LOST – Jacob’s Tapestry

Here’s a picture of the tapestry that Jacob was working on:

The letters are Greek, and are:

theta xi omicron iota

tau omicron sigma alpha

delta omicron iota xi nu

omicron sigma alpha phi rho xi sigma iota

sigma eta sigma iota

mu xi nu omicron iota nu alpha zeta

I looked around and found a thread on Lostpedia, which states it roughly translates to:

“May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires.”

Line 180 of The Odyssey, Book 6.

Hat tip to ClintAck.

2 thoughts on “LOST – Jacob’s Tapestry”

  1. Good catch. What you are considering “xi” is actually a poorly written epsilon.

    θεοὶ τόσα δοῖεν ὅσα φρεσὶ σῇσι μενοινᾷς

  2. LOST has finally jumped the shark. I am a die hard fan and have resolved it needs to come to an end.

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