LOST: What Happens Next?

SPOILERS AHEAD – You’ve been warned.

I watched all five seasons of LOST over the last couple of months, finishing up a few days ago. Since the show is starting up again in less than a month, I thought I’d start writing about the show again, just to get some of the ideas down.

What’s going to happen after the bomb went off at the end of Season 5?

They have a couple of things to resolve. First, what happened to everyone (Jack, Kate, Sawyer) the bomb went off?

If they accomplished their goal, then the plane didn’t crash, and they really didn’t know each other after the plane landed. I think this carries through to the present day when simultaneously realize that they have the shared experience of what happened on this island. It’s much like what happened to Desmond, when he woke up and realized that the memory he had of Daniel Faraday banging on the hatch door. I think the first few episodes of the season will be how they all get back together again because of this shared experience.

Boone, Shannon, Eko, Paulo, Nikki, Charlie, Faraday, Charlotte, Claire… all will survive. I don’t think we’ll see Nikki or Paulo – or if we do, it’ll be very briefly.

It isn’t going to turn out well for everyone, I think, particularly Rose and Bernard. Since Rose never experiences the healing power of the island, she’ll end up dying of cancer. Bernard, who will be understandably distraught about losing Rose, will be hard hit when he ends up “remembering” the island, and having a life with Rose there.

Second, what happens to all the people in the present day (Sun, Ben, etc)? That’s the big question. If Sun didn’t crash on the island in the first place, what takes place in the past to put her on the present day island? Is there something that does that, or will it be more like what we saw when Sawyer’s group was skipping through time – aware of the people that were there, but unable to interact with them?

There’s also the question of what happens in present day now that Jacob is out of the picture? (And, a bigger question, is he really gone?) Illana’s group was working with Jacob (he did visit her in that hospital), so it’s likely they’re going to be foes of whoever the Man in Black really is. I think it’s also likely that since Jacob is gone, and the Man in Black is no longer held in check, some bad things are going to start happening – probably throughout the world.

I think it’s possible that the group that regains their “memories” of the island will realize that these “bad things” are a result of something that happened on the island, and that’s what’s going to compel most of them to go back for the final time. Jin won’t need a reason like that… he’ll want to find Sun.

What about John Locke? I think he’ll end up being alive again, since the plane didn’t crash, but will have the same “old memories” the rest of Jack’s group has. He’ll likely be a in a wheelchair, and will really, REALLY want to get back to the island so he can be cured again.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll write up some ideas about other things that occurred to me while re-watching the show.

If you want to write some of your ideas about what I’ve said here, please feel free to leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “LOST: What Happens Next?”

  1. What about Walt, though? How would they handle him if the plane didn’t crash? Writing wise, I could see them saying that Michael didn’t want to bring him back to the island…but that’s not really a strong reason plot/storywise, since everyone who ever was on the island was supposed to return.

  2. Right now, the one thing I am intrigued by is how they will handle Desmond. Did you notice that in both versions of “The Last Supper” poster there is no Desmond?

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