LOST Theories: Christian’s Death and the Plane Flight

While I’m winging my way down the whole Jack’s going to time travel path, here are a couple more things that bothered me: The circumstances of Christian’s death and why all those people were on the plane in the first place. I think the two are related.

This is something Doc Jensen brought up on twitter, and I’d like to talk about it for a bit. Here’s what he said:

THEORY! More to Christian Shephard’s death than meets the eye. Booze? Okay. Or maybe Jacob, to manipulate Jack to The Island?

Or maybe… Ben? Remember Locke’s body had to play the role of Christian Shephard on Ajira 316. Maybe there are more similarties…

Locke was deemed a suicide. Funny: Technically, so was Christian’s. Locke’s death motivated Jack to The Island. Ditto Christian.

Maybe Ben HAD to murder Locke per the requirements of replicating the exact conditions of the Oceanic flight….

Locke had to be murdered not just to met the dead body requirement, but to meet the murder victim rquirement, too.

Jack later added his father’s shoes, and voila! Perfect Murdered Christian Shephard Doppleganger!

I’ll go even further with this idea: I think Christian was murdered in order to get Jack onto that plane. And it might even have been done by Ben, or possibly Jack himself, if you subscribe to the “I”m my own grandpa” theory. The crazy thing (to me at least) about Christian’s death is that he left that wallet behind in the hotel room. Guys don’t usually leave their wallets behind when going places. If Christian was confronted in his hotel room, and taken from it, he wouldn’t have had time to take it before he died. The death could have been staged to look like a suicide.

Now, the thrust of the last season may just be that in order to create the circumstances which brought them to the island in the first place, the 815ers have to create the circumstances to get themselves on that plane. I know it’s a bit of circular logic (hey, what time travel story isn’t?), but I’ve always had the feeling that someone made sure that everyone got onto that initial plane flight. In order for them to want to do this in the first place, they’re going to have to buy into the “save the island, save the world” idea. More on that later.

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  1. I agree that there’s more to Christians death than meets the eye. At first I thought smokey/MIB was impersinating Christian to further his own plan to have Jacob killed. In light of “The Lighthouse” episode I now don’t believe that Christian is dead. Claire said, when talking about Aaron, my father told me and then my friend told me. As her friend is smokey/fake Locke/MIB and she immediately knew he wasn’t Locke I think they are 2 different people. Bare with it… I have always thought that the only sort of pointless episode of Lost was the one where Nikki and Paulo were buried alive but Lost don’t do pointless episodes do they? Maybe Christian was in on the whole ‘die and get Jack to the island’ plan. Maybe he had just been paralysed by one of those spiders…. hmmmm

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