Theories Before Tonight’s LOST: “Whatever happened, happened”

Tonight’s episode, “Whatever happened, happened” is supposed to be Kate-centric, so it looks like we might to find out a few things we’ve been wondering about: 1) What did Sawyer tell Kate before he jumped out of the helicopter last season? 2) What happened to Aaron? 3) Why did Kate decide to go back to the island?

We’re in wild guess territory here, so here are my theories.

1) What did Sawyer tell Kate before he jumped out of the helicopter last season?

I think Sawyer realized that he probably wasn’t going to ever get off the island, so he wanted to make sure that one person was going to be OK: His daughter, Clementine. I think Sawyer told Kate to go and make sure that Clementine was OK, and the trust fund was intact.

2) What happened to Aaron?

I think this ties in with theory #1. At the point Kate gave up Aaron, she was sure that someone wanted to take her away and at the very least that Ben and/or Widmore might be after him. There are a lot of theories that Kate gave Aaron back to Claire’s mom, but I don’t like that theory. Aaron would be easy to find with her.

Who better than Clementine’s mom, Cassidy? When Kate goes to visit Clementine, it should take about 1 nanosecond for her to realize that the guy who conned Cassidy was Sawyer. She’s probably one of the few people Kate feels that she can trust, merely because of her association with Sawyer. (*I* wouldn’t trust Cassidy, but who else does Kate have? Her father?) I think Cassidy has Aaron.

3) Why did Kate go back?

Easy. For Sawyer.

On to other guesses for tonight:

Ben’s not dead. They’ve got a zillion doctors running around, playing mechanic, janitor, and otherwise.

Daniel’s finally going to make an appearance, and he’s really going to freak out Dr. Pierre Cheng about his tales of the future. Cheng’s son is Miles, I’d wager.

A lot of people have guessed that Jughead was the reason Dharma built The Swan. I disagree. If they’d known about Jughead, that would have been one of the first stations they built. The would have a lot of people working on it too. The Swan was built to keep the island hidden, just like it was doing before the hatch blew up.

What do you think is going to happen tonight?

3 thoughts on “Theories Before Tonight’s LOST: “Whatever happened, happened””

  1. Great show…Kate finally realized that the cover up was worse than the crime. I still don’t buy the whatever happened happedned stuff…you just wait…something has changed!

  2. I loved the convo between Hurley and Miles as well! I’m hoping that Daniel Farraday is right. It’s the same concept as in 12 Monkeys.

    I’m no physicist but unless there is only 5 dimensions, the whatever happened happend premise can’t be true (in real life, that is!)

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