24 – Season 8 – 7 pm to 8 pm

PREVIOUSLY ON “24”: Just happened! Hey! Pay Attention!

7:00 pm – Hastings tries to explain to Rob (who is riding in Taylor’s limo), that there was a wee bit of a screw up, but boy, oh, boy, one of “his” agents was trying to stop Hassan from getting blown up.

Turns out that Cole isn’t quite done playing CTU yet, and runs over to Hassan’s car to get him evacuated. Davros is headed straight for them when a car blocks his path. Cole gets Hassan evacuated, and calls Dana. Dana admits that Chloe knew all about what’s happening, and boy she feels stupid for not listening. Then she starts explaining more of her wedding plans, which Cole tunes out because he sees Davros. Davros makes the classic mistakes of 1) walking slowly, 2) walking alone, and 3) staring right at Cole while he’s walking. Cole runs after him, while Davros escapes into a building that’s been wrapped up in brown paper, ready to be shipped via the US Postal Service, which will mail anything.

7:02 pm – Jack and the good cop race towards where the building that Cole phoned in.

Farhad pretends to call the security detail to find out what’s going on, at Mrs. Hassan’s insistence. He really calls Davros, and finds out that Hassan is still alive. Davros tells him that it’s only a matter of time before everyone figures out what happened, and that he better get out of there as quietly and discretely as possible. So, Farhad does what anyone from his fake country would do, he stabs an officer in the neck with a knife and runs away. Farhad really needs to learn the different between “quietly and discretely” and “loudly and with great attention”.

7:06 pm – Cole stalks around the building looking for Davros, and rounds one to many corners doesn’t see Davros in his hiding space. Davros, instead of shooting Cole, which any other bad guy would do, instead tells Cole to lay down his weapon. Davros tells Cole to make everyone move to the northeast. Cole calls it in, but says that Davros is with him now! Just as Davros is about to pull the trigger to kill Cole, Jack shoots Davros! Just in time! Davros is dead, and Jack takes pictures for his CTU Memories Scrapbook. For some reason Jack rips open Davros’ shirt before taking the pictures, revealing some interesting tattoos on Davros’ chest that got ruined by Jack’s bullets.

7:09 pm – Hassan arrives at CTU, and Hastings lets him know that Farhad was in on the attack. Chloe interrupts to let Hastings know that Jack uploaded some cool home movies. Hassan thanks Hastings for saving his life. Chloe rolls her eyes, and when Hastings confronts her about it, she says, “I think he should be thanking Jack, Cole, then maybe me, every other living being on earth, farm tractors, lamp posts… and then you”. Hastings admits his mistake, and Chloe’s back in good graces.

7:11 pm – The tattoos are Russian Mafia tattoos, which you can see because of their accents. Fortunately for CTU, they know of someone who was able to infiltrate the mob, and who might be a good person to talk to: Renee Walker!

Meanwhile, downtown somewhere in an empty bar, a man who looks like a bad guy gets a call from Farhad. The man tells Farhad that he’ll have the “materials” for Farhad soon, and that he’ll have a “nice meal waiting”, which is code for, “something bad”.


7:17 pm – President Taylor is back at the UN, and Hassan is at CTU. Taylor calls Hassan, tells her that she’s happy, embarrassed, and thankful, not necessarily in that order. Rob wonders what Farhad’s agenda is, and Hassan tells him “regime change”. Rob says that after that bomb went off, he had to go change his “regimes” too. Taylor convinces Hassan to continue with the negotiations. Hastings enters, and Hassan tells him he wants to talk to Cole.

7:20 pm – Cole and Jack arrive at CTU. Chloe meets Jack to tell him that the tattoos identify Davros as a member of one of the crime syndicates. Jack stops, and says, “Congress?” Chloe assures him it’s something less dangerous: The Russian Mafia. They even have Renee coming in to brief them on what’s happening. This surprises Jack, and it turns out that Renee is an expert on all this since she was undercover six years ago. Oh, and that Renee is probably very unstable.

7:22 pm – In the medical unit, which is decorated with the exact same bathroom tiles as the interrogation unit, Cole is told they’ll let him have a full set of photos right after the autopsy. CTU really needs to put some barf bags in the hallways, because that autopsy room has a glass door where any random person walking by could see what is happening in there (yeeech!)

Hassan sees Cole and thanks him for saving his life. Cole tells Hassan about Jack and Chole, and alarm bells go off. Not the “I remember something” alarm bells… real ones! Turns out that whatever sensors that should have kicked off as soon as Davros’ body entered the room finally did go off, and they’re registering weapons grade uranium. Davros exposed himself to the uranium, which is pretty gross, no matter how you take that sentence.


7:27 pm – A helicopter arrives at CTU. It appears to belong to Renee. She doesn’t say a word, even about the symphony orchestra playing off camera so loudly. They make polite conversation while they wait for the elevator. Renee was working for a security firm.

7:29 pm – Hastings tells Hassan that it’s U235. Hassan says he listens to “U2” all the time, but “U235” is a new one on him. Hassan says that his country was close to making a weapon, but didn’t have good enough material to arm them. He says that Farhad knew someone, who knew someone that knew someone’s brother’s cousin’s friend who had access to decommissioned Soviet weapons stockpiles. He also points out, much to Hastings’ alarm, that those nuclear materials are probably in the US if Davros had been exposed to them recently.

7:31 pm – In a conference room, Renee is giving an impromptu lecture on Russian Mafia tattoos. One is a symbol for prison, complete with spires that represent life sentences. Another symbolizes “we’ll never talk, you dirty coppers!”. Dana points out one, and Renee says that it either means that the man had either earned enough frequent killer killings to earn a free plane trip anywhere in the world, or it means that he spilled something on himself before he was shot. Renee thinks that all the dead men are part of a group called “Red Square”.

Hastings wants to Renee to go back undercover with the Russian Mafia, which Renee considers ironic. She agrees to go back undercover, simply because of the situation. We also see that she does incredible impression of the look a deer gets went it stares into headlights.

7:33 pm – Jack says “goodbye” to Chloe, and Chloe explains what’s happening with Renee.

Jack goes to talk to Renee, they whisper a few things back and forth to each other about what happened to Renee since the last time we saw her. Jack says that he knows where she’s been, and it’s a dark place with twisty passages, all alike. Jack looks pretty convinced, and not just by the scars on her wrist, and that Renee took this to be on a suicide mission.


7:40 pm – Hastings tries to apologize to Meredith, but she tells him that she really didn’t like all his yelling, whining, insinuations, outsinuations, recriminations, precriminations, and re-pre-recriminations.

She leaves him and goes into a room with Hassan, where she confesses that she told Hastings about the secret relationship. They make some brief and very awkward love talk, and he breaks off the relationship.

7:42 pm – Renee continues her Russian mafia Power Point presentation, which she must have brought with her on a USB memory stick, because there’s no way she could have put that together so fast. She has someone pegged as the person to try and contact. They make plans to carry out the operation, when Jack interrupts the meeting.

Jack tells Hastings that Renee is probably not the right person for this. Hastings disagrees, and says that Renee is their only hope. Jack wonders out loud what all these Star Wars references mean, and then suggests that he go undercover with Renee. That raises a few eyebrows, so Jack clarifies that he means to do the nuclear weapon buy.

Renee says that this will be a good learning experience for Cole. Jack tells them both “not with nuclear weapons on the line”. Hastings asks if that’s an obscure “land war in Asia” reference from a movie with Billy Crystal in it, but Jack and Renee ignore it.

Hastings agrees to let Jack work with Renee, leaving Renee to practice that stare of hers.

7:45 pm – The man in the bar is no longer alone, his son is now with him. Farhad arrives, and the man tells him that “Farhad” sounds a lot like the German word for “bicycle”. Farhad just wants to know where the uranium rods are. They argue about “proof” that the uranium exists, and as proof the man shows Farhad his younger son, who’s dying of radiation poisoning. The man says it’ll be ready in five hours. Fahrad says he’ll make the call for the money.


7:52 pm – Chloe gives a presentation to Dana about the cover story they’ve given Renee and Jack. These people are REALLY good at PowerPoint. Chloe wishes them well.

Renee is pretty ticked off the she considers Jack her “babysitter”. Jack tells her that she better buckle up because this is going to be nothing like “Adventures in Babysitting”.

7:54 pm – Kevin, picking just the wrong time to call Dana, complements her on her apartment and really wants to talk. Kevin is really… er, upset, and throws stuff around her apartment. Dana’s pretty visibly upset, which Chloe notices.

7:56 pm – Jack and Renee arrive at the auto parts and Russian mafia store. Renee goes to the store, and rings the bell. She tells the man inside she’s looking for Valdimir, and she wants to find him. The man protests that he can’t help her, since he’s wearing a tracking braclet. She says she can get it off, puts his hand into a vise and STARTS TO SAW HIS HAND OFF. Jack runs in, and Renee tells him to find something to cauterize the wound. Jack wishes he had one of those CTU issue barf bags.

8:00 pm – TIME’S UP!

NEXT TIME ON “24”: Jack thinks Renee is a wee bit unstable; The guy with one less hand is about to wake up; Dana gets grabbed by the neck; Renee gets surrounded by Russians.

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  1. Steve, as always very funny stuff. This Hastings fella needs to go back to shrimping if he keeps this up. I know govt. types are not always smart (“The system worked!”) but this guy is borderline negligent. You know he’s going to do worse before the day is done. What a mess!

  2. Actually, the people in charge are usually dumb at first in 24 (take Ryan Chapelle, for instance, or Lynn McGill =P)

    Anyway, pretty good stuff, your recaps =D

  3. Loved the bit about the impromptu Power Point presentation. I was thinking the same thing. Hey, I am an English teacher and would gladly proofread your blog entires for you (for free and very quickly!) if you’d like. As always, great recap! Can’t wait until Monday

    1. I usually have someone proofread these, but didn’t this past week because they were out of town. I didn’t even take a second look at them when I posted them on Dave’s Blog (and then here). I plan on going back and fixing the current set later this week. If I get into a situation where I can’t get them proofread, I’ll keep you in mind. Thanks!

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