LOST – The Package – Thoughts and Theories

I just finished watching the latest LOST episode, “The Package”. There sure was a lot going on in that episode.


  • UnLocke said he needs three more people before he thinks he can leave the island. Which three? The candidates?

  • Sun getting wounded like that in the kitchen guy fight is right in line with my theory that they’re going to have to start killing people off either in the “regular” timeline or the sideways timeline. The way they’re handling it with Sun could be particularly interesting, since if the “sideways” Sun dies, but the “regular” Sun comes back from the island, she and Jin (who are already in love) can be together, and her father will likely be none the wiser. This does mean however that Jin is a goner on the island.

  • I told someone last week that I thought the room on the submarine contained someone… but I thought it was Aaron. Then when they dragged out an adult, I would have sworn it was going to be Faraday (but then thought, “He’s dead, dummy!”)… and it ends up being Desmond. Now, why in the heck Widmore would want Desmond of all people, I have no idea. I would guess that whatever it is, Widmore expects Desmond to end up dead.

  • Zoe was very interested in getting Jin because he drew those maps. I think it’s pretty clear that those pockets of electromagnetism, along with the fact that Zoe is a geologist geophysicist, are going to play into what Widmore plans on doing next.
  • Did you notice what Widmore said? If the Man in Black leaves the island, the people Jin cares about would “cease to be”. That could mean just about anything, but taken literally, it could mean that MiB could alter the timeline in such a way that everyone could just not exist anymore.

  • MIkhal was back! Lost an eye though. Doh!

  • So, is Keamy dead now, or still alive?

What did you notice about tonight’s episode? What did you think?