LOST – 316 – My Reaction and Theories

Spoilers ahead
I’m not going to do a blow-by-blow account of what happened on LOST “316”, but I will point out some things.

First, I thought it was great to see Jin in that Dharma outfit. From that, I think it’s pretty obvious that they’re in the same time period in which the Dharma Initiative existed, and that is how Daniel was able to warn Charlotte when she was a child to not to come back to the island.

We finally got a reasonable explanation for why Christian was wearing sneakers when Jack first saw him in “White Rabbit”. I alway preferred the theory that they were the same shoes we saw hanging from palm fronds in the jungle way back in Season 1, but it’ll have to do.

The plane “event” had some interesting parallels: Charlie was in the bathroom when the plane crashed, Ben was in the bathroom when the light hit; Kate was a prisoner when the plane crashed, this time Sayid was a prisoner… and I have to say, the person escorting Sayid sure reminded me of Ana Lucia.

Speaking of passengers – Was it just me, or did it seem like the guy in line in the airport (the same guy in the front of the plane with the rest of the Oceanic 5) seem like a “plant”…. like possibly for Charles Widmore?

And what the heck did Kate do with Aaron? Only one possibility I can think of – Kate brought Aaron to Cassidy Phillips, the person Sawyer was involved with after trying to con her. Why do I think that? I think that Clementine Phillips was the person that Sawyer wanted Kate to visit, and that’s possibly the only person Kate could have trusted.

I loved Frank’s reaction when he realized what might be happening on that plane.

Who did Hurley see that convinced him to go back? Did he get another visit from Charlie?

Why was Sayid going to Guam?

What was Ben up to? I think that was pretty obvious too – He was trying to get revenge by killing Penny Widmore, and ran into either Desmond or some of Widmore’s henchmen (maybe even Widmore himself). As to whether or not he killed Penny – Well, I sure hope not.

Now, Desmond… Where will he fit in? If Ben did kill Penny, then Desmond would stop at nothing to get Ben, even if it meant going back to the island. I think it’s more likely he’ll be manipulated into going back by Widmore, because he’ll find out that Ben wants to kill Penny. Either way, I think when Desmond returns, he’ll have revenge on his mind.

So – I have to ask: Did Ben actually make it back to the island? HOW did he make it back? I’ll probably have to go back and re-watch when he moved that wheel, but I swore he said that once he moved the island he wouldn’t EVER be able to go back. Now I’m thinking that just meant he wouldn’t have the resources to figure out how to go back, but I sure was thinking that he wouldn’t be able to return under any circumstances. … He was probably just lying. (What? Ben… LIE? What a shock!)

Well, those are my random thoughts after the show… What did you think of it?

6 thoughts on “LOST – 316 – My Reaction and Theories”

  1. Maybe the reason Charlotte knows/knew Korean is b/c Jin taught it to her when she was a child on The Island…

    I wonder how long the Losties are stuck in Dharma-land? Has it been days to them? Or three years?

    I like your Aaron theory. I’m just so over Kate that I hardly care why she’s upset. But poor Aaron. He’s just had a major world shaking. Oh! Maybe he’s with Claire’s mom.

    I can’t do a recap tonight. But I’ll have one up tomorrow! Great post!


  2. I remember Ben saying that once he moved the island he could never go back, but on the plane when Jack asked him why he was reading, he said “my mother taught me” (she died in childbirth) I don’t think that Ben is capable of telling the truth- EVER!
    Great theories though! I loved the show!

  3. If you are right and Yin was wearing the Dharma uniform because they are stuck in the Dharma years, I wonder if Miles gets to meet his father.

    As for Ben, I always assume he is lying. It’s just easier that way.

    I vote Charlie gave Hurley instructions on what to do. I thought of that the moment I saw him hauling the guitar.

    Frank Lapidus. Dude cleans up nicely. I wonder if he ended up in the island as well. And where’s Sun???

  4. First of all, they are definitely back in the Dharma time, the van was brand new. My theory is that when John turned the wheel the second time, it stuck them back in time when the Dharma was first getting started and Jin (along with everyone else) had no choice but pretend to be part of the Dharma initiative or they’d be killed. Which also leads me to believe that when John turned the wheel is when the plane “crashed”. I think this is possible because when he turned the wheel it put him back home in present time, but when he turned the wheel it was in the past (which would be why everyone is now stuck in the past).

    Secondly, I was thinking Kate must have given Aaron to Claire’s mom, or Ben’s lawyer came and took him between the time on the dock and when she showed up in Jack’s bed. The second explanation makes more sense because I also believe that is why Hurley got out of jail and was able to be on the plane in the first place. If that is the case, I believe Ben’s lawyer was able to get Aaron on the plane and he could have been in the back with all those people we never saw.

    Just a thought…i guess we will have to wait and see.

  5. Remember when Daniel tells Desmond that he’s special, that he can change things? We are now at the time right before Dharma gets wiped out by the Others led by Ben. What if the island wants that event course corrected? It would create a paradox, but if the rules don’t apply to Daniel he can go back and revenge kill Ben (assuming Ben did do something to Penny and/or little Charlie) prior to Ben killing them off. the only thing that does not make sense to me is why Desmond (or Kate, Jack, Hurley et al for that manner) would return to the same time as the Jin and company. Finally if the Island was bopping around in time and location, wouldn’t there be some awfully funky tidal activity going on on the island?

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