Season 7 – 24 – 4pm to 5 pm

Previously on 24, we found out that: People STILL don’t know Jack’s reputation so he has them “ask around” about it; Dubaku disliked Henry’s finger so much he asked to have it removed; Dubaku is good at bamboozling American women; Larry likes meeting people at the Forrest Gump Reflecting Pool; When people walk on set while Jack Bauer is working, people get killed; Renee is great at scaring little children; Jack has no regard for shooting innocent beer; Henry’s dream of a circus career catching bullets has taken a very serious turn.

The following takes place between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.

4:00pm – In some incredible driving, ambulances are already with Henry. Jack appears to be ready to operate on Henry when the drivers take their own lives in their hands by telling Jack to “get out of the way” which is usually code for “shoot me”. Jack lets them take over, so he can make a phone call to the Mrs. President. She is surprisingly unemotional about Henry getting shot, and lets Bill take over her security. He also manages to get Chloe a job as a “stay-at-home-mom-who-plays-with-computers-at-the-FBI”. Fortunately, she has that on her resume.

4:06 – Dubaku finds his girlfriend at work, and gives her an unbelievable story about the INS actually shipping him out of the country. He appears to be the first one they’re going to test this “shipping out of the country” thing on. He asks Marika to NOT tell her sister, since she’s the one that came up with the INS scheme in the first place.

4:08 – Dubaku calls an evil travel agent to arrange a flight out of the country. Dubaku wants to meet at the Roosevelt Continental hotel, presumably because it has a lobby with no lights in it, since he’s used to hanging out in those places.

4:10 – Renee makes one attempt to boot one of the Evil Dubaku laptops, but gets scared off when it says, “Abort/Retry/Kill”, so she tells Jack the computer won’t boot. Unfortunately for Jack, Chloe isn’t there. She’d be able to LOOK at the disk and tell him what’s on it. Since Chloe isn’t there, they start looking through the dead bodies to see if any of them know anything about booting computers. Just as Renee is about to call Geek Squad, Larry calls, which is pretty much the same thing.

Larry tells Renee he’s heard from Bill, and knows what’s been going on. She brags about taking down six of Dubaku’s men and countless bottles of beer. Larry then takes the time to complain about Jack, and his tactics that got Renee scaring Mrs. Vosseler and her kid. Renee says she doesn’t like the fact that she had to scare the bejeebies out of Mrs. Vosseler, but the little kid really had it coming.

Jack overhears part of the conversation, whispers “rookies”, and then interrupts the phone call to mention that he found a couple of PDAs, cross-referenced them by downloading the “iCrossReference’ app from the Apple store, and found some banking transactions registered to an address. They’re heading to the apartment in hopes there are some things to shoot.


4:16 pm – Marika arrives at her apartment, where her sister has fallen asleep from, coincidently, “24”. She goes to pack.

4:17 pm – Morris, Chloe and their CHILD participate briefly in a XM Genesis product placement. Chloe says she’s going in to work on the computers. She tells Morris to watch their son “Prescott” because with a name like that he’s already getting beaten up by other four year olds, and she doesn’t want to take any chances.

4:18 – Janis argues with Larry after realizing that getting through all the levels in Spider Solitaire might just be busy work he has her doing. Chloe arrives, and immediately gives Janis the evil eye. We’ve all missed Chloe.

In a separate room, Chloe gets to use Macintoshes, the universal “good guy” computer. She’s a little worried that people might figure out what she’s doing. Larry tells her not to worry, and explains how the computers are set up. Chloe tells him that whoever set things up doesn’t know a breakpoint from a hole in the ground, and it turns out LARRY has been dinking around with the computers in his spare time.

4:19 – Larry starts to try and get in some digs on Jack, and Chloe will have none of it – She points out that Larry should spend a little more time figuring out his mole problem, and a little less time envying Jack so much.

4:20 – Moments later, after Larry assured Chloe that she would be able to work without anyone catching on that she’s there, Shaun’s in-office girlfriend tells Janis all about Chloe, and wonders out loud what she’s doing there. Janis moves an eyebrow, which is apparently her way of acting suspicious… or maybe constipated.

4:21 – Dubaku meets with Evil Travel Agent at the hotel and immediately spots all of Evil Travel Agent’s cohorts scattered around the lobby. Dubaku says if anything bad happens, like an accident, an exploding plane, or an in-flight movie of “Home Alone 4: Not This Again”, he’s going to wire all the information he has to the Justice Department, and knowing them, they’ll be able to figure out what’s going on in a few months, so Evil Travel Agent could be in pretty big trouble. Dubaku leaves.

Evil Travel Agent calls someone to let them know Dubaku has figured everything out, and to cancel the in-flight movie. They need to get Dubaku out of the country.

4:22 – Marika’s sister, Rosa, wakes up, and uses her powers of deduction to figure out that Marika’s suitcase means she’s leaving. Rosa tells her that “Samuel” isn’t to be trusted, Marika doesn’t believe him and goes to leave – Just as Jack kicks the door open! They ask for Dubaku, and neither Rosa or Marika know who Jack is talking about. Jack shows them the screensaver on his phone, and Rosa realizes Samuel is this “Dubaku” Jack is looking for. Marika doesn’t take this very well, and Rosa looks completely vindicated, but still pretty scared at the strange man yelling at them.


4:30 pm – Mrs. President arrives with a secret detail of guys dressed up in complete Army gear. She meets with a doctor who tells her all kinds of scary medical stuff he learned by watching House, and that Henry is in very serious condition. He then excuses himself, saying he has to wash his hands, which is doctor code for “I didn’t vote for you”.

She sees Henry being rolled down the hallway to surgery, and tells Henry that he was right about their son all along. She then goes to watch the surgery through a window, because she’s a big fan of House too. She asks Bill to get her daughter Olivia, but to only use someone Bill trusts, and who hasn’t made a cameo yet this season.

4:35 pm – Back at Marika’s apartment, Renee goes through all her picture phone photos of Dubaku, and the one with Dubaku dressed up as an evil clown is the one that finally convinces her. She was going to meet Dubaku to leave the country, so Jack wants her to talk to him. She’s really freaked out about this, because Dubaku might be dressed up like that clown again. She takes the call, and lies to Dubaku that Rosa understands everything. Dubaku is sending a car with a driver to pick up Marika. She’s relieved to get off the phone, and Jack asks for a “favor”, of going to Dubaku so they can try and grab him. She agrees. Jack asks for her phone, installs some cool “iTrackYou” software, and they’re all set. Rosa doesn’t like this and hugs Marika through an entire phone call Jack makes to Chloe. Chloe tells him that she can set up the tracking, but Larry installed Windows 3.1 on all the rest of the computers in her office, so instead of a couple of seconds, it’s going to take her a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, Janis tries to break in to see what Chloe is trying to do. She again looks frustrated, or at least what passes for her acting frustrated.


4:44 pm – Presidential daughter Olivia turns out to be a lobbyist, but since they have a contract, she’s not really a lobbyist. The person picking up Olivia is….Secret Service Agent Aaron, the most trusted Secret Service Agent on 24! She gives him a hard time until he tells her that her father is in surgery, and that she’s acting like a spoiled brat.

4:46 pm – Janis asks Shaun for the “digital data key”, because she’s paranoid about Chloe. Shaun is hesitant about this until Janis tells him that she’ll show him “The Difference Between Cats and Dogs”, and he agrees, after calling her a naughty word.

Chloe calls Jack and says they’re all set to go.

4:48 pm – They go to leave, and Rosa tells Renee to keep Marika safe. Renee starts to give Marika instructions to keep her safe, and Jack stops her. Jack says that’s the “sissy” way of covert operations. Renee says she’s not comfortable about letting Marika out there “naked”. Jack asks if she’s wearing X-Ray specs, because it sure looks to him like she’s wearing clothes. The car arrives, Marika gets in, and it drives off.

Since Renee has an old piece of equipment from several months ago, Chloe says it’s too old to use and decides to talk Jack trough the whole surveillance.

Janis goes into the computer room, gets access to the high score list for Bejeweled for the office computers, and finds out what Chloe is working on.


4:55 – Wort on Forehead Thug drives Marika, while Jack and Renee follow, while Janis watches – Janis does something and it breaks Chloe’s screen. It comes back, and Chloe nearly instantly realizes her terminal is being spied on. Larry is baffled about what might be happening.

Suddenly, Jack’s car is surrounded by a lot of police cars, but not so many it would make an excellent car chase, so he lets them stop him. Larry gets on the phone and tells the police to let Jack go before he starts shooting people in the thigh. Chloe finds a warrant for Jack and Renee’s arrest, which says they’re armed, dangerous, and very, very covert. Larry argues some more with the police.

Janis brings back her “data key” to Shawn and spills her guts about what she saw. Shawn seems slightly surprised about this, and Janis says she doesn’t like what’s happening.

Shawn must be auditioning for a contestant spot on “The Mole”, because he calls Evil Travel Agent, and lets him know what’s happening. Shawn seems very upset that Dubaku is still alive, and is even more upset that his name is in an actual database! He’s going to be really freaked out when he finds out what they do with e-mail lists on the Internet. As much as we all hate Janis, it turns out she’s merely stupid, and not The Mole Of The Day So Far.

4:59 – Evil Travel Agent calls Dubaku and lets him know Marika is helping Jack. Dubaku looks really upset about this news, and says he’ll “take care of” Marika.

Time’s up!


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