24 – Season 8 – 6 pm to 7 pm

Last time on “24”, we learned that that: Stupid people continued to ignore Jack and Chloe; Hassan’s gonna have to get a new inner circle, and like right away; Dana has a stalker; Someone shot a thigh, and it wasn’t Jack, and it’s likely he’s gonna be non-too please about that; CTU has some REALLY good cameras all over New York; Meredith is getting a really tough interrogation from Hastings, in which she was asked questions, and when she didn’t answer they way he wanted, he asked her again, using his “mad voice”.

6:00 pm – Rob is on the phone with Hastings, and he wants to be able to tell President Taylor they’re making progress. Hastings says that he’s pretty sure it’s not pronounced “progress”, it’s pronounced “Progresso”, and he’s fresh out. In the meantime, he’s going to work on getting more information out of Meredith. He’s also working with a perimeter, which may be the fastest we’ve ever seen a perimeter on the show.

6:01 pm – At CTU, Cole asks Dana if she’s been able to do anything with the encryption keys. She says it’s not like they were breaking into a WAP channel of a wireless router, and they both have a good (albeit geeky) laugh about that. They have a really cool decryption graphic, which is completely not the way decryption works. But it looks cool.

They also discuss Jack’s suspicion that Meredith isn’t the person they’re looking for, and Dana tells him that he sounds just like Obi Wan Kenobi when he talks like that. He lets her know that Jack is looking for the suspect on his own.

6:03 pm – Jack is in Queens, really close to Archie Bunker’s old house, and is on the phone with Chloe. Jack tells Chloe, “I need something to go on”, and Chloe tells him that he should have used the bathroom before he left CTU, but what’s really important is that there aren’t any private security cameras in the area. He gets out of the car to look around.

6:04 pm – Inside Jim and Maggie’s house, “Mikey’s shoot the wife in the thigh to get the husband to cooperate” party continues. Jim wants to know who the heck “Mikey” (it’s Davros) really is. Davros pulls a gun, and tells Jim it’s not a game of To Tell The Truth, and that he’s just doing his job.

The phone rings, it’s the police captain calling Jim back. Davros tells Jim to not make him do anything he doesn’t want to, which is kinda weird because Davros shot Maggie and it sure seemed like he wanted to do that.

Jim makes up a lie about being sick, saying that, “I’m not feeling well, and Maggie has a shooting pain in her thigh,” but the captain doesn’t pick up on that. Jim tells Davros that he did what Davros wanted him to, and to leave them alone.

6:07 pm – Jack’s walking around and he found some security cameras that he wants Chloe to tap into. He walks into an area where some pick up basketball is going on, and one of the players confronts Jack about being there. It sure looks like they’re not looking for another player, and they really don’t want Jack there. This are some more people who obviously don’t know who Jack is, because they keep pushing the point. Jack finally shows them one of the guns he’s carrying, and pays one of them $100 after getting information about where Davros went – a light blue house that just happens to be across the street.

6:09 pm – Jack runs over to the house, forgoes the “Candygram” trick, and goes to the side of the house, where through the window he sees that Jim is dead. He breaks into the house, and finds that Maggies is dead too.

Then the police arrive, and not for Jack Bauer autographs. Jack goes to the back door, and talks to one of the officers just long enough to get tasered by one of the other officers. They think Jack is a cop killer, and they bring him into the house for some “interrogation”.


6:17 pm – At CTU, Hastings asks, “Where are we?” Dana tells him they’re at CTU, but that’s not important, they’re working on the decryption. Another agent interrupts to let Hastings know that Meredith has a “Private Hassan Family Quarters Keycard”, and that it’s not standard issue for reporters. Hastings says, “We got her!” and leaves. The agent looks at Dana and says, “Well, yeah we’ve had her for a long time now!”

Dana is about to answer when she gets a phone call from the front gate of CTU, which must be labeled with huge neon letters because Kevin Wade found it, which is pretty good for a guy that just came into town. She says she’ll be right there. Chloe sees this happen, and watches while Dana leaves in a bathroom-tiled elevator.

6:18 pm – Kevin waits outside asking the guards stupid questions as Dana arrives. Kevin wants to take up where they left off, but Dana isn’t happy about this, and wants to pay Kevin off. Kevin wants to hang around, and for some reason Dana thinks it’ll be a good idea if she gives him the keys to where she lives (!) to make him go away. Dana doesn’t really understand the tactics of getting people to go away.

6:24 pm – Hastings is still using his angry voice with Meredith, and threatens to use his REALLY angry voice, which is sure to make her crumble. She resists the temptation to make fun of the cell phone headset in his ear. Hastings yells extra loud, and Meredith finally tells him about getting the keycard from Hassan. Hastings calls to verify this with the White House, but doesn’t have a direct line with the President the way Jack does, so he doesn’t reach anyone.

6:25 pm – Chloe finds Hastings as he leaves Meredith’s interrogation room, and tells him that Jack needs some backup. Hastings says that he doesn’t have the man power, but he does think that “Jack” and “Backup” almost rhyme. Hastings tells Chloe that she’ll be the first to know when Hassan calls. Chloe tells him that technically, she’ll be the third to know – Hassan will be first, Hastings will be second, and then she’ll hear about it. She gets Hastings to agree to send units after Jack, if Hassan corroborates Meredith’s story.

6:26 pm – Downstairs in Jim and Maggie’s ex-house, one of the officers is hitting Jack while having a discussion with his partner, who doesn’t want anything to do with what’s happening. He goes upstairs, which is probably, because sooner or later, Jack’s going to go incredible, and that cop that’s beating him up won’t like it when Jack is angry.

While this is going on, Mikey “Davros” Farmer arrives with many officers at Cole’s briefing about the security situation surrounding Hassan. They’re going to push a perimeter out even further, and it now encompasses the greater New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles metropolitan area. Cole says that the suspect they’re looking for has already killed 5 people. Starts to have his hands and says, “seven”, but for realizing what he did and recovers by saying, “Seven up is my favorite drink!” Fortunately for him, no one notices.


6:31 pm – Hassan and Taylor are in negotiations. You can tell the meeting is really important, because it’s in a huge conference room. Someone interrupts, and Taylor tells Hastings is asking to speak with Hassan. Hastings is asks about Meredith, and Hassan admits the whole thing. Farhad, who is nearby, flips out. Hastings asks for details, but Hassan declines.

So, with this confirmation, Chloe expects Hastings to send someone to look for Jack, which of course he doesn’t. He also threatens to fire Chloe if she leaves the building. Chloe sure looks like she wants to taser him. If only she knew about the taser Jack just experienced, she’d ask Jack to bring it back to CTU when he’s done playing with that cop.

6:36 pm – Farhad makes a phone call to Davros, to let him know that Hassan spilled the beans. Even being so close to all those police officers, Davros forgets to use his “American” accent, and slips into his indeterminate bad accent. He tells Farhad that Omar Hassan will be dead within the hour.


6:41 pm – The cop beating up Jack looks for a rag, which gives Jack time to figure out what to do: He practices a bit of Chair-Fu on the cop, which totally takes the cop by surprise. Jack’s just about to some him how to really beat someone up, when the other officer comes back downstairs and puts the gun on them both. Jack insists that the officer call into CTU to verify the story. The officer calls his precinct instead, and find out what Jim’s assignment was for that day, and will be listed as yet another person who ignores what Jack is asking.

6:43 pm – Arlo tells Dana that she screwed up, and that she’s didn’t upload to his computer. Before she can confront him about this play on words, he tells her that all he means that that he doesn’t see how she can Cole can be together. He suggests that he (Arlo) and she have much more in common, since they speak the same language: C++. At that moment, the file fragment gets decrypted, and it sure looks like a wireframe drawing of a PC video card, but it sure looks looks like something else to Dana and Arlo.

6:45 pm – Dana tells Hastings about the file, and they’re about to put it up on the main screen. The file is really a drawing of the UN building, and the file that Arlo was decrypting is a really, big bomb. Cole doesn’t believe that to be true, but Hastings insists. He says tells Cole, “I want you on President Hassan personally”. Cole is about to object to this, not that there’s anything wrong with that, until he realizes what Hastings really means.

Agents interrupt Taylor and Hassan’s meeting to get them all to evacuate. Everyone leaves.

Meanwhile, out in the street, Davros arms a manhole cover bomb, with something that definitely does NOT look like a Sprint branded phone, because that wouldn’t be good for business. Plus that feature costs extra on most plans anyway.


6:52 pm – Police cars driving at high speed, people running, and agents walking around very purposefully… President Taylor gets into a presidential limo, and Hassan does the same, except his doesn’t have those cool American flags on them. Farhad graciously says he’ll take another car, and calls Davros to let him know the car is coming.

6:54 pm – Farhad, Kayla and Dalia all get into a limo labeled “Only For People With Two Letter A’s In Their Name”.

Jack sits in a squad car, working on a plan to shoot the car in the thigh so he can get away while the “good cop” that phoned into the precinct gets the word – “Mike Farmer” was the one that replaced Jim. Jack almost tells him that it’s weird that “Bauer” is the German word for “Farmer”, but instead convinces him to drive to the U.N.

Jack calls Chloe, who patches Jack through to Cole. Jack explains the situation, and that Cole really needs to stop Hassan’s car before the assassin stops Hassan’s car. Cole puts on the gas, and zooms around the motorcade, stopping Hassan’s car before it gets to the manhole cover. Davros sets off the bomb, and both cars go flying. We can’t tell if Cole’s name is going to now be spelled “Coal”. Yikes.

7:00 pm – Time’s up!

NEXT TIME ON “24” happens NOW! My summary for the second hour will be posted as soon as I get it done! Watch for it!