LOST Theories – What Is Desmond Up To?

Well, now nearly all the theories I wrote about in my last posting went completely out the window, and last night’s episode, “What They Died For” gave us a new clean slate to work from.

It appears that in the sideways world, Hurley knows all about the “real” world now. He recognized Ana Lucia immediately upon seeing her, and is now teamed up with Desmond. Hurley and Sayid are headed off to …well, who knows where. The airport and then to the Island? But that’s underwater, or at least most of it is in the sideways world.

Desmond and Kate are headed off to a concert, likely the same concert as Jack and his son (and probably Claire) are going to be at.

Desmond’s been on a campaign to get all the island folks (even Ana Lucia, he told Hurley “She’s not ready yet) together to realize there’s something going on with the parallel life they had before. Could that only be to make sure they knew the lives they had now were different than what they had before? Could be, but it seems like a lot of work just to make a bunch of people realize they had “other” (no pun intended) lives before.

I mean, what’s he going to do, get everyone together and say “Tada! Look at each other! You know everyone here! You had some really crazy experiences together!”. That seems pretty odd.

He’s up to something else – Could it be that he’s figured out a way to help Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and the rest of the people on the island? Does this tie into Mrs. Hawking’s warning to him? Of what he’s doing being a “violation”?

Any thoughts about what Desmond is doing in the sideways world?

LOST – Everyone Loves Hugo – Theories and Observations

Spoilers ahead

Another great episode, full of surprises!

First some of the things I saw:

  • Pierre Chang (aka. Dr. Marvin Candle) – the guy from the films that were first seen in the Hatch, was the announcer for Hugo’s award presentation. …And it sure seemed like that might have been a memorial service.

  • Good to see Michael again. And glad to finally get an official explanation for what those whispers were. I know most everyone knew the whispering was a precursor for someone dead appearing, but it was good to find out that they are “the ones that can’t move on”. Perhaps when this all resolves, they’ll be able to move on. I think it’s also likely they’ll eventually all help take down the man in black.

  • GREAT to see Libby. No real explanation for how the “real” Libby (as opposed to the “sideways” Libby) go into the mental hospital, and come to think of it no real explanation of how Libby started seeing the “other” universe. I really liked how they put that together.

  • Ilana blowing up was a shocker. If we go by the LOST mythos for when people die on the island (and Ben’s observation later) was “done” with what she had to do there. Perhaps she’ll be back to help as a ghost?

  • That spear Locke is carving… what is he planning on using that for? Anything? Maybe the stick is just a stick.

  • I thought it was interesting that Sayid admitted he didn’t kill Widmore’s people… I didn’t say this last episode when it happened, but maybe there could some good left in him?

  • Anyone know what that red book was that Hurley found in Ilana’s belongings?

  • I thought it was interesting to see that the Jacob’s ashes are now in Hurley’s possession. We’re going to be seeing more of that bag.

  • Wasn’t the guy behind the counter at Mr. Clucks a former actor on “Freaks and Geeks”? Sure looked like it.

  • Desmond meets with Hurley, and gives him a little push in the right direction to find out what’s was going on with Libby. Desmond’s order number “42” was a nice touch.

  • Does Desmond really think UnLocke is really John Locke?

  • Ben’s observation about Ilana and wondering what the island will do with everyone else is interesting too. Will they be killed? Let go, free to leave? Will they pull a Klinger and stay even though they’ve been desperate to leave?

  • The Black Rock blowing up… Sure didn’t see that coming.

  • I liked Hurley’s observation: “Dead people more reliable than the live people”.

  • There was an island on the chalk board at the mental institution.

  • A different kid shows up, and freaks out UnLocke. Are these kids that were originally on the island?

  • Why in the world does Hurley want to take everyone to see Locke?

  • Nice move by Richard trying to get Hurley to tell him that the island is a bottle. Speaking of Richard, now that Ilana blew up, Richard’s about the only one that knows what’s going on. Richard, Ben and Miles leaving…. I think it’s a mistake that they went off by themselves. It’ll probably end up getting them killed.

  • Jack’s observation that he’s supposed to “let go” was interesting. But, in true LOST fashion, they plant that seed of doubt when Hurley says, “unless you letting go gets us killed.”

  • Michael wants Hurley to tell Libby that he’s “very sorry”. Why haven’t we seen Libby yet? Has she been able to move on?

  • Good to see that Hurley and Libby got that date on the beach. When they kissed, all those memories came flooding back to Hurley. That’s probably the key thing to people remembering: Love.

  • When UnLocke and Desmond made it to that well, it was a foregone conclusion that Locke was going to dump Desmond into it. And if you saw the previews, you know that it didn’t kill Desmond. UnLocke also said that it wasn’t the only well on the island.

    Also good to see that UnLocke is a little unnerved that Desmond isn’t afraid.

  • Jack sure looked surprised when he saw UnLocke, didn’t he? And Sun was disappointed not to see Jin.

  • And what about Desmond slamming into Locke in that wheelchair? Wow! The ramifications of that…geesh. My very first thought after seeing that was, will that accident get Locke to walk again? Second, maybe that was Desmond’s way of getting Locke to have a near death experience so he could see himself on the island. Harsh. Third, maybe the Locke we’ve been seeing in the “sideways” world isn’t Locke at all. Maybe that’s really the Man in Black, who’s taken over as Locke in this world and Desmond really was trying to kill him?

  • The preview for next week looked great too. I loved they used the Gene Wilder chant from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Sure looked like Sayid was headed out to shoot Desmond, didn’t it?

  • Finally, did anyone notice Hurley looking into a mirror in this episode, as so many others did in their episodes?
  • So, what did you think of this episode?

LOST – Happily Ever After


Now, THAT was a good episode!

Finally we get a peak at the endgame might be in LOST. Charlie, who apparently had a hallucination of Claire, figured out that something wasn’t quite right with the world. Desmond experienced it too and ended up finding Penny, and from here on out, at least in the sideways world, he’s going to try and round up people from flight 815.

Some thoughts:

It was great to see Fisher Stevens back as George Minkowski… only this time as the chauffeur. I really like that actor. Good to see Penny back too.

I thought Eloise’s insight that Desmond had what he always wanted, the acceptance of Charles Widmore a pretty big reveal. Does that mean that in this alternate timeline that all the 815ers have what they always wanted? I think the jury is still out on that one, because in some cases I think it’s obviously true: Hurley, for example, thinks he has the best luck in the world. Sawyer seems to be on the straight and narrow… at least as much as Sawyer could be. Kate… well, not so much at this point. Definitely not Sun and Jin.

Pretty wild about Daniel Faraday being a musician, eh? I thought it was pretty convenient that he was able to explain the equations leading to the nuclear weapons “I think I already did it” so rapidly, so that was kind of a let down, but a good shove for Desmond in the right direction.

I did you catch the reflection this episode? Desmond saw his in the glass door of the police station as he approached it.

So, with this latest blast of magnetic energy, and passing out and all that. Did “regular” Desmond just pass out in the jungle in Sayid when we saw the sideways Desmond talk to George in that limo?

What the heck does Charles want Desmond to do?

What in the heck is going on with Eloise? She always seems to know exactly what the heck is going on, no matter what the timeline is. How in the heck is she doing that?

That’s it for now. What did you think of tonight’s episode?

LOST Theories: Rules Don’t Apply To Desmond

Faraday told Desmond that “The Rules Don’t Apply To You”. In his write-up of Because You Left, Jeff Jensen says:

That Desmond had no previous recollection of this really, really weird encounter — and you would think he would — leads me to draw this conclusion: the past CAN be changed, but probably not in anyway that creates catastrophic paradox. Bookmark this debate: Methinks Season 5 is all about this fluidity of time and mutability of history stuff.

I agree with this, at least partially. It’s not so much that anyone can change the past – it’s that only certain people can change the past. That’s what makes them “special”. Up until Desmond’s accident at the hatch, these people were just born that way. I suspect this is the real reason The Others wanted Walt in the first place.

He goes on to say:

Oh, and how much do you wanna bet that Daniel Faraday’s Oxford-hanging mom is that lovely lady from Desmond’s previous time travel jaunt, the one and only Ms. Hawking?

I agree with this completely, and said that in last night’s posting.