Andy Hallett – “Lorne” in “Angel”, dead at 33

Well, this is terrible news…..

The actor who played “Lorne” on the series “Angel”, Andy Hallet, has died of heart failure at the age of 33.

Andy was a very talented actor, and really made the role of “Lorne” great.

Via LA Times.

5 thoughts on “Andy Hallett – “Lorne” in “Angel”, dead at 33”

  1. This is so sad, he was so young and so talented.

    My deepest condolences to his family.

  2. I was watching a repeat of Angel at 6:00 AM, the one where Cordi lost her memory and they needed 6 people to cast a spell that went wrong, they reverted back to 18-21 years old maybe. I was just thinking what an great actor Lorne is. I wanted to see him with out make up. I Google’d his name and I can’t believe he’s gone. How very SAD!!!

  3. Oh no! Lorne DIED? I didn’t know … that beautiful green demon makes me laugh every morning when I’m getting ready for work (when I watch “Angel”) … his sense of humor and witty comments put a hilarious spin on an awesome series. I’m in shock. What a waste. My sincere and tearful condolences. 🙁

  4. So very sad Lorne is no longer with us. But he gave a lot to the world in his life. Thanks to Angel repeats we all get to see Lorne over and over again! He was truly a great actor and an excellent singer. May he rest in peace. He is greatly missed here on earth. He made the show so much fun and made the world a better place for it! Great man, great actor, great singer who left his mark here on earth! God bless him.

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