LOST – Happily Ever After


Now, THAT was a good episode!

Finally we get a peak at the endgame might be in LOST. Charlie, who apparently had a hallucination of Claire, figured out that something wasn’t quite right with the world. Desmond experienced it too and ended up finding Penny, and from here on out, at least in the sideways world, he’s going to try and round up people from flight 815.

Some thoughts:

It was great to see Fisher Stevens back as George Minkowski… only this time as the chauffeur. I really like that actor. Good to see Penny back too.

I thought Eloise’s insight that Desmond had what he always wanted, the acceptance of Charles Widmore a pretty big reveal. Does that mean that in this alternate timeline that all the 815ers have what they always wanted? I think the jury is still out on that one, because in some cases I think it’s obviously true: Hurley, for example, thinks he has the best luck in the world. Sawyer seems to be on the straight and narrow… at least as much as Sawyer could be. Kate… well, not so much at this point. Definitely not Sun and Jin.

Pretty wild about Daniel Faraday being a musician, eh? I thought it was pretty convenient that he was able to explain the equations leading to the nuclear weapons “I think I already did it” so rapidly, so that was kind of a let down, but a good shove for Desmond in the right direction.

I did you catch the reflection this episode? Desmond saw his in the glass door of the police station as he approached it.

So, with this latest blast of magnetic energy, and passing out and all that. Did “regular” Desmond just pass out in the jungle in Sayid when we saw the sideways Desmond talk to George in that limo?

What the heck does Charles want Desmond to do?

What in the heck is going on with Eloise? She always seems to know exactly what the heck is going on, no matter what the timeline is. How in the heck is she doing that?

That’s it for now. What did you think of tonight’s episode?

9 thoughts on “LOST – Happily Ever After”

  1. I believe Mo Ryan had theorized something to this effect, and she thought that it appeared that those aligning with Smoky fared less well in the alternate reality. I think they all got their wish, but like the proverbial genie in a bottle, you have to be specific about what you ask for.

    For instance, for Sayid, it was having Nadia alive and still part of his life – which she is, though married to his brother and therefore untouchable. How Jin and Sun figure into it is unclear, but my guess Jin wishes that he and Sun could go back to a time when they were deeply in love and perhaps be part of the pregnancy (which does not specify coming to full term). So theoretically, Charles Widmore’s approval was and is of the utmost importance, but that in itself might preclude Penny altogether. Freaking semantics and the whims of the gods!

    I don’t know what that “test” was really supposed to prove, but I do not believe Desmond came out of it okay. He seems detached in the same crazy way Claire was before they lost her, empty in the same way Sayid is at the moment…

    I have a feeling that Jacob saw some of this coming and has contingency plan already unraveling — Ilana would probably be part of that. If I am right, perhaps Eloise is another part of that plan. (?)

  2. I think Desmond is now living and experiencing both time lines simultaneously. The one entity of Desmond is in control of his existence on the island and in the flash sideways.

    To put it simply, Desmond is the Dr. Manhattan of Lost.

  3. I’m assuming giving Penny the last name of Milton was a purposeful nod to “Paradise Lost.”

  4. Remember what happened to Desmond on Whitmore’s boat sent to the island in season 4? Desmond became part of a split timeline (past-present) where he could only remember what happened in the past (off the island). Perhaps the same thing has happened to him in the new split timelines?

  5. If I had to guess, I’d say that the alt timeline isn’t exactly “a place where people get what they most wanted in the world.” Rather, it’s a place where they get someone’s imperfect *guess* as to what they wanted most in the world.

    In the main timeline, we have the Smoke Monster going around trying to recruit people by offering them things he thinks they want. Sometimes he succeeds. Sometimes he gets it wrong. Is Widmore’s respect what Desmond wanted most in the world? Heck no — what he wanted most in the world is to marry Penny. But he’d have greatly preferred to do it with Widmore’s approval, which would have necessitated his respect. And he sacrificed a lot to try to earn that respect.

    Similarly, Sayid gets to see Nadia again… But doesn’t actually get to be with her.

    If I had to guess… I would say Kate’s wish was for her father’s death to never have happened, so she could still have a good relationship with her mother. And she got that. The season 6 teasers showed that in the alt timeline, it was her father’s business partner who got killed.

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