When Is LOST Coming Back? January 21, 2009

People have been asking me when LOST is coming back for Season 5… I just got word (Thanks Andy!) that it’s going to premiere on January 21st, 2009… Which is a Wednesday! It’s back on Wednesdays… Thank goodness too, because at the rate I’m recording things on Thursday night I was going to have to invest in another DVR just to keep up with things.

There are going to be 17 episodes this coming season, and it’s going to kick off with a two-hour premiere! Can’t wait!

The Hollywood Reporter via AICN

(Thanks Andy!)

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  1. i have been lost while waiting for season 5 of the lost saga and cannot wait enough until i get my next fix of this fabulous series and hope it is as good as previous ones ….. (*_*) see ya !!

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