Fringe – There’s More Than One of Everything

The Fringe finale sure packed in a lot of stuff last night.

Some thoughts:

The biggest thing is that Peter isn’t from out universe, since the “real” Peter died in 1985. Walter used his scientific abilities and gizmos to cross the boundaries and take the parallel universe Peter to this side.

Why is Bell (loved the bell on his desk, btw) in that universe? Did you notice the newspaper talked about the “new White House”?

I liked the David Robert Jones storyline, and I think we haven’t seen the last of him. It’s likely that he’s in the parallel universe, and is attempted to get to “our” side.

And, while I just said “he’s in the parallel universe”…. I think it’s likely there’s a lot more than just one parallel universe. The reason I say that is that when Olivia was transported to the parallel universe, the flickering between worlds briefly showed she was in a elevator car with a lot of other people. She was alone in our world, alone in Bell’s world… yet, those people had to come from some place. Yet another universe.

What did you think of the show?

One thought on “Fringe – There’s More Than One of Everything”

  1. And what about the World Trade Center. Holy crap! There had been hints about Peter since early on. I think only now do we finally have a sliver of context to even comprehend the “coming war” described in ZFT.

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