Fringe – Fracture


Hope you were watching until the end of this episode, because “The Observer” made a big appearance at the end.

This episode was a lot better than the previous week’s, but I have a few nits to pick:

First, the Colonel’s quest to stop the couriers was pretty short-sighted. Not many people who were exposed to the drug were left, and what was he going to do after he made them all explode?

Second, how did he know where the couriers were going to show up?

Third, he couldn’t have been doing this alone. Who’s he working for? Nina? Massive Dynamic?

It’s likely all of this (the “war” between the worlds) all started when Walter created a rift between the worlds and took Peter from the other side. The people on the other side have him targeted. Now, my question is – what’s their real purpose? The Colonel seems to think it’s killing everyone in our world. It’s probable there’s a group from the other side that wants to do that, but it’s also equally probable that they’re doing what they can to keep any escalation from happening too.

I mean, if they really wanted Walter, wouldn’t they have taken him when they had the chance last season?