Before LOST Season 5 Finale – Some Theories

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already the end of season five of LOST. Tonight’s two hour season finale is bound to have a lot of surprises, some overdue answers and a lot of action.

John Locke

First in foremost, as self-assured as he is going into this final show of the season, I think John Locke in for a rude awakening. First, I think we’ll find out that Ben was right: “Dead is Dead” – John’s been dead ever since he came back to the island, in the very same way that Christian is dead, and (most likely) Claire is dead. I think we got a big hint about this when Claire’s house blew up, and she was pulled from underneath the pile of debris that was on top of her. At that point, I think she was dead. Her sudden disappearance, her appearance with Christian in the cabin, and her visit with Aaron at Kate’s house all point to her being dead. If she didn’t realize this herself, why would it be different for John?

Second, I think his plan to kill Jacob is going to turn out to be a bust that won’t end well. He’ll either be stopped when he’s confronted with the fact that he’s dead and he’ll find out that he himself is Jacob already. None of the others (with the possible exception of Richard Alpert) realize this.

I also think Locke is going to have to confront Matthew Abaddon’s request, and it’s not going to be something he likes.

Richard Alpert

How old IS Richard Alpert? He’s either one of the dead people crawling around the island, or he’s a couple of thousand years old. Maybe both.

I think he’s Egyptian, and has been playing dumb this whole time, waiting for exactly the right circumstances to put his real plan into motion, which is to take over the island and use it to his own ends. Jacob might be the only person/thing preventing him from doing this, and Locke might be the person who unwittingly helps him do so.

Yep – Completely out of left field, but hey, it’s a theory.

The Incident

I think it’s pretty clear that “The Incident” has to do with the hydrogen-bomb. If the bomb itself doesn’t go off, it’s at least going to leak some radiation which is why the people in The Hatch were taking medicine. It’s anti-radiation medicine. It also explains the hazmat suits they were wearing.

Question is, what’s going to happen when Jack tries to set off the bomb? We’ve seen in past episodes that if the island (or something on the island) doesn’t want something to happen, it can prevent it. Remember all the people that tried to hurt themselves? They couldn’t do it. I think Jack’s going to run into this exact problem. He won’t be able to set off the bomb, because the island won’t allow it. I do think that someone (or something) else is going to set that off, thus causing The Incident.

In the end, they’ll build The Hatch, and will build the computer that has a console where the numbers have to be pressed every 108 minutes. (Side note: Since it’s the serial number of That Hatch that is typed in each time, do you think it’s possible there are additional stations where people are pressing buttons, using their hatch’s serial number?)

The question then becomes – what happens to the Jack, Kate and the rest of the folks in 1977? I think the island is going to do what it did before on the plane. They’re going to be plucked from this timeline into the past. Probably the very distant past, likely at the time when things were in full swing on the island. Who are they going to meet there? Maybe Locke, maybe different versions of themselves…. I think this is a good possibility because of The Statue we haven’t had a good look at yet.

(Another side note: The Four Toe thing? I think someone’s foot is going to get hurt, they’ll lose a toe – if that happens on the show tonight, or if we see someone with a missing toe, you can bet they’ll be person depicted as the statue).

Loose Ends

There are so many unanswered questions –

What do the numbers mean? (The only thing I can think of is that this is some ancient sequence used in some formula, discovered back when the island was in full swing).

Was Widmore behind Libby giving Desmond the boat, and did he do this just to get rid of Desmond? (Yes on both counts)

Is it going to matter that Penny and Daniel are half brother and sister? (Probably not)

Is the old guy that Jack visited in the old folk’s home… is that really Jack himself? (I think it is).

The Statue? I think it’s Richard Alpert.

So, what do you think is going to happen tonight, what are your guesses?