LOST – “He’s Our You” – Recap and Theories

As usual, spoilers ahead

A Sayid-centric episode, which we haven’t had yet this season. The last one we saw when he had become a hired gun for Ben. I expected that this would be Sayid’s last episode, not so much because of what happened during this episode… more of the way they did all the previews.

It might sound a little backward, but usually in a show when they make a big deal about something, it usually doesn’t end up happening, at least not the way they planned. When they had that vote, I was pretty convinced Sayid wasn’t going to die tonight.

I do think it was pretty predictable that Sayid was going to shoot Ben. The big question: Is Ben really dead now? For quite a while now, we’ve had “they can’t change the past” has been beat into our heads, so the obvious answer would be no.

But my theory? He really is dead. The Others are going to do something to bring him back.

Random thoughts on tonight’s show:

– So THAT’S where Larry (of Larry, Darryl and Darryl
fame) has been all this time – He’s on the island!

– Ben was the one that sent that flaming car into the building… surprising for a 12-year old (if he’s really is as old as Sayid said)

– Did they have hand-held tasers back in 1977? Yep. There are some pages out there that said it was created in 1988, but it was created back in the 1970s, by Jack Cover.

– I thought that Ilana was working for Widmore, but it turns out she was working for the family of Peter Avalino, the guy that Sayid shot on the golf course.

– That call to Ann Arbor? That was to talk to the DeGroots, I’d wager.

– Ben heard Sayid talking to Jin. That’s bad news, if Ben really does come back.

– Where in the world is Sayid headed now?

And it looks like people are starting to put two and two together, at least from the previews of next week. Jack and a few others are under house arrest. Probably about time too, since people should be a little suspicious by now. Think about it: 1) Juliet, a garage mechanic for Dharma, ends up delivering a baby; 2) Kate has a mixup with her manifest, only to have Juliet come to the rescue; 3) Phil, even if he is as dim-witted as Sawyer says, should be a bit weirded-out that Jack wanted to talk to “LaFleur” on the first day he came to the island.

I really think the whole story starts to fall apart with #1 above, and if Horace thinks about it, it should be clear…. UNLESS Dharma reassigns people to completely new jobs. I’d say that would be a pretty weird thing to do, so I’m going with the theory that Horace will start putting 2 and 2 together pretty soon.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

5 thoughts on “LOST – “He’s Our You” – Recap and Theories”

  1. When Ben opened the cell for Sayid, I thought he’d kill him. Then during the commercials I exorcised that perverse idea from my head, because no matter how creepy and possibly evil he grows up to be, he is just a child. I thought he’d probaby try to ditch the kid, but I was actually shocked that he shot him so damn casually.

    I see how it may have seem like the only thing to do, maybe the thing that accelerates us all to a more “sensible” reality, but it was brutal.

  2. Sayid is a killer. Don’t get that wrong. This episode proved it.

    Going with that thought, do you think he’d shoot Ben and *miss*? No. He knew what he was doing, he was able to take aim (i.e. he wasn’t running/falling and aiming the gun at the same time, but raised his arm from a standing position and fired) and fire.

    Do I think Ben is dead? Well, other than an ‘Other’ resurrection…which is the only way he could still live…he NEEDS to be alive. The show’s creators have even stated as much as Daniel about the timeline. Can’t be changed. So either Ben survived the gunshot or the Others resurrect him.

    I think things will be really really bad for everyone if he survived and the Dharma folks get Ben back.

    In either case, Ben DOES ‘live’ on…and I think this attack my Sayid will cement a life lesson into Ben that makes him become the person we’ve been watching since Season 2.

    And I think Ilana works for Ben, but not directly. Think about it…why would she only show up AFTER Sayid refused to go with Ben? And then…why to Guam on that specific flight? Doesn’t make sense unless Ben, Widmore…or the Island…were manipulating things to get him on that flight. And I’m betting it was Ben.

  3. I dunno Andy, does he really need to be alive?Because their dead over at Evil Mr Rourke’s Fantasy Island seem pretty corporeal to me.

  4. Unless someone stole his identity, yeah, he needs to be alive somehow because we’re working with him in the future. Since past events can’t be changed…he does live on…somehow.

  5. Locke and Christian died OFF the island and came back, but to the best of my knowledge no one that died ON the island has come back to life. Is this still true thus far?

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