LOST Theories: Handing Over The Keys To The Island

I, like most other LOST fans, have been trying to figure out how things are going to be resolved, and I’ve come up with something I think is pretty plausible.

I’ve come to believe that not only are The Others caretakers of The Island, but they’re facilitators to make sure that in case the balance of The Island shifts, that they have some means to correct it.

Now, I have NO idea what circumstances will lead to this, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that since Jacob is now dead, rules on the island are going to shift pretty dramatically, and the only way to stop bad things from happening is to get rid of the Man in Black. I think that’s the likely focus of this season.

Since the balance has to be retained, they’re going to need replacements? But who?

I think that Widmore is finally going to get his wish. He’s going to come back to the island, and gain some control. I think that in the end, it’s not going to be what he expects. I believe that he’s going to take the place of the Man in Black, and he’s really not going to like it.

Jacob’s replacement? Now, logically, I think it would have to be Locke… the big downside of this theory is that he’s not alive. But, who said that he has to be alive? Who ever said that Jacob and the Man in Black are alive? Maybe Ben’s “killing” Jacob wasn’t really a death in the classic sense, but just a dispersal of whatever being Jacob was?

I kinda ruled out Ben, simply because I don’t think he’s the right guy to replace either of them… although it would be pretty ironic to have Widmore and Ben be in the eternal struggle on the island. Perhaps everything Ben has recently gone through will make him the right candidate?

So, what do you think? Off base? Right on? Somewhere in between?

2 thoughts on “LOST Theories: Handing Over The Keys To The Island”

  1. If your scenario pans out, it is possible that Locke would become the new Richard — although it seems that Jack might have something to say about that… Maybe the news Jacob and MIB are Jack and Locke. Just hours to start the journey to an answer… Psyched!

  2. what if Syaid becomes Jacob, just like how the new locke is the dude in black. Then Jacob(Syaids body) helps out to re balance everything and crazy shits going to happen in between and we find out more answers.

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