Fringe: The Observer’s Real Name!

Wow! That was completely unexpected.

On tonight’s broadcast of Fringe, the “Making Angels” episode, the very last part of the show had two other Observers talking with one another. I won’t go into what why they were where they were, but I will tell you something… they named the Observer that saved Peter from the lake! His name is September.


Fringe – August


Thursday’s “Fringe” was one of the best of the season. I think it makes one thing pretty clear: The Observers are third party to this whole “war” between our dimension and the dimension that Olivia traveled to, to see William Bell. They’ve been observing our world for quite some time, and apparently have a non-interference rule, which seems to be as strictly adhered to as Kirk ever did with the Prime Directive (yes, that was sarcasm).

A couple of points:

1) They messed up something that caused them to have to correct it by helping Walter get Peter back. What they did, we have no idea. However, this could very well be what the original catalyst was that caused the people in the “other” earth to realize we existed.

2) Apparently being “important” plays some role in the decisions of what The Observers…well… observe. Interesting twist to who the kidnapped girl became “important”, but a bit unsatisfying at the same time. Maybe it was the whole “I love her” thing that didn’t ring true.

3) I LOVED the way August snagged those bullets out of the air. That was great!

What did you think of this episode?

Fringe – Fracture


Hope you were watching until the end of this episode, because “The Observer” made a big appearance at the end.

This episode was a lot better than the previous week’s, but I have a few nits to pick:

First, the Colonel’s quest to stop the couriers was pretty short-sighted. Not many people who were exposed to the drug were left, and what was he going to do after he made them all explode?

Second, how did he know where the couriers were going to show up?

Third, he couldn’t have been doing this alone. Who’s he working for? Nina? Massive Dynamic?

It’s likely all of this (the “war” between the worlds) all started when Walter created a rift between the worlds and took Peter from the other side. The people on the other side have him targeted. Now, my question is – what’s their real purpose? The Colonel seems to think it’s killing everyone in our world. It’s probable there’s a group from the other side that wants to do that, but it’s also equally probable that they’re doing what they can to keep any escalation from happening too.

I mean, if they really wanted Walter, wouldn’t they have taken him when they had the chance last season?

Fringe – Night of Desirable Objects

I was talking about this episode of Fringe with a friend, and we both agreed: This sure felt like an X-Files episode. Remote farm house, creepy creature. At least it wasn’t a repeat of that “Mom and the boys” X-Files…. that one still creeps me out. If you have no idea which episode I’m talking about: good. You really, REALLY don’t want to remember that.

How this episode fits into the overall story, I have no idea. Heck, The Observer (pointed out above) barely made an appearence. The only thing that makes sense is that the doctor in this story is involved with the overall plot, because of his research. I mean, why else would The Observer be there?

Not much else to say about this episode other than: Quit it with the references Walter is making to Peter and the empty grave. We KNOW what happened. Walter has better (and funnier) things to ramble on about.

Overall, an “OK” episode, but not as good as the season premiere.

Fringe – A New Day in the Old Town – Season Premiere

Spoilers ahead

So, did you see The Observer in the first scene of the show?

Finally! I’m really happy to see that Fringe is back on the air. I thought last night’s episode was great, especially with how Olivia made her entrance. I sure haven’t seen anything like that before!

Looks like Agent Jessup is going to be a new regular on the show too – so far I like that character.

The big “surprise” was that Charlie wasn’t Charlie by the end of the show. The cut from him getting snuck up by the boiler telegraphed in big bold letters he wasn’t going to be the same guy when we came back to that scene… but I have to ask, if Charlie got killed, the soldier took his form, what was the deal with the nurse? Was there another soldier that killed Charlie and took his form? Did I miss something? (Wouldn’t be the first time).

At the end of the show, Olivia recited a Greek phrase that Peter’s mom used to tell him. I think chances are pretty good that Olivia met with Peter’s mom on “the other side” – and that Peter might be the very “thing” that Olivia is looking for!

What did you think of the show?

Fringe – There’s More Than One of Everything

The Fringe finale sure packed in a lot of stuff last night.

Some thoughts:

The biggest thing is that Peter isn’t from out universe, since the “real” Peter died in 1985. Walter used his scientific abilities and gizmos to cross the boundaries and take the parallel universe Peter to this side.

Why is Bell (loved the bell on his desk, btw) in that universe? Did you notice the newspaper talked about the “new White House”?

I liked the David Robert Jones storyline, and I think we haven’t seen the last of him. It’s likely that he’s in the parallel universe, and is attempted to get to “our” side.

And, while I just said “he’s in the parallel universe”…. I think it’s likely there’s a lot more than just one parallel universe. The reason I say that is that when Olivia was transported to the parallel universe, the flickering between worlds briefly showed she was in a elevator car with a lot of other people. She was alone in our world, alone in Bell’s world… yet, those people had to come from some place. Yet another universe.

What did you think of the show?

Fringe – The Road Not Taken

Great episode tonight!

Harris buys it in a very appropriate way, Nina Sharp appears to have been assassinated, and Walter walks off with The Observer! Crazy!

Anyway, back to the main story for a minute – I think it’s pretty clear that the organization (ZTF or not) that’s doing this has been doing two things: 1) Experimenting on new weapons and 2) Making people into weapons. Sometimes two in one, like in tonight’s episode.

I liked the storyline on pyrokinesis and not being able to control it. Much better than last episode. Those blood and guts things… Gah! I thought it was pretty great that the girl turned the tables on Harris at the end, when it looked like he was going to let her explode.

Never did like that guy.

Another thing I didn’t like was the sound recording from the broken glass… Really?

Now, the question is – Was he the only one in the FBI working for ZTF? I’ve always had questions about Charlie… could he be involved too?

OK, back to the big, big question… Walter seemed to not be incredibly surprised by The Observer’s appearance. We know they’ve met before, and if I recall correctly, The Observer saved Peter from drowning. Could there have been an agreement made back when that happened? Save Peter, and at some later date Walter would have to go and do something with The Observer? Sure sounds like it to me. (Maybe this was all spelled out earlier, but I don’t remember this, so please let me know in the comments section).

What did you think of tonight’s show?

Fringe – Midnight

Whoa! Creepy! Turn someone into a vampire who requires spinal fluid…. yikes!

Not much to say about tonight’s show, except:

1) We’re going to see William Bell by the end of this season, at least according to the rumors, and this episode certainly points to that.

2) The observer (pictured above) showed up in the night club.

3) For those of you following along with the Fringe alphabet, this episode’s word was: EIGHT.

Fringe – Unleashed

First, the important part: The Observer was seen walking past the reporter on television, about 22 minutes into the show.

As for the rest of the show: Extra bonus points for grossness in this episode. Nothing like worms coming out of a dead body to make you want to run for the hills, unless its worms in a live body waiting to come out. Yikes.

So, it’s likely the monster that was under construction was an attempt to make a weapon for the upcoming “war” they referred to earlier in the season. What do you think they were going to do with this thing? Transport it over the parallel universe that is encroaching on our own, and then just let it go?

I think they’re going to need to start explaining how all these things are interconnected. Unless you’ve been watching the show closely, I’m not sure you’d be able to guess that all these cases are interconnected.

Kinda reminds me of the old Fox show, “Millennium”. Good story, crazy things going on, but cancelled before we could get a good explanation for the over all story. Notice I said “good explanation”… not just something they have to throw together when they show ends abruptly. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen in this case.

Fringe – “Inner Child”

Spoilers ahead

Pretty obvious appearance of “The Observer” last night. Watched for him during the whole show, and there he was at the very end.

All the way through the show, I kept thinking, “That kid is an Observer.” Chances are that he “beamed in”, or however that alien race comes in from their world. He might have been down there the whole time, simply unable to grow up for the very reasons Walter stated, or he could have just beamed over recently.