Season 7 – “24” – 11pm to 12 am

Previously on 24: Tripp from Star Trek: Enterprise beamed away just at the right time; Renee was left in a holding room, completely unable to communicate with anyone, except via a cell phone that was left behind; Jack exposed himself.

11:00 pm – Out in the middle of the street, several of the Intel bunny suit guys have come to Jack’s rescue, and they’re trying to help him. Having just exposed himself to the deadly gas, Jack exposes himself to one of the doctors, who goes completely speechless. Jack covers this by saying they must be looking at his scars.

11:01 pm – Meanwhile, back at FBI headquarters, Larry is exposed to another agent that’s toxic on the nerves – Janis. Larry explains everything that happened last show, and wants Janis to help gather information on Starkwood.

11:02 pm – The completely inconspicuous helicopter carrying the completely inconspicuous deadly nerve agent arrives at Starkwood, exactly at the same time as the car carrying Tony, which either means they have really slow helicopters, or really fast cars. Maybe both. Jonas is convinced that Tony won’t talk, because he’s seen the show before, and he’s read several pages ahead in the script. Jonas gives one of his henchmen a scary pep talk, and they drive off in yet another truck, with the tanks completely uncovered, which is the best way to sneak things past everyone that’s looking for them.

11:05 pm – The thugs beat up on Tony, who’s doing a very credible impersonation of a punching bag. Jonas tries to sweet talk Tony, but it doesn’t do any good. Tony is not talking. One of Jonas’ men, Greg, thinks it would be a good idea to destroy all the evidence – To say that Jonas is not on board… well, let’s put it this way, Jonas is so off board on this he could do a swan dive at any moment.

11:09 pm – Back at the clinic in the middle of the street, the doctor would like to get some blood, spinal fluid, and some saliva. A few of the other doctors start to give her all of these until she tells them she means Jack’s blood, spinal fluid and saliva. They should know how bad it is for Jack in 15 minutes.

11:10 pm – Olivia is really pushing for Rick Berman to be chief of staff. Mrs. President says Rick was great as producer for Star Trek: The Next Generation, but she’s pretty sure that they’ll have to wait a while until he beams down. She asks Olivia to be temporary Chief of Staff. Olivia accepts, and will play a duel role as Chief of Leaking to the Press as well.

11:11 pm – Agent Tim walks in and tells Mrs. President that there’s an imminent threat. Olivia starts to deny this until Tim continues and says that Agent Larry is on the phone. Larry fills them in and tells Mrs. President that Starkwood is behind the plot to bring the deadly gas into the country. Mrs. President says that she’s pretty sure she’s ordered Rosie O’Donnell out of the country already. Agent Larry says it’s even worse, which Mrs. President finds hard to believe. Agent Larry says they need to go after Starkwood immediately, so, of course, Mrs. President calls a meeting of the Joint Chiefs, which is a lot less than immediately.


11:18 pm – Larry comes in to see Renee, and tells her what’s been going on so far. Larry tells Renee that Jack exposed himself, and Renee seems upset she missed that! Larry says he wants Renee to debrief Jack, which she initially misinterprets. She then realizes Larry meant that she needs to get information from Jack.

11:20 pm – Olivia goes to see Agent Aaron, and asks him to stay as the head of security. Aaron says that he really, really wants to retire, preferably to a place with no bullets. Olivia says she trusts Aaron, and won’t take no for an answer. She walks away, not even asking about Aaron’s hurt arm.

11:22 pm – Mrs. President’s meeting starts, and the first thing out of her mouth is “This day is not over”. Brilliant! Agent Tim tells everyone about Starkwood’s headquarters. Ben, from the CDC, who says that the pathogen is Yakov Smirnov disease, which causes people to talk in a funny accent. Mrs. President states the obvious that Starkwood shouldn’t have these weapons. Several generals talk about shooting, blowing things up, and major chaos. Mrs. President says that what she’s hearing is that “there are no good options” available. The generals (and probably most of the audience) can’t believe what they’re hearing – They just told her about all the cool shooting, things blowing up and chaos!

11:25 pm – A thug asks Tony, again, what he knows. Tony still isn’t talking. The thug says that he bet Jonas a pair of 50 yard line tickets that Tony wouldn’t talk. Just as he’s about to pull the trigger, someone shoots the thug! It turns out to be Greg, whose tickets they were in the first place. He doesn’t like the fact they were gambling with HIS football tickets, or anything else that’s happening at Starkwood today.

Greg asks Tony for help, because he thinks Jonas has lost his mind with this whole “Hey, we have a bioweapon!” thing. Tony wants to know where the weapons are right now, but Greg really wants immunity first. Tony promises him complete vaccinations, but Greg wants the whole thing – immunity from criminal prosecution too. They go off to make a phone call, completely unconcerned about anyone finding the dead thug they leave behind.

11:27 pm – Meanwhile, over on Jack’s Potential Toxic Bus, they’re headed to the FBI where Jack can get some new clothes and quit hanging around in his long underwear. The Doctor asks how Jack is feeling, and then takes her old sweet time to show him the results. Since they opened the wall between the area between her and Jack, it looks like he’s going to be OK.


11:31 pm – Janis tells Renee that Jack isn’t going to be wearing a funny suit, after all. But it turns out that Jack WAS infected… it’s just that it’s not contagious. They still have hope though, since Jack just signed up for another season of “24”.

Jack goes to change, and Renee follows him. Renee sees Jack without his shirt on, and she has the same reaction as the doctor did – there’s a lot of drooling. Renee says she wants to debrief Jack, and also needs to find out more about the canisters.
Renee tells him that she read the report from the port security guard, who credits Jack for saving him. She says she’s really proud of Jack for “doing the right thing”. Jack doesn’t look all that impressed, which is understandable since nobody has even told him that they’re upset that he’s been infected.

11:33 pm – Over at Starkwood, Tony and Greg walk around as if it’s completely normal to walk around with a gun. They get to Greg’s office, and Jonas calls. Jonas really wants Tony dead. Greg starts setting a secure line to the FBI, and really regrets that Jonas seems to have gone completely Looney Tunes, and not in good, Bugs Bunny, way.

11:35 pm – The FBI’s own Agent of Mass Destruction, Janis, tells Larry about all the information she’s gotten about Starkwood. Renee arrives, and Larry says that he heard about Jack, and that he’s sorry. (Sure, sympathy to Renee, but still no one is saying this to Jack?) Renee hands Larry an old Palm PDA, which Larry thinks still isn’t as good as his iPhone. Janis interrupts, saying that Tony is on the phone.

They take the call. Tony tells Larry that he’s at Starkwood, Greg has information about where the deadly nerve agents are, and that Greg want immunity. Larry decides that he really has to run this by Mrs. President, because that’s what field agents always do when dealing with imminent threats – they call the White House to have the President deal with immunity for low-ranking accomplices.


11:41 pm – Mrs. President is watching videos of some people that have been exposed to American Idol – it’s killed them all. She tells Olivia that she’s very upset about Starkwood, and now she’s afraid they’ll unleash American Idol on the whole country.

Larry calls, and tells Mrs. President that he needs a signature for the immunity deal. Larry sets up a way to sign the authorization through a completely obvious product placement opportunity for one of the show’s sponsors. They set up a web cam for Greg, who tells them the exact location of the canisters, along with their telephone numbers.

Jack arrives, and wants to help. Larry doesn’t want Jack to come along, and actually tells him, “I want my best men out in the field”. Jack agrees, and quietly walks away as Larry leaves to do some shootin’. There’s something weird going on… that nerve agent must be getting a hold of Jack. This is not the Jack we know!


11:51 pm – Greg arrives at the building he told the FBI about, and Tony takes the opportunity to use his Vulcan nerve pinch on a guard. Tony needs some practice, because it’s more of a hit than a pinch. They’re close to the building.

Inside the building, Jonas and the rest of his thugs and thug scientists work on the nerve agent, completely unconcerned about being exposed, because none of them is wearing protective gear. The closest thing is one guy in the back with a pocket protector. Jonas wants them to hurry about.

11:52 pm – Agent Larry is in a helicopter, on his way to the Starkwood compound. I’m sure that next time, he’ll think of a much quieter way to sneak up on something, because the helicopter is really loud. He calls Tony. Tony gives him information about the building itself. Larry thanks him, and tells him that he’s going to need Tony’s eyes on the ground to help them out. Tony thinks that would scrape his eyeballs, and hurt quite a bit, so he just agrees to watch what’s going on instead.

Larry calls the control tower, and tells the tower that they have a piece of paper that says they can land at Starkwood. Some of the guys in the helicopters are so excited, they drop ropes and leave before the helicopters can land. Everyone else waits until the helicopters land. Everyone seems to have forgotten their biological weapon protection gear.

They all head towards the building, which is guarded by a couple of guys. They blast open the door, and it turns out to be completely empty! Greg lied! Tony’s pretty upset about this, and messes up Greg’s suite.

Jonas watches this whole thing on a camera – the weapon is on the other side of the compound! This would have never happened if Jack went with.

Everyone heads outside, and Larry gives them a pep talk – which is interrupted by a lot of other people with guns. They’re surrounded! And who drives up? The guy Greg shot!

That guy and Larry yell at each other for a while. They’re in a standoff! Tony really looks like he wants to shoot Greg.

12 am – Time’s up!

NEXT TIME ON 24 – Jonas yells! Fighter Jets! Olivia kisses someone! Jack falls over! Klieg Lights! See you next time!

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  1. haha, great writing, thank you. you nailed it pretty good.
    i think agent moss is way out of his league squaring off against a crack military team. he should stay saddled up to his office chair and jockey his desk around. good thing there’s a seal backup team. next week should be good.

  2. Did you also get when Olivia mentioned Rick Berman that President Taylor mentioned Bob Justman who was a director on Star Trek The Original Series?

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