LOST Theories – Why Daniel Can’t Remember Desmond

The ending of “The Constant” bothered me quite a bit. How in the heck could Daniel have not remembered Desmond? Desmond was the reason for his breakthru in discovering that minds can shift back and forth in time. Wouldn’t YOU remember something like that?

I thought about this off and on since the show ran, and even after watching that episode again, I was still stumped.

Until today.

It was sitting there as plain as day, and I didn’t see it.

Daniel couldn’t remember because he didn’t experience it yet. Remember that Desmond didn’t remember meeting Faraday before… he hadn’t experienced it yet. Now that Desmond’s mind shifted, he does remember meeting Faraday.

In an upcoming episode, Daniel’s consciousness is going to shift from the present into his body in the past day. Why? Maybe another high dose of magnetism hits him. It might even happen because he’s been exposed to the radiation for so long during the testing on his rat in the lab. Not sure how, but when it does happen, the only person that’s going to be able to snap him out of it is Desmond (just like the book said).

Could it be just the opposite?

We’ll have to see! Whatever it is, Daniel is going to be in for a wild ride.