More on Pepsi in Glass Bottles

After seeing my previous post on Pepsi in a glass bottle

A reader writes:

where can i find pepsi cola in glass bottles? with all the dangers of
drinking from plastic because of toxins and aluminum shavings from
cans i dont drink pepsi anymore!! so can u please tell me where to
find the glass bottles? otherwise myself and several friends and
family are switching to coke!!

A few places sell this online, including Retro Soda.

Other readers have pointed out that Taylor’s Market also has them available.

I get mine locally from two mexican restaurants. I know one gets them from a distributor in Chicago. Not sure where the other gets them.

Note that these are NOT Pepsi made with sugar. It’s high fructose corn syrup.

I can get Coca-Cola locally that does use real sugar, and is in glass bottles, at the local grocery store. It’s also imported from Mexico.

I wish Pepsi did that. They didn’t even carry Pepsi Flashback locally.