Lost Season 6 – LA X – Some thoughts


It’s great to see LOST back, and it was great seeing the new episodes!

OK… a bunch of random thoughts:

It appears that the narrative Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (the producers of LOST) are going to use this season is dual timelines: One where Flight 815 never crashed, and the other which picks back up where last season left off. Are these timelines going to converge?

One of the biggest questions was answered: What was the smoke monster? The Man in Black. Of course, in true LOST fashion, a new question cropped up. He told Ben that he wanted to go home… Where, exactly, is “home”?

Another more minor question was also answered: The ash. The ash was used quite a bit during the premiere, and we saw that it was indeed a protective mechanism. At least, it should have been… didn’t quite work out that well. The real question is, what was the ash at the cabin protecting? Was it Jacob? I think at this point we have to assume it was, but then… why was the ash circle found to be broken when Ilana saw it last season?

Killing the Man in Black will be difficult…. notice how the bullets bounced off of him? Anyone attempting to kill the Man in Black will they themselves be killed. I don’t think he can kill them otherwise. I think of all the survivors, Sayid and Sawyer in the most trouble in this regard.

The real big thing was seeing Sayid come back from the dead. Did you notice how Miles had a weird look on his face when he was near “dead” Sayid? He realized that something wasn’t quite right. I think this bodes well for Locke… he could be back from the dead too.

Another interesting thing was watching Richard’s reaction when he realized that it wasn’t really Locke. Especially when “Locke” said something about the shackles, which apparently alluded to the slave ship, the Black Rock.

I also thought it was interesting that the “Man in Black” said the Locke realized he had a “pitiful life” before they got to the island. In a way, all the main 815ers did. Locke had an unhappy life after his marriage, Sawyer turned out to be a killer, Kate was on the run, Hurley was bad luck for all those around him, Sayid was a torturer.

One of my big questions is: Does Christian Shepard’s lost coffin have an significance?

That’s it for now. I’m going to watch everything again pretty soon, and write some more thoughts after I do.

What did you think of tonight’s show?

6 thoughts on “Lost Season 6 – LA X – Some thoughts”

  1. I thought the lost coffin alluded to the reason why the plane didn’t crash…the circumstances weren’t right. However, the island was underwater as they passed over it. Does that mean it was ‘lost’ forever?

    How does that reconcile with our two timelines? The LAX (where they land in LA) timeline doesn’t fit right, because things were different before the plane took off; Hurley had nothing but good luck, for example. Sawyer seemed happy, and Charlie was trying to kill himself. I didn’t detect any differences in Kate, Jack, Rose, Bernard or Arzt(!). Presumably that Island is in the past compared to where the 815ers (the ones that crashed) wound up. And that Island is above the water…verrrry interesting….

  2. I thought it was odd that circumstances were different for some people on the flight too. Also, Boone had not been successful in fetching his sister. She did not appear to be with him on the plane.

    I thought the the juxtaposition of the pre-crash reality with the present island reality was interesting because it reminded you of all the redemption that the crash “tragedy” had brought about. It was sad to see Rose still sick with cancer, Locke stuck in the chair, Sawyer still a scheming low-life, Claire there to give up her baby, Kate still running, Charlie a strung out loser, Jin and Sun hating each other, etc.

  3. Some of these circumstances (Jack and Boone in particular) could be a set up to get them back on the plane later.

  4. The ash circle around the cabin was there to keep the Man in Black in the cabin.

  5. The ash circle could have been there to protect Jacob and keep Smokey *out* — we know Smokey was not contained because we kept seeing the damned thing. Of course, this whole thing poses yet another question: if MIB can morph into dead bodies, is it him doing Christian? Or is Jacob able to do the same thing and HE was impersonating Christian? You guys should read this (tho keep in mind Tem Darlton lies a lot): http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/02/02/lost-premiere-damon-carlton/

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