freaked out about what he knows is going to happen.

Update: You know, with all these dead people showing up on the island, one has to wonder if Widmore wants to communicate with them. For what? Profit?

Update: I really like Hurley’s reaction to seeing his parents.

Update: There’s that shadowy figure in back of Karen Decker.

Update: It’s started! With captions too.

I’ll be live blogging the Lost Season 4 Finale here, all three hours. Remember that they’re repeating part 1, and adding footage of the press conference, so don’t miss it!

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  1. Steve, pace yourself it’s hour one… Have you got a carafe of 100-octane coffee ready?

  2. Jeremy Bentham is an interesting name to throw in there, especially as he was influenced by John Locke

  3. I bet the boat won’t blow up right away, due to the time differences between the island and the boat.

  4. Jeremy Bentham is stuffed in the hall of my uni. I pass him every day, and he rocks. I never thought my two favourite things would converge like this – Lost and JB!

    I’m going for Widmore in the coffin. There’s something special up with him and Ben, and Ben’s too obvious a choice. Putting Widmore in there will stir the juices more.

  5. Doesn’t Daniel teach at Queen’s College in Oxford? That’s where Betham attended…

  6. Hey guys, I just noticed something… Doesn’t Ben have clear eyes (green, I think)? In that last scene, did it appear to anyone else like he’d gone “Evil Willow” on Buffy?

  7. Ben must have a couple of clones. In that Sayid episode, he was a practicing vet in Berlin. Its so not him. Unless its a clone, in which case it fits perfectly.

  8. I’m still on Bentham… What if the island was meant as a panopticon by the Sharma folks, until the Others rebelled?

  9. Yeah…hate to say it, but I knew it wasn’t going to be a big motivating factor..the boat…as far as Ben is concerned, the boat going away only protects the island more…

  10. I dunno, seems to me it would take more than a couple of stab wounds to kill Keamy. Of course, I’m from Brooklyn…

  11. Idiots threw out the tool box and everybody knows that leak is a done deal with an intelligent application of duct tape.

  12. You know, for a dead guy, Christian appears to have a relatively competent stylist.

  13. Theoretically Jin could have survived the explosion. He was already on deck and it is possible he hit the water before the big boom. Unlikely, but this is Lost, weirder things have happened.

  14. Wow, first you survive a plane crash and then, as you think you’re being rescued, your chop-chop goes down. That is some evil karma!

  15. Penny to the rescue! Didn’t see that coming… Maybe she is the answer regarding the Sun take over?

  16. One last little thing, possible continuity problem. Desmond told Charlie he saw Claire *and* Aaron in a helicopter and getting off the island. Charlie sacrificed his life precisely because of that. Either Brother lied — and he has not lied yet — or he was wrong.

  17. Yeah, I Neo’d it as I typed it too. Sorry, Andy! I’ll behave now. But we steal things here in Brooklyn. A lot.

  18. Hey man! I found out about your site through Doc Jensen’s blog. Just read your live blog in retrospect…great work. Very interesting, and you make terrific observations. I’ll look forward to your writeup and adding you to my small list of worthwhile bloggers for next season 🙂

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