LOST – The Package – Thoughts and Theories

I just finished watching the latest LOST episode, “The Package”. There sure was a lot going on in that episode.


  • UnLocke said he needs three more people before he thinks he can leave the island. Which three? The candidates?

  • Sun getting wounded like that in the kitchen guy fight is right in line with my theory that they’re going to have to start killing people off either in the “regular” timeline or the sideways timeline. The way they’re handling it with Sun could be particularly interesting, since if the “sideways” Sun dies, but the “regular” Sun comes back from the island, she and Jin (who are already in love) can be together, and her father will likely be none the wiser. This does mean however that Jin is a goner on the island.

  • I told someone last week that I thought the room on the submarine contained someone… but I thought it was Aaron. Then when they dragged out an adult, I would have sworn it was going to be Faraday (but then thought, “He’s dead, dummy!”)… and it ends up being Desmond. Now, why in the heck Widmore would want Desmond of all people, I have no idea. I would guess that whatever it is, Widmore expects Desmond to end up dead.

  • Zoe was very interested in getting Jin because he drew those maps. I think it’s pretty clear that those pockets of electromagnetism, along with the fact that Zoe is a geologist geophysicist, are going to play into what Widmore plans on doing next.
  • Did you notice what Widmore said? If the Man in Black leaves the island, the people Jin cares about would “cease to be”. That could mean just about anything, but taken literally, it could mean that MiB could alter the timeline in such a way that everyone could just not exist anymore.

  • MIkhal was back! Lost an eye though. Doh!

  • So, is Keamy dead now, or still alive?

What did you notice about tonight’s episode? What did you think?

8 thoughts on “LOST – The Package – Thoughts and Theories”

  1. Currently, I am thinking….Unlocke doesnt need the candidates to go off the island with him. He has to kill or “delist” all of the remaining candidates before he can leave. If any are left when he attempts to leave, they become the new MIB.

  2. Point by point from above:
    1) I’m pretty sure FLocke intimated that he needed the candidates, as he referred to the names of the people he needed having been on the cave wall.
    2) Not only that, but Sun said she was pregnant after she was shot, so Jeon may never come to be in the sideways time-line either. How would this reconcile Aaron, however, who is on the mainland in both time-lines?
    3) Desmond was a/the constant. And he was there when the fail-safe at Swan was activated (one of the magnetic anomalies), so that could be why he is needed.
    4) I agree, and see point three above.
    5) Possibly, altho I don’t think he has that type of power. I think he’d just start to kill people. Also, the ‘magnetic anomalies on the island could keep the MiB’s smoke monster form more contained…whereas away from the island, he can be more ‘spread out’ in that form.
    6) I love how they keep the small details…
    7) I would say hanging on, but going to die.

  3. Oooh, something else. One theory is that the sideways universe represents what happened if Jacob didn’t exist. Well, based on last night’s episode, if Sun and Jin never got married, then Jacob was never at their wedding…food for thought.

  4. I noticed that no matter what universe, Sun’d father is always a pr*ck! And Keamy is creepy.

    Strange thought: what if Adam and Eve are Jin and Sun they had to die on the island to protect the integrity of the other timeline? I have no idea what I mean, that thought just keeps coming back to me.

    I think Desmond is a key.

  5. In point #2 above, Aaron hasn’t been born in the sideways timeline. At least not yet.

    Yeah, Kali. I noticed the same thing. Just like Locke’s boss, Mr. Pak is a jerk in both timelines too.

  6. Oh, and one more thing about Desmond. He had been taking that medicine that whole time he was in the hatch. That might have something to do with why they want him too.

  7. I realize that I did not explain that I meant Desmond is a key the way that annoying kid was a key in “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” — whether he can be used to open or close the rift between our world and the one where MiB is King remains to be seen.

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