Season 7 – 24 – 10 pm to 11 pm

Last time on 24, we found out that: Jack has special training in all variety of weapons, including dirt movers; People who were wrong about Jack, who find that out and want to help, usually end up dead; Olivia is either not a sleazy weasel, or she is a sleazy weasel. We’re not sure which yet.

10:00 pm – Outside Senator Foreman’s house, the Senator is being paid by “24” to stay really still while Agent Larry looks things over.

10:01 pm – Ethan gets a phone call from Larry, who tells him that the Senator is now in line for the Dead Senator Sketch. Ethan gets so upset that he forgets his lines, and Agent Larry has to coax him into talking.

10:02 pm – Jack gets on the phone with Tony, and recaps everything that happened up until now. Jack talks fast, because a lot of things have happened. They agree to meet.

10:05 pm – Mrs. President talks to the First Manny, who’s in a hospital bed trying to move some facial muscles to express his happiness that Olivia is back. He can barely move, which kind of begs the question about how he got his hands on the phone in the first place.

10:06 pm – Mrs. President is riding high on the phone call from the First Manny, so of course Ethan has to bring her down to earth by telling her that one of her fellow cast members on the show is playing dead. Ethan also takes this opportunity to make sure he never has to work with Olivia again – he resigns. He uses the excuse that he let Jack be released, but we all know that he doesn’t want to work with Olivia. There’s lots of talk of agendas, legacies, and some creepy hand holding, but she finally accepts.

10:10 pm – At a chain link fence, Tony uses his binoculars to look really close at the links. He’s pretty sure he can see through them. He and Jack work their way into the shipping container area.

10:12 pm – Trip Tucker, freshly beamed down from Enterprise and disguised as a security guard talks with his wife when he hears a noise. If he’d known it was a Jack noise, he never would have gone to check out what was going on – but he went anyway. Jack makes a round mark in Trip’s forehead with his gun, and that’s good enough to convince him to give them the manifests for the shipping containers.


10:17 pm – Jonas has gotten into the Star Trek act by starting to replace his body parts with Borg technology. First up, a piece of metal in his ear, and a tricorder in his hand. He disguises these as a human “bluetooth head set and cell phone”, but we know better. He’s using this technology to talk to another human, who is using his own hand as a communications device. They’re all perplexed about whatever could have happened with Quinn, Jack’s former dirt mover fighting partner. Jonas thinks “If Bauer took out Quinn, he might have knowledge of the operation”. Two problems with this: 1) Jack isn’t that way, (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and 2) Jack couldn’t possibly already know about Jonas’ Borg operation. They’re still scared, so they decide to move on without Quinn after five minutes.

Jonas quits communicating. Greg arrives and says that “Everybody on the board is here”. Apparently someone has beamed them aboard. Greg says that everyone is nervous, to which Jonas responds, “They’re six year olds and they need to eat their carrots.”

And they say that “24” isn’t confusing.

10:18 pm – Well, someone lied, because Jonas enters the room, and there’s no six year olds in the room. Jonas goes on a big rant about how the government could not have possibly come to them for help after everything that’s happened today, conveniently leaving out that he’s been behind it all from the beginning. A guy named “Doug” stands up to Jonas, and tells him that Starkwood is lucky to have what they have, and they shouldn’t rock the boat. Jonas convinces Doug to come with him to “talk things over”. Doug doesn’t know that this sort of thing is usually a REALLY bad idea.

Jonas tries to reassure Doug that everything will be OK. Doug swears up and down that Senator will be a problem. Jonas tells him that the Senator won’t be a problem, because he’s dead, and dead Senators usually take months to get through committee hearings. This freaks out Doug a bit, and wants to be sure that Jonas had nothing to do with it. Jonas tells him that Starkwood isn’t in the assassination business, but Doug doesn’t seen very convinced – probably because of the lighting they were using on Jonas when he denied everything, and the creepy music they were playing.

10:21 pm – Tony takes a close look at some window blinds while Jack plays around with a computer in the dark. Jack finally gets frustrated since the files he’s trying to get at are password protected and can’t be unlocked by bullets. He asks Trip his secret identity, and he says it’s “Carl Gadsen”, which is also a strange anagram for “Gal Dancers”. “Carl” says he doesn’t know anything about a password, so Jack lets him in on what they’re looking for – a weapon of mass destruction, to be named at a later date. Carl is pretty quick-witted (he was on a starship, after all), and tells him that he’s pretty sure that the South Korean electronics he was asked to look the other way about aren’t really electronics after all. All he was supposed to do was let them in the front gate, make sure no other people were around, and then die a horrible death as they killed him as a witness.

Jack decides these are all signs that something might not be quite right, so he tries to make a phone call to the FBI. Shock and surprise – the phone isn’t working, and his cell phone isn’t working either. Tony thinks that this might have something to do with Jack’s provider, which rhymes with Splint.

Seems that all communications are down, EXCEPT the handheld radios… Carl gets a call from the Starkwood boys. Jack tells him that if he goes out there and lets them in as if nothing happens, chances are about 1 in 10 he won’t get killed. Carl isn’t so sure about the whole thing.

Tony spots ten “hostiles”. Jack tells him, “We’re not on LOST”.

Carl still isn’t sure about this whole thing. He makes Jack promise that everything will be OK. Carl tells Tony and Jack that his wife is pregnant, which is a sure sign that Carl is a goner. Carl leaves to open the gate.


10:30 pm – Carl makes it out to the gate, and lets the guys through the gate. The lead guy “Mr. Stokes”, questions Carl about why he’s nervous, since he’s not wearing a red shirt or anything like that. Carl tells him exactly where the shipping container is, but that’s not good enough for Stokes. He wants a security guard escort there, and to top it off he makes Carl do “Weeeee Woooo! Weeee Wooo!” noises like a real police car.

Jack’s upset that Carl gets into Stokes’ car, and Tony tells him not to worry about it because he’s only playing a bit part on the show. Jack still looks upset, because he really liked Enterprise, and doesn’t want to see Carl killed in a completely pointless way AGAIN.

10:32 pm – Ethan is packing up his office, and Olivia comes by to gloat. Ethan says that he’s sorry that he ever thought Olivia in the remotest way could have anything possibly to do with the story about Jack being leaked to the press. Ethan offers her some advice about ambition and leaves. She says that “Ambition and leaves” makes a pretty bad salad, but a good name for a rock band. Anyway, he departs and, of course, Olivia immediately calls the press contact she leaked the story about Jack to, and lets they guy know that Ethan resigned too. She also lets him know that Jack killed the Senator, that Ethan will be blamed, and that she’s still not going to have dinner with him. That’s probably good for him, because from the poison dripping from her sleazy weasel fangs, he wouldn’t last a minute.


10:39 pm – At the Senator’s house, Agent Larry gets a ballistics report from another agent, and they’ve confirmed it – there were bullets shot at very high velocity, probably with guns. Agent Larry gets a little suspicious about how someone could be answering a door, looking at a computer, get shot, and have bullets in another wall, all nearly at the same time. He decides to make a phone call – to Renee!

Renee is being held in a detention room, but one that has incredible cell phone reception. Larry tells Renee about the Senator’s new job on a “Dead Like Me” sequel, and she’s shocked. Larry says that his interior decorating sense tells him that the French doors were broken and there’s an unexplained chair in the wrong place. He’s also pretty sure that they found slugs. Renee says that she’s sure Jack would never use snails on the Senator. Larry tells her that they’re from a machine gun. Larry’s pretty sure that Starkwood has something to do with this, mainly because it’s up on the computer.

Renee finally spills her guts about Starkwood, Quinn being a contractor, and Jack’s suspicions. Larry thanks her, hangs up the phone, leaving her in the detention room all alone, except for the camera guys that are filming this whole thing from behind the mirrored window.

10:42 pm – Out in the storage container yard, they appear to be taking turns playing around with the container moving vehicle. Tony and Jack observe as one of Stokes’ guys tells Carl he’s going to give him the money that’s “in his truck, one aisle over”, which is code for “I’m going to kill you soon”.

Sure enough, the guy pulls a gun on Carl. Carl protests, saying that he was kidding about all the foreshadowing earlier, and that he’d really like to live.

Jack follows them, and doesn’t like this one bit. He puts a silencer on the rifle, and Tony tells him that if he kills the bad guy, it’s going to be a big problem. Tony forgets that if he keeps talking so loudly, it’ll be a big problem too.

Meanwhile, Carl leads the guy holding a gun on him, who tells him that he’s gone far enough. Carl turns around. The guy tells him to turn around again. Carl says, “You didn’t say Simon says! I’m not turning around, you’ll have to kill me by looking me in the eye!” The guy doesn’t have that superpower, so he decides to use his gun instead.

Jack of course can’t wait to try out his cool new silencer, and it saves Carl! Carl does what any other human in the same situation would do. He runs off and asks to be beamed back aboard the ship as soon as possible. Carl’s going to get a Prime Directive talk when he gets back.

Jack says they have about 30 seconds until the other guys figure out what happened, so they hatch a plan. Shoot and ask questions later.

10:46 pm – The bad guys get the truck in position, which ironically has a backup beeper to make sure no one gets hurt. They figure out that one of their guys is down and sound the alarm.

There’s a lot of shooting, cargo containers being dropped and other special effects. The truck gets loaded, and Jack goes after it. Jack realizes the most dramatic thing he can do is to climb up high and land on the roof of the truck, so he does. Jack pulls the driver out and takes over! Jack tries to contact Tony, who by this time has been captured. Jack hears all this, and he’s making his “mad Jack” face.


10:54 pm – Jack calls Larry to let him know that he has a biological weapon, and to meet him on the highway. Jack gets off the phone and realizes there’s an alarm going off on the container. He stops the truck and checks… there’s a gas canister leaking. Jack does what only he would do, which is to take a deep breath, go inside and turn it off! He does that, but by this time the Starkwood boys have caught up, and they chase Jack away with a helicopter and another car. They use the helicopter to take the truck’s contents.

10:58 pm – Stokes calls Jonas, to let him know he has a cool new weapon of mass destruction that he’s going to bring over for show and tell.

Jack calls Larry to tell him that he exposed himself. To the biological weapon. Larry says he’s sending the CDC there soon. Jack sits down to take a rare rest.

11:00 pm – Time’s up!


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  1. Great recap as always.

    Did you notice that Doug Knowles who Hodges was talking to was played by Chris Mulkey who played Hank Jennings on Twin Peaks?

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