How To Kill A Smoke Monster

About that Smoke Monster/Man in Black/UnLocke…. whatever it is.

We’ve seen that Smoke Monster for six seasons now. The only thing we’ve seen stop it was that sonic fence. All that did was stop it from getting into the Dharma compound. It certainly didn’t do enough to kill it.

We’ve seen the Man in Black, disguised as Locke, take a knife right in the chest. He pulled it out, and didn’t have a scratch on him.

So, how in the heck do you kill someone/something like that? Everyone who’s shot at him have ended up being picked up, slammed against the wall and killed.

You know what? I think I figured it out, and we’ve seen the answer repeatedly over the whole season.

The secret weapon is Jacob’s ashes.

Think about it… what do you think would happen if a big plume of black smoke came barreling down on Hurley and he tossed Jacob’s ashes right into the middle of it? I’m guessing that it would turn into a HUGE problem for the Man in Black, and would very likely kill him.

What do you think? Off base? Right on? Have any better ideas? Let’s hear ’em in the comment section!

edit: After reading the comments, I should point out that I’m talking about the ashes of Jacob that Ilana gathered after Jacob’s death, not the ashes that were used by Dogen or the ashes that were around the cabin.

6 thoughts on “How To Kill A Smoke Monster”

  1. Since we never learned what the ashes around the shack were…but they supposedly kept him out/in…perhaps you’re right. If that’s the case…it makes you wonder whose ashes those were that were circling the cabin…

  2. BTW, the latest Wired magazine has an article on Lost. In it Damon and Carlton state that they’re not going to answer anything more about the numbers. *sigh* I wish we knew more about what how they worked…

  3. I thought that John lennon from the temple said that the ashes were only working thanks to Doguen. That’s why i don’t understand why hurley took them from illana’s stuff…. It supposed to be useless at this moment of the show, isn’t it…!?

  4. Those are a different set of ashes. The ashes Illana grabbed are the ashes of Jacob from when he was burned in the fire.

    The ashes that were around the shack and the ashes Dogen was using were not Jacob’s ashes.

    What I was saying was that throwing Jacob’s ashes into the Smoke Monster would probably not end well for it.

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