Reiko Aylesworth Joins LOST

As most of you know, the two shows I comment on the most around here are “24” and “LOST“. Apart from the 24/LOST parody episode, I never thought the two shows would cross paths… but I was wrong! No, we’re not going to have Jack galloping through the island, and the smoke monster isn’t going to be chasing Chloe around (I think… you can never tell with “24”). What we ARE going to see is Reiko Aylesworth, who played Michelle Dessler on “24”, in her new role as Amy. Amy is described as ” a smart and successful professional woman with a love for the outdoors who is looking for the right man.”

Sounds like someone who’ll be interested in both Jack and Sawyer… competition for Kate, maybe? We’ll see!

From The Hollywood Reporter via AICN

(Thanks to John and Andy!)

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  1. Ah! You’re right of course. Must be getting old… can’t even remember… er, when the heck was “24” last on? The early 50s?

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