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Here are a couple of pictures of the statue show in the LOST finale. As commenters in the previous thread have stated, it’s very likely that it’s the Egyptian god Sobek:

Now, two interesting things about Sobek – he’s carrying an ankh, which represents the ability to undo evil and cure ills.

Also, Sobek merged himself with Ra, to become Sobek-Ra.

Think about that a second. Where else have we seen the letters “R” “A” – Richard Alpert, perhaps?

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  1. There is no doubt it is Sobek. Sobek was the god responsible for a number of things, but mainly god of crocodiles, power, protection and…fertility. Sound familiar? Wonder what happens if the statue gets destroyed? But there’s more… Mythology says that Sobek had two sides, good and evil. It also says that he was primarily worshipped for his benevolent side including acts such as reviving the senses of the dead, and protecting souls from Set’s attacks as they traveled through the land of the dead. Interesting…

    See for yourself… http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/sobeka.htm

  2. totally agree with the comments above the statue is defenately him….check out jacobs name by the way…..on wikapedia….it appears he had a brother who hated him and wanted to kill him but could not due to a promise to their father….i believe the other individual is that brother and that he is actually the shadow monster….i could go further with my explaination but it will take ages.

  3. Jacob, in biblical sense, did not have a brother who hated him. You’re thinking of Jacob’s son – Joseph, whose brother hated him. Not Jacob.

  4. What’s interesting and something to maybe think about is the fact that in a biblical sense…. Aaron is a descendant of Jacob. (or I could have it backwards)

  5. sorry, Lost in Translation, Jacob’s brother Esau did in fact “hate” him for stealing his birthright and inheritance. Jacob tricked their blind father into awarding the inheritance to Jacob. When Esau found out, he plotted to kill Jacob. Only the intervention of their mother (who sent Jacob away to live with her brother’s family) saved him.

  6. No, Jacob’s brother was Esau and he DID hate him, tried to kill him actually. He was also hairy, while Jacob was smooth…it’s all there in the Bible.

  7. Then obviously I’m mistaken! I had the names mixed up, my apologies.

  8. oops didn’t mean to submit.

    Apart from the likeness of the head/face, headdress and number of toes Taweret was also closely connected to Apep (smoke monster?)

    There are differences in the body – Taweret looked pregnant and sometimes had a body of a hippo, but depictions of Egyptian God/desses never really tended to be all the same.

    Anyway, I’m sticking to Taweret until anything official says otherwise 🙂

  9. Ela, I think that if you go back to the finale and watch it again, you’ll change your mind. Never mind the image on this page…if that doesn’t convince you, then pay special attention to the old woven piece of cloth that Ilana takes from the house before they burn it. When she hands it to the big guy, you get a very clear depiction of Sobek on it (crocodile head). There’s really no question that the statue is him, unless you know of another egyptian diety with a croc’s head.

  10. Alas, I did some searching and it looks as tho it is officially(if abc recaps are official)……………

    Taweret 😛


    The only thing Sobek has in its favour is the body, but as I said before not all depictions of Egyptian Gods are uniform. Also we haven’t seen the front yet, it could still have breasts and/or (if the breasts are covered by the head-dress) a small pregnant belly. I’m guessing we’ll see it if we ever see Richard onboard the BlackRock. I still reckon that the guy we saw in Jacobs cabin the 1st time was the captain of the Black Rock, Magnus Hanso

  11. Alright, if you’ve looked at the cloth with the statue on it and still see Taweret, then I’m not going to change your mind. Fair enough. From what I could tell, that statue on the cloth does not have the dead giveaways (pregnant belly and a hippo’s head), but rather a head that is longer, sharper, like a croc’s head. Also, I think you’ll agree the statue’s backside frame looks like that of a man’s. Until we see the front of the statue, I’m not sure I’m convinced it’s Taweret, regardless of what it says on abc.com. I have my doubts that that recap is canon — perhaps done by a writer just as in the dark as you or I and doing their best to interpret what they just witnessed. Heck, the actors themselves don’t know most of the LOST mythos.

    Having said that, one thing that does lend some credence to Taweret is that the statue is holding ankhs in both hands, something I haven’t seen Sobek do (he usually holds a spear in one and an ankh in the other). Perhaps the writers are combining aspects of both dieties into one. Bottom line is if it’s Sobek or Taweret (or Soberet?), both offer interesting possibilities, and hopefully, it all becomes clear in season 6.

  12. My spanish is not so hot, did anyone catch what richards answer was to “what lives at the base of the statue”

  13. Matthew I believe it translated to “He who will save us all” or thereabouts

  14. Did anyone think that it could be SET, the god of evil, chaos and the desert. Crocodiles don’t have ears. Set was the gate way to the desert and what happens when you turn the wheel. You end up in the desert. Plus Set was enemy to Horus (that might not mean anything)

  15. Wow Caglar, that picture of Sobek is the closest I’ve seen, to the Lost statue, yet. It has the ears and the statue has something on the head that looks very much like the bottom of headdress in your picture. The two Onyx are still a big question, among many.

    I still say that they may be only borrowing from all this mythology, mixing some together from Christianity, and other places, etc…, seems to be a commonality in many religions/mythologies. I doubt they will follow any of them exactly. Maybe it has happened so many times each race has incorporated it into their religion/mythology from a slightly different viewpoint. Maybe these two go at it over and over and it’s the same two in all the myths/religions?

  16. Just a hunch, but is it possible that if Jacob has been bringing people to the island for many, many years that it could span all the way back to when (loosely speaking) ‘God first created man’ and this has been going on ever since…? Therefor the statue could of been built by one of the many groups of people who have crashed on the island in the past and does not have anything directly to do with Jacob and ‘other man’ at all.

  17. If it was Aken, then it would make much sense to my theory of all, but then I don’t see the horns :(.

    But yeah it looks more like Sobek. However it could be anyone just a bad drawer 🙂 Looks little like me lol 😉

  18. no .se olviden de la primera conversacion, que tubo
    jacob, con quien seria su hermano”,
    cuando ven un barco con velas muy antiguo pareciera barco ingles , sera la rocka negra?
    y el comentario que hace a que jacob los atrae para que se destruyan entre si,, ,,
    saquen conclusiones,

  19. The island is obviously Atlantis. The statue is clearly Egyptian which reinforces this theory, because both the Egyptians and Mayans migrated from the “Lost” island of Atlantis prior to it’s possibile destruction, but now more likely disappearce, to their respective homes in Africa and Central America. Jacob and the anti-Jacob are the original people. Original Atlantians. Now that we have that out of the way…

    1. Why would it be atlantis in egyptian mythology Khnum made the children from the mud of the nile on his potters wheel.

  20. Does anyone have any theories on what happened to the statue? And I think Jacob and his nemisis are possibly the image of good and evil. This maybe a little too far fetch but it could be God and Satan but like I said, “far fetch.” but I think his nemisis is the smoke monster and thats how he took the form of Locke. But whats going to happen to Locke now that the jig is up with the others?

  21. While I beleive the statute is indeed Sobek, and not Taweret as most of the internet seems to believe, I do not agree that Jacob is meant to be the physical manifestation of the God, rather I think he is meant to be similar to both Osiris and Horus. You are absolutely spot on with the parallels between Set and the antaogonist at the beginning. Set was known to be a devious and volatile God, often lashing out and attacking higher Dieties. Not only this but he was the God of Deserts, infertility (after one of his testicles was cut off in a fight with Osiris I think, it might have been Horus.) while Osiris was representative of the fertility of the Nile. After Osiris was killed, Isis conceived Horus with the remnants of Osiris’ body. Of course this itself plays greatly into the concept of reincarnation which we see so often depicted in LOST. Horus and Set were both highly antagonistic towards eachother, where Horus owned the fertile lands of Egypt while Set owned the infertile desert, the two challeneged eachother for ownership of the entirity of Egypt and when the Gods favored Horus and he won, Set became red with anger. However, Set and Horus were often depicted together crowning new Pharoahs, which could be representative of their civility towards eachother regardless of the hostility of their relationship. On top of that, Set’s anger towards dieties above him could be representative of the antagonist’s desire to kill Jacob, but his inability to do so until he finally overtook Locke’s form. Set was also noted to take the form of a Snake in one myth, in which he used the serpentine form to stab Apep. Also Horus in another myth was noted to take form of a crocodile (sobek) to rescue the body parts of Osiris from the bottom of the nile. Sobek’s relevance as a God and in LOST reaches multiple levels, the most important being his Balance. While Set is a God of chaos, Sobek is that which undoes evils. However Sobek was a very volatile God, and he was disloyal, while in one instance he is noted as protecting Osiris, another moment he is getting friendly with Set, the purveyor of Chaos and primary antagonist to Osiris. This dual nature is not only evident of one of the primary themes of LOST, but further ties in to the cyclical nature of chaos and order. Sobek is also credited as one of the Gods who began creation, one story insiting that he emerged from Dark Water to create the Universe and thusly create order within it. Sobek was also known to return senses to spirits in the afterlife, such as eyesight or feeling. I don’t think that Sobek himself is meant to be what Jacob is an Avatar for, rather the linking force between Jacob and his Antagonist and the reprsentation of balance on which the Island exists.

  22. Also in response to the Island being ‘Atlantis’, I have to refute that theory. I beleive the Island is meant to be a few things, not anything definite but certainly an allusion to the Garden of Eden (on certain levels) which can be also evidenced by ‘SETH’s presence in the Garden of Eden (as Seth is also one of the other names of SET) and his use of temptation and deception to lead Eve and Adam into exile/infertile land. It is also often depicted as Purgatory or Limbo in which souls are in neither Heaven nor Hell, merely stuck between the land of the living and dead. I think my favorite interpretation of the Island, though, is that it is the first land, created by Sobek and the purest most isolated point from which all life sprang forth, migrated, and now this island of Genesis has disappeared (much like there is often dispute over the true location of the Garden of Eden). Atlantis itself was an actual civilization, developed enough to go up against Athens (but not enough for it to win). In any event the history and myths surrounding Atlantis have very little to do with the occurances of Lost and the analogy explains little to nothing in terms of our still unsolved questions.

  23. Also to those who do not take simple literary parallels between Sobek’s relevance to LOST, and remain adamant about the statues identity being TAWERET, I will provide an image which has been alleged to be the physical model on which the CG statue was based.
    The form is clearly male and the face clearly that of a crocodile. Also somewhere up there, it was mentioned that crocodiles do not have ears, however Sobek had identical ears to those of Taweret. Taweret was a god of fertility and therefore must be depicted with the appearance of a fertile woman (rotund, sagging heavy breasts, etc) and Taweret was also never depicted holding Ankhs due to the fragility of childbirth. On top of this she has also never been depicted with a humanoid body, nor wearing clothes. Sobek, on the other hand, is always depicted holding an Ankh, has the body of a man with only the head of a crocodile, and his garb is more or less identitcal to that of all male Egyptian Gods, female Dieties were never depicted with simply the loincloth. You can not have a goddess depicting the female’s ability to birth and have it in the body of a male.

  24. I read the debate you have of Which Good it is. I have done some serching and found out that Taweret often is pictured with Sorbek at her back. The meaning of this was to show the link between the two Goods. :)…

  25. Sobek was said to be the pharaohs protector against the dark magic. He is also said to be the son of Set (Seth-God of War & Chaos) so if Jacob is Sobek, this would make him the cousin of Horus because Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis, Isis being Seth’s sister. Important to note Seth and nephew Horus hated each other because Seth killed Osiris -Horus’s father. If Jacob is Sobek and evil like Set, then is Smoke monster Horus and Good locked in battling like their fathers before them. A story that has been repeated throughout the ages: Bible ref- Cain and Able.

    Sobek was supposed to have assisted Isis with the birth of Horus – not sure where this fits in? or relevant even?

  26. If you look at all the features there is no doubt it’s Sobek. Sobek has the body of a man, as does Losts statue. Tawerek has the body of a hippo and legs of a lion/cat. Both gods carry the anhk, though Sobek usually 1 anhk. But that is a minor point, the basic configuration is what matters Body of Man head of Crocodile.

  27. Initially I thought it was Sobek too. The story and the image certainly looks more accurate. Nevertheless, there are numerous official websites that say the statue is definitely Taweret. If you still don’t believe me, a 2009 Wired magazine issue featured a Lost puzzle which was constructed by JJ Abrahms, producer of Lost, and eventually decoded into “The four-toed Statue is Tawaret”.

  28. Jacob in the Bible had a twin brother Esau. At birth Esau stuck a leg out first and they tied a string to it to mark the first born. Jacob dragged him back in however and was actually first born. Esau also sold his birthright to Jacob for a pot of stew and Jacob stole Esau’s blessing from their father on his death bed.

    Does the Jacob in this story seem even remotely like that?

    Biblical Jacob also worked for Laban in order to marry Rachel, who they switched for Leah and he then had to work another seven (I think) years to get Rachel as well. Jacob wrestled an angel in order to gain its blessing and was later called Israel and his twelve sons Are from where the twelve tribes of Israel come.

    I think it is not _this_ Jacob who is on the island with the man in black and the man in black is definitely not Esau.

  29. Also on the whole Sobek/ Tawaret debate, Crocs don’t have ears, the lost statue does. Also Tawaret was married to the original god of evil/chaos and was seen as a protector because she restrained or _contained_ evil, a recent theme in the Richard episode.

  30. Ola,

    Essa curiosidade de saber quem é esse deus está me matando mais acho que é o Sobek mesmo.
    Mais acho que essa é uma duvida que só pode ser tirada com os episódios que vem a seguir.

    Brasil 2016. É nois!

  31. I went searching for info about ruins in lost and i was wandering about the temple with the smoke monster trying to drag people in. The statue was taweret. I hate to admit it, but it was, if you deny, you can read the info: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/The_Temple

    P.S. its in the history section.

  32. Hey Chris,

    At the time that post was originally written, there was much debate as to who the statue depicted. In the end, I believe it’s Taweret. I didn’t (and don’t) go back to old posts to change what I originally wrote. That was my original theory.

    Thanks for visiting the blog!

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