Parody Summary of 24 – Redemption

As many of you know, I blog summaries of “24” for Dave Barry’s blog, and host them here on my own blog as well. I post over there as “Steve (The 24 Guy)”.

Here’s a summary of “24: Redemption”, which aired tonight. Hope you like it.

Previously on 24, we found out: Jack Bauer was relieved when he was able to get out of Audrey’s room without waking her out of her coma; Jack’s brother and father were pretty much worse guys than he previously thought, which would explain why they didn’t stage an intervention when Jack started dating Audrey; Chloe told Morris she was pregnant, and despite all odds, Morris might have something to do with it; and most of all, people were willing to hang around for more than a year to watch Jack Bauer get back into action!

It’s four years after Jack escaped from Audrey. Sangala, Africa is staging it’s own Indiana Jones warehouse from the looks of it. They have VERY strict school bus laws there, because a guy with a machine gun is going through town with a bunch of boys. He takes a phone call from another guy who’s teaching a lot of little kids how to survive downtown Miami by giving them shooting lessons.

That night, around a campfire sing-a-long that only Jason Vorhees would love, the man at the training camp gives a boy a machete. They drag in a guy who is bloody and crying; he must have seen Audrey recently, but it turns out that he’s just someone who was working with the current government in that country. The guy in charge tells the kid to “kill the cockroach”, and the kid mistakenly kills the government worker instead. First Audrey, now death. That guy had a very bad day.

The “24” logo comes up! They remembered how to use it! They’re doing this real-time, which is how long we’ve waited for the show to start.

3:00 pm – Driving in the country, a guy complains about the air conditioning, but appears to be worried about the federal subpoena he’s holding.

Two kids argue in a school yard as a big truck arrives. It is a box shipment, from The Exciting Box Truck, and these kids look like they REALLY like boxes.

One of the boys goes into a bedroom and starts taking things from…. JACK BAUER! The kid looks like he knows what Jack might do, but it turns out that Jack doesn’t mind. Jack says the scarf the kid is looking at is for his daughter, Kim, if she hasn’t been attacked by a wild animal since he’s been gone. The kid starts interrogating Jack about which places he’s lived, which can only mean that Jack is being a mentor for a future agent! The kid really has to work on his snooping skills though, since Jack did after all catch him in the act.

The kid wants to know when Jack is going back home, and Jack says he’s not! The kid realizes this would make it tough to give Kim the scarf. Jack gives the kid, “Willy”, the scarf.

The head of the school comes back with a guy named Frank from the embassy. Frank wants Jack to come back with him, and tries to serve him a subpoena! Foolish Frank! Well, needless to say, Jack warms up for the rest of the show by grabbing Frank’s wrist and show Frank his own palm, which looks like it hurts. I’m guessing that will be the least painful thing Jack will do for the next two hours. Jack doesn’t take the subpoena and goes off the unload The Exciting Box truck.

Frank threatens Carl with a lack of funding, which is a pretty typical way that Washington types threaten people. Jack’s been moving all over the world, ducking that subpoena.

Back at the truck, the driver starts to harass Jack about the things Jack has done before, saying he’s only there to do penance, not knowing that even being associated with Audrey has been penance enough for Jack.

3:10 – At Camp Scary, where they let little kids have big knives, they’re unloading a truck with a lot of weapons. The head guy, Colonel Dubaku, seems to have a problem: More guns than soldiers. If they’d only realized that last night when they killed that guy.

A guy named Hodges from Washington calls Dubaku on either a state of the art satellite phone, or one of those big numbered cell phones for people that don’t know how to use them. It has a big antenna though, which makes me think that Hodges also has a really fancy sports car in the parking lot, if you know what I mean.

Hodges says that he’s heard Dubaku’s recruiting numbers are coming up short. Dubaku tells him, “Of course they’re short! These are little kids!” Hodges says that’s not what he meant. Hodges wants to send in some much taller soldiers, but Dubaku doesn’t want them. Hodges does want a phone call from someone named “Juma”.

Hodges gets off the phone and tells his subordinate that he’s paying for Dubaku’s country, which must mean this guy has either won several state lotteries, or works for the federal government. Hodges throws the guy the mutant cell phone and tells him he doesn’t want the “transactions” traceable. NOW he tells him. So much easier to do this sort of thing if you know beforehand that you don’t want things traceable.

At a stock broker’s office, a guy named Chris gets called into his boss’ office as Hodge’s is leaving. Chris is told to take some accounts, “burn the records, and bury the ashes”. Chris looks sad as he leaves to light fire to his collection of 45s and LPs.

Back in Africa, Carl (the head of the school) comes to see Jack and asks for a word. Jack almost says, “DAMMIT!” but stops himself when he realizes that’s not what Carl meant. Carl wants Jack to look at the subpoena, and Jack says he’s NOT going back. Carl says he hoped that when Jack called after ten years, he hoped it was for more than what Jack ultimately wanted. They look at each other for an uncomfortable moment, cough into their hands and say, “Hey! Want about that football game last Sunday?” and the moment passes.

Carl says that he stopped running, and found himself. Carl REALLY wants Jack to stay, but Jack says he’s going to move on because it would be better for everyone. Jack has thighs to shoot, and there doesn’t seem to be much thigh shooting around.

A guy on the truck is arguing with that pleasant man from the truck, saying that Juma is taking kids to make them soldiers, and not the “dress up for the school play” kind. The truck guy says that Juma doesn’t have any guns or weapons, but this talk really worries the kids.

3:18 – A bunch of kids are playing what they call “football”, because they play it with their feet. We in the US call that “soccer” because the name “football” was previously taken, even though in that game we sock people all the time. The other difference in their game, they have goats, chickens, logs and old cars on the field. The other hazards are grown men with machine guns that drive up in Jeeps They play a MUCH different game of soccer than we do.

After the game, a guy jumps out of the truck and tells them they’re now soldiers. Two of the kids take off running, and the soldiers chase after them, shooting them dead.

3:21 – Commercial

3:26 – A man and woman get dressed while watching the news on a extremely small HD TV, when the man, Roger, gets a phone call from Chris (that guy from the broker’s office who just burned all his 45s). Chris is really freaked out, because he might have burned the wrong records. Chris wants to meet Roger in 45 minutes, and the woman’s pretty upset. Turns out that Roger is the son of the next President of the United States! What a surprise! A 24 show with a tie-in with the President.

Well, soon to be President. She’s the President-Elect. Tom Lennox shows up and tells President-Elect Allison they just got word of an imminent coop in Sangala. She asks “how imminent”, and Tom tells her that on the scale of imminent coops, “one” meaning “I was just messing with you” and “ten” meaning “Houston, we have a problem”, this was at least a “9”. She stops her foot and says that this is exactly the sort of thing Joe Biden warned people about.

President Noah has got a MUCH better television system than Roger does, but right now he’s using it for a conference call to talk about those crazy Sangalan school buses with machine guns with the Prime Minister of Sangala. The PM wants Noah to help, but since this is January 20th, Noah really can’t do much except put the PM on hold and give Cisco a nice product placement ad while he talks to Tom, who just walked in and says President-elect Allison is outside.

They go to the Oval office, and Allison is SHOCKED that UN hasn’t been keeping an eye on things. Noah doesn’t think they should have a show of force, and Alliance does. The President-elect Allison says, “The last time Juma made a power grab, he ignited a tribal war”, and President Noah says that he didn’t know that tribal wars are extremely flammable. Allison says that’s not what she meant. Noah is none too keen on going into Sangala, because he’s pretty sure it’s going to be tough to get McDonald’s and Starbucks takeout there, what with the shooting and all.

Allison and Noah argue about her idealism, his cynicism, and other –isms. Noah says, “Let’s talk when you’ve been sitting in my chair for a while”, and sits down behind the President’s desk. Allison ignores this obvious come-on, and they start going over transition plans.

3:33 pm – Back in Africa, Carl arrives at the Soccer Field of terror to find vultures at the body of one of the kids. Just one. Carl starts yelling for “Desmond”, who he finds by the water. Desmond’s been shot, and Carl tells him not to go to sleep.

Back at Jack’s room, one of the kids wants to follow Jack. Jack says he wants to be alone. The kid tells Jack that his grandfather says people that want to be alone are witches! Jack says he doesn’t weigh the same as a duck, so there’s no way he’s a witch, and if he was, the kid shouldn’t come with him. The kid insists on wanting to go to America, land of Elvis. Jack says he isn’t going to America. The kids comes out and starts talking about the ghosts of his family, and tells Jack that he’s a “Pumea”, which is apparently the word for “Muggle”. Jack tells the kid (who we find out is Willy), that he has to stay and help Carl teach everyone about magic until Dumbledore can arrive.

Jack, despite his previous promise to leave at night, starts to leave during the day. Thomas runs up with a phone and tells him Carl has something urgent to tell him. Jack looks reluctant based on their previous uncomfortable moment, but takes the call anyway.

Carl says he’s keeping everything Jack needs under the sink in his room, because Juma men are on their way. Jack gets Thomas to make all the kids believe their going on a field trip to a shelter and starts to gather them up. Jack runs to the truck driver, who has a UN helmet and explains the situation. The truck driver STILL doesn’t believe him, and says he’s going to “talk” to Juma’s men, and believes it’ll work because they’re “neutral”. That lasts for five seconds when Mr. UN sees a cloud of smoke on the road and gets scared. Jack does get in one last zinger with “why don’t you go into the shelter with the other children”.

Jack finds the weapons cache, the kids go to hide under the floor in one of the buildings, and Jack heads for the woods. The UN guy makes it into the hiding place just in time.

Juma’s men arrive and start looking for the boys. Jack decides to be the Welcome Wagon and throws a stick of dynamite at them, giving us our first Jack Explosion in quite a long time. It’s not a nuclear weapon, but at this point, we should be satisfied with anything. And Jack does some shooting too! They try and shoot Jack dead, which only proves they don’t know who has top billing in this show. In all the confusion, Jack hides behind an Exploding Building, realizes his mistake and jumps away from it just before it explodes.

The leader of Juma’s men goes to look for the kids, and happens to walk, in ALL of the buildings he could have checked, in exactly the right one.

Meanwhile, Jack cleans off his dirty knife by sticking it in the chest of one of the soldier’s trying to find him. This works just great, because now not only does Jack have a clean knife, but he also has a machine gun. He immediately tests it by shooting someone.

They’re after Jack now, and even though a couple of them hide behind propane gas canisters, Jack inexplicably doesn’t shoot at the canisters! He does however teach one of the soldiers that hiding behind a pile of wood doesn’t stop dynamite from being lobbed at you.

Jack runs into the woods, and two of the soldiers foolishly follow him. In that short time, they lose Jack even though he’s in plain sight in a very small tree. Jack jumps down, knocks their heads together cartoon-style and takes turns kicking their butts… until they get two more people involved. Jack gets knocked out, and they take him prisoner. Jack’s WAY out of practice.

Carl arrives with Desmond, who’s still alive. He brings out some binoculars and sees that the soldiers are stringing up Jack in a cage, which Carl and the boys were going to use to recreate some scenes from their favorite show “Lost”. The polar bears appear to be missing.

3:44 – Commercial

3:49 – Outside the American embassy, Frank is acting like a bouncer, telling a woman she isn’t on the list to get in. Carl calls Frank to let him know that Juma’s making a move, and Frank is SHOCKED that they didn’t see this coming AT ALL. Apparently he hasn’t been paying attention to the sudden disappearances of all the young boys in the country. Frank tells Carl that all the American nationals are leaving the country because nothing like this EVER happened on Survivor: Africa.

Meanwhile, Jack has the bad guys just where he wants them: Jack’s tied up, getting beaten up, and not answering questions about where the kids are. The lead guy takes a red-hot machete and burns the side of Jack’s face with it. Despite the pain, Jack notices Carl in the woods flashing a mirror using Morse Code to say, “Hurry and do something, they might bring Audrey back”. The torturer mistakes Jack’s cries of “NO!” for Jack being afraid of the machete, and backs off. Jack tells them a lie about where the kids are, and it sounds to them like he’s sobbing, but I think he’s really just laughing about what’s going to happen.

3:53 – Carl has as a Welcome Wagon of his own planned. Jack and the torturer hear some shots, and when the bad guy turns around, Jack kills him only using his legs. Jack is SUCH a show-off. Carl arrives to free Jack, and Carl runs off to get the kids.

In the hatch, Thomas argues with the UN guy that the “UN” in “uncola” is not the same thing. The kids get on a REAL school bus, and the UN guy runs off to get into his UN truck which has been very UN effective.

3:56 – Commercial

4:00 – Chris is getting frisked at Roger’s place, which ordinarily he’d like, but right now he has bigger things on his mind. Chris and Roger argue about which one was a bigger partier.

Chris says that Nichols (his boss) wanted him to move some money in off shore accounts, and that the account holder is on the terrorist watch list. Chris wants to go to Roger’s mommy, Mrs. President. Roger doesn’t want to do this. Chris admits that he thought his 45s were valuable, so he cut some MP3s and sent the evidence to his hard drive at home, clearing any doubt that Chris isn’t at least a little computer savvy. Or, at least, the brokerage firm has really, really bad security procedures in place. Sam (the woman with Roger) reminds Roger that they have this little “inauguration” thing to go to. Chris tells Roger to check e-mail in about an hour, since the Internet’s tubes might get clogged with all the e-mail that gets sent and it won’t arrive before then. (Chris uses the Ted Steven’s e-mail service).

4:04 – Back in Africa, a bad guy version of CTU is in place, which General Juma comes to inspect. Everything is in place to start bombardment, and probably not the “bombardment” game you remember from school.

Dubaku gets a phone call, from some of his men in the field, and finds out that the really brave UN worker has completely spilled his guts about what happened at Carl’s school.

4:05 – The bus with the kids, Carl and Jack is headed for the city. Jack apologizes to Carl for all the explosions at the school, but Carl blows it off saying that they’ll use it for a “soccer field” later. Over the radio, we hear Juma’s men trying to figure out how they could possibly miss a stark-white school bus. Jack realizes that the reason the soldiers haven’t seen it yet is that they’re either blind as bats, or that they haven’t gotten to the soldiers’ checkpoint yet. Jack tells everyone to “hold on”, which is Jack code for “things are going to start happening”. They drive off the road just in time, and fortunately for Jack the soldiers were blind as bats because they drove right by. Jack and the kids decide to hike the rest of the way into the city.

4:07 – Commercial

4:12 – Noah gives Allison a gift of The Scary Nuclear Book, and invites her to have a drink. Just when it looks like Noah is going to be a nice guy, he turns around and makes Allison call him “Mr. President”. He wants to know whether Allison believes the press when it says “his heart wasn’t in this election”. Allison says, “If that were true, you’d be the Tin Man! Ha! Ha!” but then realizes Noah really MIGHT be the Tin Man after all. Noah ignores this and warns her that the job is a lot tougher than she thinks, but does end up calling her “Madam President”.

Allison walks out and starts ranting about Noah’s actions in Sangala to her husband, Henry, who it looks like is going to be co-President. Henry says he’s going to make some calls to dig something up, because we all know it’s pretty easy to dig secret things up on presidents.

Back in Africa, Dubaku is still yelling about finding Jack and Carl. He convinces Juma that he really doesn’t want to be in next season, so he wants to go after Jack now before the movie is over.

4:17 – Commercial

4:22 – Chris gets home and sees that the program he’s running on his Mac doesn’t adhere to the Apple user-interface guidelines at all. He hears a noise, and despite the eerie music, looks around to see what he can find. He comes back to his computer and finds a man with a gun at the computer, which definitely isn’t part of the user interface guidelines. Chris convinces the man that he’s never told anyone about the data he has. At this point, several other people show up, including one that can easily intimidate Chris with a rolled-up newspaper.

One guy tells Chris to open his shirt, which kinda freaks Chris out, and not in a good way. The man says, “You’re going to tell us everything you know”, and pulls out a strip of duct tape. Chris says “It’s silver! Sticky on one side! It has a thousand different uses!”. The man says, that’s not what he meant.

Roger and Sam argue in the back of the car about what happened with Chris, since Roger won’t tell Sam what happened. They get out of the car, and it appears that Allison only has had about 40 people show up for her inauguration, since that’s all that have shown up so far.

Roger’s driver gets a phone call, and it’s the guys doing weird things to Chris with duct tape! Must be some kind of Duct Tape cult. Anyway, the driver wants to know what Chris knows. They’ve tied Chris’ mouth shut which is going to make it a lot harder for him to answer questions.

4:27 – Commercial

4:32 – In Africa, Jack walks out of the woods in a very “Don’t mind me! I’m just going for a walk!” The coast is clear, so the kids move on. Carl tells Jack the way to the border, and they part ways as Jack heads for the border.

4:33 – Jack suddenly does his Radar O’Reilly impression, and realizes a chopper is coming. He tells everyone to head for the woods. Dubaku’s chopper makes a big mistake and starts to set down so they can follow on foot.

Willy turns back and goes for a scarf that he left. Carl looks back, and realizes that Willy is just about to step on a land mine trigger. Carl tackles him out of the way, mistakenly stepping on the trigger himself, which could definitely ruin his day.

Jack starts digging it out, and he and Carl start a trivia contest about who made the bomb, how many kilos it was, and how big a mistake it was to step on the thing in the first place. Jack wants to disarm the thing, but Carl tells him to get the kids to safety. Carl seems to have realized that he might accidentally meet Audrey, so he’s staying behind with a gun to ward off the soldiers. Carl is having a REALLY bad day.

4:38 – It’s getting even worse, since Dubaku and his men are on their way. They find Carl, and start shooting him and questioning him by alternating questioning and shooting. Impressively, Carl keeps standing on the land-mind while trying to lure Dubaku closer. It’s like some weird version of dance-dance-revolution, only it’s Boom-Boom revolution. Carl tells Dubau to go to hell, and lets off on the trigger. Jack hears it in the distance, and nearly cries. It’s a good thing he doesn’t because we all know from last season that Jack’s tears cause nuclear bombs to explode.

4:40 – Commercial

4:46 – Jack and the kids have made it to town. Willy finds out that Carl died, and freaks out. Jack runs after him and convinces him that they need to get to the embassy. Jack notices a man in a trench coat walking down the same street, going the opposite direction that everyone else is, and tells Thomas and the boys to find some place bullet proof. Jack shoots the guy in the trench coat, and suddenly bullets are flying everywhere. Jack, of course, is completely unharmed, turns a corner, and is confronted with the “kill the cockroach” kid from the beginning of the movie. Jack tries to convince the kid to come with them, because there are a LOT of cockroaches in the US, but as soon as a helicopter goes by, the kids takes off.

In Washington, Roger checks his e-mail and is perplexed by not having an e-mail from Chris. President Allison arrives. Due to budget cutbacks, the band they hired for her arrival can only play at a great distance, so we can barely hear it. Roger’s driver is there with Hodges, and lets him know that Chris told them everything, because one pull on that duct tape across his chest had him crying like a baby. Hodges is still worried, and tells him to keep an eye on Roger.

4:52 – Despite the HUGE crowd at the embassy gates, Jack is able to get right to the front, with all the kids. Jack drops his own name to the Marines, and Frank shows up. Jack tells him about the kids, and gives Frank the papers. Frank acts like a complete jerk, and tells Jack they need a legal guardian. Jack finally agrees, but has to go first. Jack is taken into custody. Just when it looks like Frank won’t let the kids in, he finally does.

As President Allison talks to stock footage of a huge crowd, Jack is loaded onto a chopper, Chris does a Jimmy Hoffa impression, and the gates open as the chopper lifts off.

Jack’s headed back to America!


24 – Two Days Later – Episode 24 – 6 pm to 7 pm

Kiefer Sutherland
24 – Two Days Later – Hour 24

The following takes place between 6 pm and 7 pm

6:00 pm – Chloe, Bill and Jack watch as Morris reaches towards the ground… but the pieces of the remote aren’t there. They look up, and see that they’re standing at the bottom of a hill on a road which leads up to a spooky looking mansion. A wrought-iron gate bars the way up the road, and a tall stone wall surrounds the estate. It starts to rain.

Bill says, “You all saw that, didn’t you? Before that bright flash of light? That hairy brown elephant thing, and the giant yellow bird…? Please someone, tell me you saw that.”

Jack reassures Bill, “We all saw it.”

6:02 pm – Morris turns to Chloe and says, “So, you’re telling me that you picked up a remote control in that control room and for the last twenty-whatever hours we’ve been running around, and you could have used it to get us back? And you BROKE it? Perfect! Just perfect!” He starts walking down the road.

Chloe yells after him, “Yeah? Like you’re Mr. Perfect! See if I get married to you now!” She realizes what she let slip, and slaps her hand over her mouth.

Bill says, “Wait… What?! What did you just say?”

Chloe tries to remain calm, “What? Nothing. I didn’t say anything.”

Morris says, “Oh, you might as well tell them everything. You’re starting to show anyway.”

Chloe takes off one of her shoes and throws it at Morris, “Just shut up, Morris!”

Jack turns around. “WHAT? You’re pregnant? You’re kidding! Why didn’t you say anything?”

Chloe says, “We were going to tell you. Back at the restaurant before all this chasing around started. I’m pregnant and Morris is the father. We’ve already decided that Morris is going to stay at home with the baby, and I’m going to continue working.”

Morris says, “We’ve decided no such thing! I’m going to…”

6:05 pm – Jack interrupts, “This isn’t the time to argue about this. You two can work it out when we get back home. Right now we have to concentrate on getting into that mansion.” He walks to the stone wall. “Morris, Bill, get over here. I’m going to need a boost to see if I can get over this wall.”


6:11 pm – Bill and Morris having been trying to help boost Jack over their shoulders, but Jack can’t reach the top. Chloe tells them, “Quick! Get down! There’s a car coming!” They dive for cover, as a green van with pink flowers on it pulls up to the gates of the mansion. There’s a blonde young man driving, with a red-haired girl in the passenger seat.

As they get out of the van, they’re followed by a short brown-haired girl with glasses and a lanky, scruffy-looking young man. A Great Dane follows them out of the van, bounding forward to catch up.

The blonde young man says, “Well, all the clues lead here. How are we going to get inside, Velma?”

The girl with glasses walks up to the gate and answers, “Fred, the gate is locked. There’s no way in.”

The red-haired girl says, “Maybe Shaggy and Scooby can help!”

The lanky teenager says, “Daphne, You want us to g-g-g-go to that mansion? No way! There are g-g-g-ghosts up there!” The dog barks. The teenager continues, “See? Scooby Doo says so too!”

6:12 pm – Jack jumps up from where he’s hiding and says, “Stop right there!” Shaggy and Scooby quickly run into the van, and slam the side door shut. They peer out of the passenger’s side door.

Velma exclaims, “Jinkies! Who are you?”

Chloe whispers to Morris, “What’s a ‘Jinkies’?”

6:13 pm – Jack says, “My name is Jack Bauer. I’ve been chasing a group of terrorists for the last day, and we think they’re held up inside that mansion.” He beckons for Bill, Chloe and Morris to come out of hiding, which they do.

Fred says, “Listen, Mr. Bauer. I don’t know about any terrorists, but we cornered this ghost fair and square, and we’re going to get the reward.”

Jack says, “We don’t want any reward. We just want to catch the people we’ve been chasing. Just who do you think is inside that mansion?”

Velma says, “We’ve been chasing the ghost of the star of stage and screen Drexel Watershoot. It’s been haunting theaters downtown, and all signs lead here.”

Shaggy comes out of the van holding a wooden sign that reads, “Ghosts this way”. Shaggy says, “Like this one right here. Right, Scoob?” The dog barks. Shaggy says, “See? Scooby thinks so too!”

Bill says, “…But that dog just barked. It didn’t say anything…”

Shaggy says, “Sure he did! He just said the ‘Right’. You didn’t hear that?”

Daphne mumbles to Bill, “Just humor him…”

6:16 pm – Fred sees Jack moving towards the van and yells, “Hey, get away from that van!”

Jack stops at the van and yells, “We can stand around here and talk in the rain, or we can do something about this!” He gets into the van and starts it using the keys Fred left in the ignition. The tires on the van squeal and it speeds towards the gate. Everyone scatters. The van crashes through the gate, sending it flying off its hinges.

He slams on the breaks and the van skids out sideways. Jack yells something, but no one can hear him. Chloe makes a “roll down your window” motion with her hand. Jack rolls down the window and yells, “Everyone into the van!” Fred opens the back door to the van and everyone gets in.

Jack races the van up towards the front of the mansion. As they approach, they see large metal poles starting to rise up towards the sky. Velma asks, “What are those metal poles?”

Chloe says, “They look like giant lightening rods.”

Morris points and says, “Look! There’s a platform! What’s all that stuff on it? It looks like some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption!”

Bill says, “Hey, wait a minute! It looks like it’s made up of parts from all the places we’ve been!”

Chloe says, “And Someone’s up there!”

6:20 pm – Fred tells Jack, “You better slow down!” Jack ignores him. “I said, you better slow down!” Jack ignores him again. They’re headed straight for the front doors of the mansion. Fred pleads, “Would you slow down for a Scooby Snack?”

Jack yells, “Everyone down!” Jack presses the pedal to the floor and drives the van straight through the double front doors of the mansion, down the hallway, and through a plate glass window leading towards a courtyard. He slams on the breaks and skids to a stop inches from the side of a swimming pool.

6:22 pm – Everyone seems pretty shaken up, except Jack. He yells, “Everyone out of the van!” Jack gets out of the van and starts running towards the structure holding the platform and lightning rods.

6:24 pm – It begins to rain harder as Jack makes his way up the stairs. Lightning is crackling all around. He gets to the first landing on the stairs, and a shot rings out, barely missing him. Jack turns and goes back down a few steps. He hears a metallic voice say, “You’re too late, Jack! The plans have been set into motion!” Jack leans out to take a look, and a gunshot grazes his shoulder. He pulls back. The wooden scaffolding allows him to see shapes above him, but not very clearly.

The storm intensifies as Jack fumbles the utility belt he’s wearing, searching for something he can use. Jack pulls out some Gummi Bats and Bat wafers from one of the compartments, and throws them to the ground. He pulls off the utility belt, and opens the compartment that had been at his back. He pulls out a pair of boomerangs which are shaped like bats. He says, “Batterangs!” to himself.

6:27 pm – Bill yells out, “Jack! He’s at the controls on the third story! He’s raising the platform!” Jack looks up through the scaffolding and sees a metallic slab being raised higher into the air. He makes another attempt to go around the corner and up the stairs, but is again repelled by gunfire.

6:28 pm – Jack looks at the inside the structure, and makes his decision. He puts the Batterangs in his mouth and starts to climb. As he climbs, the lightning is crashing all around the structure. He reaches the second level, and starts to climb towards the back of the structure to where the figure is standing at the controls.

He slips on one of the wet beams. The Batterangs slip from his mouth, and he reaches out to grab them with one hand. He’s able to grab onto one of them, but the sharp edges bury into his flesh, which starts to bleed. The other Batterang falls to the ground.

Jack hooks his elbow on a beam and uses his hand to pull the Batterang out of his other hand. He wipes the bloody Batterang and his bloody hand on his pant leg, puts the Batterang back in his mouth, and continues to climb.


6:35 pm – The masked figure on the platform pulls a lever, and the metal platform stops. The figure presses a button. Lightning crashes into both of the lightning rods, causing them to glow. The man yells, “This is going to be your end, Jack Bauer!” Jack continues to climb, nearly beneath where the masked man is standing. The man presses a button, and bolts of electricity shoot from the lighting rods onto the platform. Everyone hears an ear-piercing scream.

Jack starts to climb onto the third platform right behind where the figure is standing. The figure pulls a lever, which starts to lower the metal slab. Jack makes his move. He throws the Batterang at the man’s neck but it bounces off with a clanking sound. The figure turns around, and flicks his neck which makes a ‘ping’ noise. “Metal collar, Jack!”

The figure holds up a gun, and points it at him. The metal slab is nearly back down. The man says, “You couldn’t just be lost in one of those worlds, could you Jack?” He pulls the trigger: CLICK! Nothing happens.

6:39 pm – Jack jumps up and hits the man, knocking him backwards towards the railing. Jack tries to force the gun out of his hand, but he won’t let go. The man starts to laugh.

Jack turns his head when he hears noise of something coming up the stairs. [What’s the noise?] Scooby Doo comes running towards them. He tries to stop, but can’t and slides into them, knocking them through the wooden railing and over the side. Scooby turns and races back down the stairs.

Chloe screams as she sees a dark object fly off the platform and speed towards the ground. There’s a large splash in the swimming pool. Everyone rushes to the edge of the pool, and sees that there’s only one person floating in the pool and they appear lifeless. Morris says, “Up there! It’s Jack!” Jack hangs onto a piece of wood that’s jutting out from the platform. Morris yells, “Bill, Chloe, come on!” They run up the stairs.

6:42 pm – Jack grabs onto the third platform deck with his free hand. He gets his footing, and pulls himself up, rolling over onto his back, and breathing heavily. He hears footsteps, and rolls over.

It’s still raining hard, but Jack recognizes the man standing before him. “Tony? Tony, is that you?”

Tony stands there in front of Jack, wires hanging from his neck and arms.

Jack can’t believe it. He says, “How… ? You were dead! How is this possible?”

Tony looks down at Jack, “Michelle! They killed Michelle! It’s the government’s fault. They should have protected us! They’re going to pay for this!” He runs towards Jack, jumping over him. He does a swan dive off the platform, flipping in once in mid-air and lands in the swimming pool below.

6:46 pm – Bill, Chloe and Morris make it to the top of the platform. Jack says, “Tony! I saw Tony! He’s alive! He just dove off the platform!” He starts to get to his feet.

Chloe says, “What are you talking about Jack?”

Bill looks over the edge and says, “Look, down there!” Morris and Chloe go over to the edge, and look down. Fred and Shaggy have gotten the masked figure out of the pool, and are holding him as he struggles. Tony has already gotten out of the pool, and Scooby Doo is chasing after him, into the woods.


6:51 pm – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill make their way back down off of the structure, and run to where Fred and Shaggy are holding the man. Scooby comes back out of the woods, and barks. Shaggy says, “Like, Scooby says that guy escaped!” Daphne gives Scooby Doo a Scooby snack, and then throws one to Shaggy too, who catches it in his mouth.

Chloe asks, “What the heck are in those things?”

Daphne says, “Don’t ask.”

6:52 pm – Velma says, “We waited to unmask him until you got here.” She grabs the hood of the man and says, “The ghost who we’ve been chasing after is Drexel Watershoot, who’s still alive!” She pulls off the hood.

Chloe, Morris, Bill and Jack simultaneously say, “Audrey!”

Velma says, “Hey! You’re not Drexel Watershoot, you’re not even a man!”

Chloe says, “Well, there’s some question about that…”

Audrey says, “I disguised my voice, and I had you all fooled! I would have gotten away too, if it wasn’t for these meddling kids! Well, it’s too late now! I brought Tony back, and he’s bent on revenge. CTU is as good as gone! My only regret that I didn’t kill you myself.”

Jack kneels down next to her as she continues to struggle with Fred and Shaggy. “Why, Audrey? Why did you do all of those things?”

Audrey can barely contain her contempt for Jack. “You want to know why? China, Jack. All that time in China. All those hours of torture in front of the television. Do you know how hard it is to play along with Wheel of Fortune in Chinese? And all that time, you didn’t even try and save me.”

Jack says, “Save you? I was in prison too! How could I have saved you?”

Audrey yells, “YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! You’re the great Jack Bauer! You’re supposed to be best agent CTU has ever produced!” She smirks, “I devised this plan while I was in that prison. You’ll never stop Tony.”

6:54 pm – She gets an arm free from Shaggy and tries to reach something on her wrist. Jack grabs her hand before she can reach it, and pulls it back for Shaggy to hold. Jack grabs the device off her wrist. Chloe steps forward and says, “That must be how she was transporting herself around.”

Morris says, “I bet we can use that to get home!”

Chloe says, “I think you’re right. We’ll have to all hold on to each other.”

Audrey says, “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Chloe says, “No, what I’d really like is THIS!” She punches Audrey in the face so hard it knocks Audrey out cold.

Jack starts to say something but Chloe stops him. “She had that coming, Jack. Now let’s go home.”

Jack says, “Fred, Shaggy, we’ll take over. Bill, grab Audrey’s other arm.”

Fred says, “Hey! Wait! What about our ghost?”

Jack says, “That’s still a mystery you have to solve!”

6:55 pm – They all grab hold of each other, and Chloe hold the device in one hand. She says, “Hang on! This could get bumpy!” She presses the button.

There’s a flash of light.

They’re standing in a stairwell outside of the Cheers bar. Jack sees Sam inside and knocks on the door. Sam says, “Sorry, we’re closed!”

There’s a flash of light.

They’re in the middle of giant group hug in a newsroom. People all around them are crying, and they are shuffling towards a box of tissues.

There’s a flash of light.

For a split second, they see that they’re in an Italian restaurant with music playing when suddenly everything goes black.

There’s a flash of light.

It’s still dark. They hear a man’s voice, “I had the strangest dream…” The light goes on. They’re all in bed between a couple who had been asleep.

6:56 pm – There’s a flash of light.

They’re standing in the middle of the warehouse control room. Nadia yells, “Jack!” She rushes forward and puts her arms around him. “We didn’t think we’d see you again!” She gives Chloe a big hug, and people all rush to greet them.

Fenster walks up to Chloe and says, “We thought we lost you!”

Chloe sets down the device and says, “Just promise me to call someone next time we’re in trouble?”

6:57 pm – Bill says, “Nadia, take Audrey Raines into custody. Call CTU headquarters, and tell them to put out an APB out on Tony Almeida. You better set up a perimeter too.”

Nadia hesitates.

Jack asks, “What’s wrong?”

Nadia says, “I got a call from the White House a few minutes before you got back. They’re closing down CTU. They expect to have the whole place shut down within a year.”

Chloe says, “They can’t do that!”

Bill says, “They can, and they will.”

Jack says, “They’ll always need people like us.” He turns to the group and says, “We can worry about this tomorrow. I’m going home to relax. I’m going to go have a cold beer and do something I haven’t done in years. I’m going to sit down and do nothing but watch television. I wonder what’s on?”

Chloe, Morris, Bill and Jack leave the warehouse.

6:59 pm – Fenster looks at the device Chloe left behind, and says, “I wonder what this does?”

There’s a bright flash.

7:00 pm – Time’s up!

Thanks to humorist Dave Barry and his assistant Judi Smith for letting me post these episodes on Dave’s Blog over the last 24 weeks. It was a lot of fun!

I’d like to thank my wife Mary who made a lot of suggestions, and my friend John who looked over all these episodes when I first got done with them and helped correct mistakes. Fortunately he didn’t suffer much brain damage from seeing the episodes in their raw, uncut form.

Thanks for reading!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 23 – 5 pm to 6 pm

24 logo
24 – Two Days Later – Hour 23

The following takes place between 5 pm and 6 pm

5:00 pm – Jack, Bill, Chloe and Morris find themselves standing on the sidewalk of an urban street. It’s dark. They walk down the street trying to get their bearings, and figure out where they are.

Jack asks, “What did you think he meant, ‘Send us some place where we can do no harm’? Does he really think after all we’ve done today to stop their plans they can …”

5:02 pm – Bill interrupts, “What was that?!” He points towards an alley. “Did you see that? It was huge!”

They all look, but don’t see anything.

Chloe says, “I think we have bigger problems… look back there!”

They turn around. The street and building abruptly end in a dark void. Jack steps up to it, and puts his hand out to touch it.

Bill says, “Jack! What are you doing? How can you touch something like that?”

Morris says, “Relax! He dated Audrey. How much worse could this be?”

Jack wheels around at Morris, “One more crack about Audrey, and you might not make it back!”

5:05 pm – Chloe steps between them. “Look, we’ve had a hard day. Both of you need to settle down. We have to find a way to contact Fenster. What we really need is someone to ask where we are.”

5:06 pm – Music starts playing around them, and Jack inexplicably breaks out into song:

Sunny day,
Chasin’ these clowns away,
On my way to where perimeters are sweet,

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Counter Terrorism Street?

Made them pay,
Everything will be A-okay,
Friendly analysts there
That’s where we’ll meet,

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Counter Terrorism Street?

5:08 pm – Bill, Chloe and Morris all stop and look at Jack. Jack doesn’t understand why they’re staring at him. He asks, “What? What’s the matter?”

Chloe asks, “Uh… Why did you just break out into song like that?”

Jack says, “What? What are you talking about? I didn’t break out into song!”

Bill says, “Yeah…. Yeah you did, Jack. The lyrics weren’t even that good. Maybe you better sit down.”


5:14 pm – Jack sits down on a curb near an apartment stoop and some trash cans as they talk about what to do next. Chloe says, “We need to find a telephone. Any time we’re near a telephone, Fenster has figured out a way to call us.”

None of the lights in upper part of the apartment building are lit, but they can see some lights and movement in a basement apartment. Morris volunteers to go ask if they can use a telephone, and leaves.

5:16 pm – Bill suddenly points down the street. “There it is again! Did you see that?” Chloe and Jack look up, but don’t see anything. Chloe tells Bill that he better sit down too.

5:17 pm – Morris comes back up the stairs, and tells everyone to follow him. At the top of the stairs he says, “Okay, I found some people. These guys are a little odd, but they were the only ones down there.”

Bill says, “Odd? Odd how?”

Morris says, “One of them looks jaundiced and has a single large eyebrow. Kind of like that intern we hired a couple of months ago. The other guy looks like he’s been doing full body applications of that sun tan lotion that turns your skin orange. Other than that, they seem okay… and they’ll let us use their telephone.”

Jack says, “Considering everything else we’ve seen today, that almost seems normal.”

5:19 pm – They go downstairs to the apartment, and Morris introduces everyone to the jaundiced man, “Bert”, and his orange roommate “Ernie”. He tells Bert and Ernie that their friend Jack isn’t feeling very well, and they need a place to stay while they wait for a phone call.

Chloe whispers to Bill, “I’m not sure what’s stranger… Us waiting for a phone call from Fenster, or them not realizing how we could be getting a phone call to their telephone when they haven’t even given us their number…”

Ernie says, “Bert and I were just going over our numbers! Care to join us?”

Chloe says, “You’re accountants? Uh… sorry we wouldn’t be able to help you.”

Ernie laughs, “No silly! Come on Bert!”

5:21 pm – They both recite numbers in a sing-song way, “One, two, three… four, five, six… seven, eight, nine… TEN!”

5:22 pm – Bert says, “Phew! I’m worn out! I’m going to go read my book.” He picks up a book on pigeons and sits down in a chair.

Ernie says, “It’s time for my bath! I have to get my rubber duckie!”

5:23 pm – Jack suddenly stands up and sings:

Rubber Bullets, you’re the one!
You make interrogations lots of fun!
Rubber Bullets, I’m awfully fond of you!

(woah, woah, be doh!)

Rubber Bullets, joy of joys!
When I shoot you, you make noise!
Rubber Bullets, you’re my very best friends, it’s true!

(Do do do doooo, do do)

Every day when I
Interrogate a guy who’s grubby,
I find a little bullet that’s
Cute and rubber and stubby!


Rubber Bullets, you’re so fine!
And I’m lucky that you’re mine!
Rubber Bullets, I’m awfully fond of you!

Jack sits back down.

5:25 pm – Chloe points at Jack and says, “There! Right there! You sang again! That’s what I’m talking about.”

Jack looks at Chloe like she’s crazy.

Ernie says, “I recognize the tune, but not the words!” He laughs. “Oh well, off to my bath!”


5:31 pm – Everyone waits in the apartment while Ernie takes his bath. Morris tries to pick out a magazine, but the only magazines he can find either have to do with the alphabet, counting, pigeons or rubber ducks. The phone rings, and Jack answers it. It’s Nadia.

5:32 pm – Nadia says, “It worked! Jack, I can’t believe I got you! Fenster just pressed a button on the console here, and told me you’d be on the other end! I can see you on the television monitor above that door over there. Where are you?”

Bill says, “We’ve been chasing after some terrorists that caused that explosion near the restaurant. We chased them into the warehouse you’re standing in, and followed them through that door below the television monitor you’re looking at. Whatever you do, don’t go into that doorway!”

Nadia says, “We’re way ahead of you there. One of my men went through there, and came back ten seconds later. He came back babbling about seeing cavemen trying to adjust to today’s society. He said he was the most horrific thing he’d ever seen.”

Jack says, “Ten seconds! How did he get back so quickly?”

Nadia says, “He said he just walked right back through the portal. Can’t you do that?”

Jack says, “You don’t understand. We haven’t been walking through other portals. We keep changing places every hour. Right now we’re in someone’s basement. You have to find us a way out of here!’

Nadia says, “I have people working on that right now. We’ve been able to detect one other person that shouldn’t been there. That’s probably who you’re after. You have to get out there and find them, and see if you can get any information out of them.”

Jack says, “We’ve been TRYING to do that. These people don’t know anything! There’s somebody controlling this whole operation. THAT’S the person we’re after. Find him, and we’ll finish this once and for all. I’m going out there to find that other person you say is here, if it’s him, we can finish this! Call me back at this number if you find anything out. Just do it before the top of the hour!”

5:36 pm – Jack hangs up the phone, and explains to everyone what Nadia said. He asks Bert to find them if the phone rings again. Jack, Chloe, Bill and Morris walk out of the basement apartment and back upstairs to the curb. The street is still very quiet.

Jack tells Bill, “Stay right here in case the phone call comes in. We’re just going down the street a little way to see if we can find that guy Nadia was talking about.”

Bill hesitates, “Look, Jack… There’s something weird about this place. I keep seeing things no one else does.”

Jack says, “That’s why you’re staying here. If you see something that bothers you, just run back downstairs to Bert and Ernie’s apartment.”

Bill says, “Well, what do you want me to do in the meantime?”

Jack says, “I don’t know… hum something to yourself. If you see anything weird, just yell. Look, I know I can count on you.”

5:37 pm – Jack, Chloe and Morris head down the street. A voice in the distance says, “Count on you! Ha! Ha! One! Two! Ha! Ha! Three! Four! Ha! ha!”


5:43 pm – Jack, Morris and Chloe peer into shop windows as they move down the street, but don’t see anything. Chloe says, “Bill’s right. This place does give me the creeps. Where is everyone?”

At this end of the street, there’s an old theatre. There’s a poster for a sold out performance of “Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem – Final Engagement”. Jack tries the door, and it opens. They go inside.

5:44 pm – They step into the lobby, and see posters on the wall of a frog, a pig, and other animals. They hear a noise in the theater. Jack motions for Chloe and Morris to keep quiet, and they make their way back to the theater.

Jack carefully opens the door, and enters. The theater is very large, complete with balconies, many plush velvet seats, and a large stage. Jack whispers, “I bet he’s in here. Spread out, we have to find this guy.”

5:45 pm – Jack, Morris and Chloe walk past row after row of seats, but don’t see anyone. Jack tells everyone he’s going to check the balconies, and suggests that Chloe and Morris check backstage.

Morris and Chloe make their way backstage. Row after row of costumes are on racks, but there’s no sign of anyone. They walk back towards the dressing rooms, and hear something. They stop outside a door marked “Miss Piggy”.

Chloe tells Morris, “Go check what it is!”

Morris says, “Me? You’re the one with the taser! You go check! Besides… My shoulder still hurts!”

Chloe raises her voice and says, “You’re going to milk that for all its worth, aren’t you? I bet the drill bit wasn’t even that big.”

Morris says, “Keep your voice down!”

Chloe raises her voice higher and says, “I’ll talk however loud I want to talk!”

5:47 pm – The dressing room doors flies open. A female pig with long hair and make up comes out of the room and screams when she sees Chloe and Morris. Miss Piggy yells, “HI-YA!” and hits Chloe right in the stomach. She yells, “HI-YA!” again, and hits Morris. They both double over, the wind knocked out of them. “DON’T YOU MORONS KNOW MOI WANTS IT QUIET?!” She realizes they’re not who she expected, “Hey! You’re not on the staff! Who are you people??” Her voice suddenly changes to a sickly sweet tone, “You’re not here with the pizzas moi ordered, are you?”

Morris breathes, “No… Just… checking… for intruders…” He gets a better look at her. “You’re a… you’re a…”

Miss Piggy’s voice gets deeper as she says, “Watch it buster.”

5:48 pm – Meanwhile, Jack walks up the stairs, and hears a noise coming from a balcony compartment.

Jack enters the compartment and sees two chairs with back plates labeled, Statler and Waldorf. Someone hits him from behind, knocking him to the floor. It’s the dark-hooded man they’ve been chasing! The man leaps from the balcony on to the stage below, rolling as he lands. Jack yells, “He’s on the stage! I see him!

The man almost involuntarily stands up and in his metallic voice sings:

It’s not easy bein’ seen!
Have to spend each day hoping not to be shot up in the thighs,
When I think…

Jack yells, “Chloe! Morris! Get him!”

5:49 pm – This snaps the figure out of his trance. He screams in frustration. Chloe, Morris and Miss Piggy come running from backstage, surprising the man. Chloe yells, “Hi-Ya!” and chops him right in the stomach, causing him to double over. The man falls to the ground. He rolls away and pulls something out of his pocket.

Jack leaps from the balcony to the stage. The man points a device at Jack, laughs and says, “The device is nearly complete. I just had to retrieve this spare hearing aide from the balcony. You’ll never live to see it though, Jack.” The man presses a button on the device he’s holding.

Nothing happens.

For a split second, everyone stands there as they realize nothing dramatic happened. The man screams in frustration. Jack tries to grab him, but the man touches something on his wrist and in a flash of light disappears.

Everyone’s quiet while they contemplate what just happened. Miss Piggy tells Chloe, “That’s a pretty good karate chop. If you ever need a job, look moi up.” She goes backstage.

Jack sits down in one of the chairs, puts his face in his hands and says, “We’re never going to get these guys…”

5:51 pm – Meanwhile, Bill looks around nervously as he stands at the top of the staircase to Bert and Ernie’s apartment. He starts humming to himself, and then starts to sing:

This is the song…
La la la la
Bill’s song.
La la la la
La la la la
Bill’s song…

La la la
La la la la la,
La la la
La la la la la,

I love to sing,
La la la la
Bill’s song,
La la la la,
La la la la,
Bill’s song!

I wrote the music
I wrote the words,
That’s Bill’s Song!

5:52 pm – The lid to a trash can goes flying off. A hairy green creature with large eyes pops its head out of the trashcan and yells, “Elmo! Do you have any idea what time it is? Some of us are trying to get our ugly sleep!”

Bill yells, “Jack!!” He runs downstairs and nearly falls on his way down.

5:53 pm – Chloe, Morris and Jack all come running back, and find Bill banging on the door to Bert and Ernie’s apartment. Bert opens the door, and Bill throws himself into the room. The only thing he says is, “Trash can! Trash can! Monster in the trash can!”

Bert says, “Where else would you expect him to be? That’s his home!”

Jack ignores this and says, “Calm down, Bill. We’ll take a look.”

5:54 pm – Everything looks as it did before. Jack looks around the trash cans, but doesn’t see anything. Bill points at the trash can we was talking about. Jack puts his hand on the can which the monster popped out of and starts to sing:

Oh, I love guns!
Give me a revolver or shotgun or Uzi,
Give me a flintlock, I’m not really choosey,
Yes, I love guns!

I have here two pistols that are battered and worn,
They’re a little bit rusty and the cases are torn,
A gift from my father the day I was born,
I love them because they’re guns!

Oh, I love guns!
Give me a rifle or Luger or Uzi,
Give me a machine gun and I’ll get all woozie,
Yes, I love guns!

I found an old shotgun at thirteen years old,
A black powder musket, it’s blue and it’s cold,
But I won’t trade it for a big pot o’ gold!
I love them because they’re guns!

5:56 pm – Chloe yells at Jack, and slaps him in the face. The slap snaps him out of his trance, and he stops singing. The trash can lid goes flying up, and the green monster pops out again, “Will you people be quiet! Some of us are trying to get some sleep around here!” The lid slams shut. Everyone looks startled.

Ernie comes out of the apartment holding a rubber duck, and drying an ear out with a towel. He says, “Don’t mind Oscar! He’s just a grouch!”

Morris whisper to Chloe, “Maybe you two are related?”

She tries to punch him in the arm, but he dodges, so she slaps him on the back of the head.

5:57 pm – Ernie continues, “Hey, your friend is on the phone!’ Ernie hands him a cordless phone.

Nadia says, “Jack! We’ve got an idea of how to get you back to us. From what we can tell, one of the computers here is automatically switching locations on the screens. We had some of our other analysts look at the equipment, and they saw that it’s missing a television remote control. If they’re using that, we might be able to use it to get you back here!”

Jack turns to Morris, Bill and Chloe and tells them, “Nadia says that one of them might have a television remote? We have to look for it.”

Chloe look startled. “Jack! When we were in the warehouse, I grabbed a television remote! I put it in my purse!”

Morris bursts out into song:

C is for Chloe, that’s good enough for me!
C is for Chloe, that’s good enough for me!
C is for Chloe, that’s good enough for me!
Oh, Chloe, Chloe, Chloe starts with C!

They all stare at Morris. He says, “I just sang something, didn’t I….?”

5:58 pm – Chloe says, “Oh forget that.” She looks in her purse. Bill says, “If you’re telling me that we could have gone home this whole time just by using the remote control in your purse…”

Chloe turns white as a sheet and says, “Oh, no…” She turns the purse over and out come broken pieces of a television remote. She says, “It must have broken while we were traveling around! How are we going to get back?”

Morris reaches towards the broken pieces on the ground and says, “Maybe we can fix…”

Bill points down the street and yells, “Giant brown elephant! It’s coming! There’s a big bird with it! Can’t you all see them?”

5:59 pm – There’s a bright flash.

Chloe, Bill and Jack watch as Morris reaches towards the ground… but the pieces of the remote aren’t there. They look up, and see that they’re standing at the bottom of a hill on a road which leads up to a spooky looking mansion.

6:00 pm – Time’s up!


24 – Two Days Later – Episode 22 – 4 pm to 5 pm

24 logo
24 – Two Days Later – Hour 22

The following takes place between 4 pm and 5 pm

4:00 pm – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill are standing next to two white poles. They look around for a moment, and realize there are many more white poles all around them. An eerie deserted feeling comes over them. Bill says, “I don’t like this. Where are all the people?” Morris looks up and says, “Better question: What the heck are those things?”

Everyone looks up and sees a large circular platform at the top of each pair of poles. Chloe says, “Either we’re in the future, or Seattle has gone crazy with that Space Needle design.”

4:03 p m- Jack uses some binoculars he finds in the Batman utility belt he’s still wearing, and scans the sky. He points off into the distance as he watches, and says, “It looks like a stream of flying cars over there!”

Chloe says, “That’s still not much of a hint. Are we in Seattle or not?”

Bill suddenly yells, “Jack! Look out!”

4:04 pm -Jack turns around just in time to be bowled over by a grey blur that hits him fast and hard, knocking him to the ground.

The object that hit Jack turns and heads back, slowing down. It’s a dog…wearing a jet pack.

The dog makes noise that sounds like, “Ruh Ro.” as he slows down to where Jack fell.

4:06 pm – Jack rubs his head, and sees the dog. He says “Great… Just great. Talking dogs…” and then passes out.


4:11 pm – Jack wakes up. He’s lying on the floor, surrounded by Chloe, Morris and Bill. Jack says, “I had the strangest dream! You were there… and you… and you! I was in a far-away land, traveling to the Emerald City…”

Chloe slaps Jack, “Snap out of it and quit screwing around! We have to figure out where to go!”

A man runs into the room. “Is he OK? Where do you have to go? You’re not going to sue are you?” He falls to his knees, “Oh, please! Don’t sue! I have two kids, a wife, a dog, and a robot to feed! Mr. Spacely will be so mad! Please!”

Jack sits up, “Calm down! I’m not going to sue! Where are we? Who are you?”

The man says, “George Jetson. You’re in my house!”

Jack introduces everyone, and then asks, “Why would we sue you?”

George looks surprised to hear Jack say this. “What? What do you mean?”

Jack says, “Well, it was an accident, right? Why would I sue you for that?”

George looks suspicious and says, “It’s how you earn your living? Half the population are lawyers, and the other half sue… You’re not from around here are you?”

4:15 pm – Jack says, “No, as a matter of fact we’re not.” He sizes up George, and decides he’s O.K. “You have to promise not to tell anyone… We’re time travelers.”

George says, “And…?”

Bill says, “What do you mean, ‘and?’ Doesn’t that surprise you?”

4:16 pm – George says, “Why should that surprise me? My son was off on a time-travel field trip last week! He went to 2010, to listen to the Big Diddy Gore and the “I Was Just Kidding” concert tour…”

Chloe says, “Big … You mean Al Gore?”

George exclaims, “Oh! You’ve heard of him! He was really big back in 2010. Toured all over the country after the fight.”

Chloe asks, “Fight? What fight? You mean the 2000 election?”

George scoffs. “Pffft! That was nothing! He got into it with some of the candidates for flying around in jets during the 2008 election cycle, and decided to bag the whole election thing. He started wearing his Nobel Prize around his neck and created a rap group.”

Morris says, “And he was famous for this? For this rap music?”

George says, “For a while, but…”

4:19 pm – Jack interrupts, “This is all really fascinating, but we came here to do a job, not to find out who the latest rap artists will be in…. What year did you say this was?”

A woman’s voice calls from the other room. “George, dear! We’re home!”

The dog goes bounding out of the room, saying “Roh Roy!”

4:20 pm – George motions for everyone to follow him, and they go into the next room. A woman is standing in the kitchen with a young boy and a white haired young woman.

George says, “Let me introduce you. This is my wife Jane, my son Elroy, and my daughter Judy.”

Morris mutters, “Daughter? That white hair makes her look like a grandma!”

Chloe slugs him in the shoulder.

4:22 pm – Jane says, “Everyone’s still out on vacation. The stores weren’t crowded at all. We had…

Jack says, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but we really need to get some information. Do you have a computer we can use?”

Elroy speak ups, “Sure! I got one with my cereal.” He points to a small capsule tied to a square box.

Chloe picks up the capsule. “This is a computer? That’s amazing!”

Elroy takes the capsule out her hand. “That’s the cereal.” He hands her the box, “This is the computer.” He walks away, saying “Geesh! Grown-ups! Come on, Astro!” He and Astro leave.

Chloe stares at the box in her hand. “How do I use this? What does it run?”

Jane says, “That runs the latest and greatest from Microsoft: Windows XP!”

Morris asks, “Windows XP?”

Jane says, “Oh, you know… They keep coming out with new operating systems every couple of years, but everyone wants to use something kind of stable, so we just keep going back to Windows XP, even for the toy computers like that one.”

Chloe says, “Well, how do I use it?”

4:25 pm – Jane takes the box from Chloe’s hand, and places the box on the table. She presses both sides at once, and 42 inch video panel appears in mid-air, just floating there. Jane says, “It’s a bit of a toy, like I said. It only has three exabytes of storage, and a 400 terahertz CPU. It should be good enough for browsing on the Internet.”

Chloe stares at the video screen. It’s still dark.

Chloe asks, “Why isn’t doing anything yet?”

Jane says, “I told you, it’s running Windows! It’s still booting!”


4:32 pm – Jack and Bill stand near the window overlooking the rest of the buildings. He asks George, “Where is everyone? You’re the only people we’ve seen, except for those airplanes out there.”

George says, “Those aren’t airplanes. That’s the expressway. Anyway, everyone’s down in Miami for The Herald Hunt. Biggest event in the country. It’s in its 74th year. The Herald Hunt is run by Dave Barry and Tom Shroeder…”

Jack says, “Yeah, I know what it is. I was there last year… Wait a minute, how could those guys be running it still? Wouldn’t they be…” He counts on his fingers, and gives up. “Really old by now?”

George says, “Oh, they’re still around. I think they were the ones that discovered your body could be preserved by beer. Anyway, a few years ago, they decided to let computers handle the whole thing. They did a personality download to the computers to create puzzles for the Hunt.”

Bill says, “Why did they do that?”

George says, “They used to make the puzzles themselves, but it got to the point where the people solving the puzzles were SO good at it, they were solving the Hunt before the Hunt started. After that happened, Tom and Dave decided to switch to computers.”

Jack asks, “Did that work?”

George says, “Oh, yeah… Now it does. It took a few weeks to get the computers started up though. When they first started the download, it filled up 45 terabytes with booger jokes before it started working on Hunt puzzles.”

4:37 pm – Jane walks over to Jack and tells him he has a phone call. She presses a button on the wall, and a large video phone descends from the ceiling. Fenster is on the screen.

Fenster says, “Jack! I’m glad I got you! Ex-Secretary of Defense Heller is REALLY mad. He drove off a couple cliffs within the last couple of hours alone. He wants to hold CTU accountable for Audrey’s disappearance. He’s threatening to shut the place down!”

Jack responds, “Now, excuse me if I’m mistaken here…. But you’re talking about Ex-Secretary of Defense Heller, right?”

Fenster says, “Right…”

Jack says, “He’s an ‘EX’ Secretary! Let him drive off all the cliffs he wants to. What’s he going to do? He’s not in the position to do anything anyway. I’ll look for Audrey when we get out of this mess. Get Nadia to get some help over there, to get us out of here!” He presses a button and the video phone retracts into the ceiling.

4:42 pm – Chloe says, “Hey, Jack! I got it working! You have to come and see this!”

Jack and Bill walk over to Chloe and she points at the screen. “You see that? That’s the CTU website!”

The web page she’s pointing at reads: “Welcome to CTU: Comforting Terrorism Unit”.

Jack yells, “Comforting?! That’s just wrong!! What’s happened to our CTU?!”

4:46 pm – Jack asks George to take them over to CTU headquarters. They get into George’s flying car. Chloe asks how they fuel it. George tells her that they’ve found that by capturing all the hot air and methane generated in Washington D.C, they were able to supply most of the country’s fuel needs.


4:51 pm – They arrive at a building covered with painted flowers and the letters CTU perched on top of it.

Bill says, “This looks like something out of the sixties!”

Chloe looks at Morris and says, “If you say ‘groovy’, I’m going to taser you.”

4:53 pm – They walk towards the building, and see a small display in front of a fountain. On the display, there’s a picture of a rabbit and a wolf holding paws. The plaque reads:

“Dedicated to all those terrorists who are just so gosh darn hard to convince that bombing, shooting, and hostage taking are bad things. We hope that through our continued efforts, we’ll get an understanding of why they are so mad at us. We also hope that they’re not doing bad things while we wait for their next moves, so we can make the world a better place through hugs and pats on their thighs.


Jacques Bauer – Head of CTU – Comfort Terrorism Unit”

Jack looks like he’s about to throw up. He asks, “What’s going on around here? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever read! Hugs? Pats on the thigh?! Is this guy kidding??”

4:55 pm – They walk into the building where the doorman hands them each a flower. They walk up to the receptionist. Jack says, “I want to talk to this Jacques Bauer, right now! There are some terrorists on the loose around here somewhere, and we need to talk to him right away!”

The receptionist says, “I’m sorry, but he’s in a meeting right now can can’t be disturbed.” She glances over at the conference room behind her. Jack sees this, heads for the door and opens it.

4:57 pm – Two figures at the end of the conference room are hugging. A man says, “There! Isn’t that so much better! A nice hug will help get that hostility out!”

Jacques turns, and Chloe says, “Jack! That could be your brother! …Er, I mean if you still had a brother.”

Jack says, “Shut up, Chloe!”

A metallic voice says, “Yes, shut up, Chloe! Jack and I have some business to deal with.” The figure turns, and it’s the same hooded figure they’ve been following. “Your days of following me around have ended! With this device, I’ll send you all to a place where you can’t do any harm!”

Jack runs towards him, and ZAP! There’s a flash of light. Jack’s gone.

Chloe yells, “Again with the melodrama…” The figure points the device, and ZAP! Chloe, Morris and Bill are gone too.

Jacques looks at the hooded figure, and says, “Now, what did I tell you about hostility? Hug it out!” He tries to go for another hug, but the hooded figure pushes a button on a wrist watch, and disappears in a flash of light.

4:59 pm – Jack, Bill, Chloe and Morris find themselves standing on the sidewalk of an urban street.

5:00 pm – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 21 – 3 pm to 4 pm

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 21

The following takes place between 3 pm and 4 pm

3:00 pm – Jack, Bill, Morris and Chloe are standing in a large pit with gravel all around them.

Morris says, “Did Darrin say what I thought he said? He created an ad campaign against CTU? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

Bill says, “CTU has been around in one form or another for longer than we’ve all been alive. I figure that from the way Samantha, Darrin and the rest of those people were dressed, it must have been the early 60s. Why would they need advertisements for stopping CTU from being created?”

3:02 pm – There’s a loud scream.

Chloe says, “Well, it’s about time!”

Morris says, “What? You were waiting for a scream?”

Chloe says, “No, don’t be stupid. I mean it’s about time we hear a man scream. Usually it’s just women. I’m getting really sick of that, Jack. Jack?”

3:03 pm – Jack is already running up a dirt ramp to the top of the pit, and the others follow. Once he makes it out of the gravel pit, he stops to look around. Off in the distance there’s a tropical jungle, with some kind of commotion happening. A man and two children are running away from something Jack can’t see.

He runs towards them as they disappear into the jungle and out of sight. There’s still a lot of yelling which becomes more distinct as Jack gets closer. He hears a man yell, “Holly! Will! Keep running! Run to the cave! RUN!”

As they yelling fades, Jack stops at the edge of the jungle, uncertain of where to run next. Chloe, Morris and Bill catch up to him. Before they can say anything, Jack motions for them to stay quiet. Something hisses, a twig snaps and the bushes rustle nearby.

3:05 pm – Jack lunges towards the noise, disappearing into the jungle. Jack yells, “I have you now!” The rest of the group follows him. A few yards away, they find Jack on the ground wrestling with something that looks like a humanoid lizard. He starts to punch the lizard in the sides and it says, “Stop! Stop! We’re just joking!”

Jack jumps up and away from the lizard, completely surprised to find out that 1) A lizard can speak, and 2) that a lizard jokes. He says, “What is this? What’s going on?”

The lizard slowly starts to get up, reaches up, and removes his head…it’s a mask! It’s a teenager. “We were just joking! We didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

3:06 pm – Chloe steps closer, and examines the mask. She says, “This is a rubber mask! This kid is wearing a rubber suit!” She turns to the kid, “What did you think you were doing? You could have gotten hurt!”

The teenager says, “It’s all a joke! Those people came here and started camping out in the jungle a few weeks ago. A bunch of us at school thought it would be funny to try and scare them, so we bought these rubber suits. We go into the jungle and make hissing noises to freak them out! We were just trying to have fun! We didn’t mean to hurt anyone!”

Bill says, “Jack, he’s just a kid. He’s not even with the people we’re chasing. Let him go.”

The teenager’s eyes grow wide as he stares at Jack and says, “You’re Jack? I promise I’ll never do this again!” He turns and runs into the jungle.

Jack starts to run after him, but stops when Chloe says, “Jack! He’s just a kid! Let him go!”

Jack says, “Yeah, but he recognized me! How is that possible?”

No one has an answer to this.

3:09 pm – Morris finally asks, “Do you think we’re supposed to help the people in the jungle?”

Jack says, “I don’t think so. Maybe if I had caught up with them. They are just campers. I want to know why that kid thought he recognized me. I think that’s what we’re after. Let’s go back to that gravel pit, and go beyond it. I want to see what’s out there. Let’s go.”


3:14 pm – The group has walked past the gravel pit, and continues to what looks like some sort of town. The buildings appear to be made of rock.

Bill stops and says, “It is all clear to me now! All of it!”

Chloe says, “You know why the terrorists are doing all these things?”

Bill says, “No, but I always wanted to say that.”

Chloe punches him.

3:15 pm – Morris says, “There’s something weird going on here… and I mean weirder than normal. These homes look like something out of history. I mean like ‘Bang rocks together to make sounds’ history.”

Chloe says, “You mean like the 50s?”

The buildings are stone, the fences are stone, and even the mailboxes are stone. Bill says, “I bet they don’t take things for granite around here!” Chloe rolls her eyes.

3:17 pm – A man wearing an orange animal skin with black spots stands near the edge of the street. Jack approaches him and says, “Sir, can we ask you a few questions? We’re a bit lost. My name is Jack…”

The man interrupts, “YABBA DABBA DOO! No need for introductions! I know who you are! I’m a big supporter of yours! The name’s Flintstone. Fred Flintstone! Come on in!”

3:18 pm – They all walk into the house. A woman is placing a pile of huge ribs on a kitchen table. Fred calls to her, “Wilma!”

The woman looks startled to see the group. Jack says, “I was hoping that…”

The woman looks surprised, “It’s you!”

Jack looks surprised, “What do you mean…”

The woman says, “Wait until Betty hears about this!”

3:19 pm – She walks over to a table and picks up a ram’s horn, and makes a phone call. Chloe sees something on an end table that draws her interest. The woman says, “Hello, Betty? This is Wilma. You’ll never guess who’s here! Jack Boulder! Yes! In our house! Sure, you can come over!” She hangs up. “They’ll be over in a few minutes. Are you hungry? Have a seat!”

Jack says, “No ma’am. That’s OK. We just have a few questions.”

Chloe stares at the pile of ribs. “What the heck are these?”

Wilma says, “Those beaver ribs are just Fred’s dinner. I bought them at the butchers.”

Chloe says, “Beaver ribs? How big was it? It must have been huge!”

Wilma says, “No, just normal size.”

Chloe says, “What did you cut them with, a chain saw?”

Wilma doesn’t understand, “A what? No, just my usual beaver cleaver.”

3:22 pm – While this is going on Morris calls Bill over, and hands him a rock. Bill says, “You handed me… a rock.”

Morris shakes his head, “Take a closer look!”

Bill turns the rock in his hand. “It’s a… Pretty rock?” and takes a step back away from Morris.

Morris says, “Look at it!”

3:23 pm – Bill looks at it and is surprised, “Hey, this is a camera! He looks at it, and sees a door on the back. A small bird with a chisel and mallet is inside the camera standing in front of an easel. Bill says, “You’re telling me this bird chisels a picture when you take a picture? That’s remarkable!”

The bird shrugs, “Eh! It’s a living”. The bird grabs the camera door and slams it shut.


3:28 pm – A bird squawks, and a woman and a short man come into the house. Wilma is very excited in introducing them to Jack as their neighbors Betty and Barney Rubble.

Barney says, “Glad to meet you!”

Betty says, “Happy to meet you!” She steps closer to Jack, take a good look and then says, “But Wilma! This isn’t Jack Boulder! Jack Boulder has a more chiseled look!”

Barney looks more closely, “Hey! Betty’s right! Who are you people?”

Jack says, “I’ve been trying to tell you. My name is Jack Bauer, not ‘Boulder’. My friends and I are tracking down some bad people. Have you seen anything out of the ordinary?”

Fred says, “Besides you? No nothing.” Barney, Betty and Wilma all agree with Fred.

Jack says, “I don’t understand. Usually we’re here to help someone.”

3:32 pm – Standing over at the end table, Chloe speaks up, “Oh, this isn’t good. Jack! Take a look at this newspaper… er, newsrock!” She hands it to him. It shows the headline, “Big Speech At City Hall. The picture below the headline shows a man that looks remarkably like Jack.

Jack says, “I don’t get it. What’s wrong?”

Chloe says, “That article says that there’s going to be a big speech today. Jack Boulder is going to give his presentation to this city council and protesters are going to be there also.”

Jack says, “I still don’t get it.”

Chloe says, “Jack! He’s giving a speech about forming CTU! The advertisements that Darrin made for the terrorists… I bet they’re going to try and stop him!”

Bill says, “And if they stop CTU from being formed now…”

Chloe and Morris say (at the same time), “We won’t have any of those fun gadgets to play with!” They look at each other, and say “Jinx!”

Jack says, “It’s worse than that! There won’t be any perimeters and the terrorists will take over the country!” He turns to Fred, “Do you have a car I can borrow?”

3:35 pm – They run out to the garage. Fred’s ‘car’ has two huge cylindrical boulders for wheels, a couple of large logs connecting them, and an animal skin stretched over some branches, forming a roof.

Jack says, “How am I supposed to work this thing?”

Fred says, “By using your feet! …You’re not from around here are you?”

Jack tries to move the car by using his feet, but can’t budge it. “It won’t move.”

Fred says, “Well, of course not. What are those things on your feet?”

Wilma says, “Why don’t you just let Fred drive, courtesy of his two feet? A couple of you will fit in the front, and the rest and sit on the board on the back.”

3:37 pm – Fred jumps into the car, and Morris and Bill go around to the back. As they drive away, Morris asks Bill, “So… Wilma or Betty?”


3:43 pm – There’s a large crowd at the city plaza. Up on a podium, a man is addressing the crowd.

Fred says, “That’s Mayor Talc. He’s introducing Jack Boulder! YABBA DABBA DOO!”

Chloe whispers to Jack, “Why does he keep saying that?”

3:45 pm – Mayor Talc says, “And without further dabba do….er, I mean ado, I’m pleased to announce the formation of CTU: The Cro-magnon Tactical Unit. I’d like to introduce you to: Jack Boulder!”

While the speech is going on, Jack spots a group of protesters. He tells the group to stay where they are while goes to find out what they’re up to.

Jack Boulder addresses the crowd, “Thank you, Mayor Talc! I’m pleased that the city council has helped us form CTU. We’ll have the latest in technology, and will be using all the latest techniques: Looking at rocks, throwing rocks, finding out where the bad guys are hiding their rocks, and keeping them from getting really big rocks…”

3:48 pm – Jack sneaks up behind the protesters, and just as one raises a gun and shoots, Jack tackles him. Jack Boulder falls on the stage. People scream and run

Jack turns the man he tackled over. The man doesn’t struggle at all. Jack Boulder comes running off the stage towards Jack. Chloe, Morris and Bill run over too. Boulder says, “Good job, citizen! Let’s interrogate this guy! I have some pebbles I want to shoot into this guy’s thigh!”

Chloe says, “We’ll get him to talk! Throw me a taser!”

Boulder reaches into a pack he’s wearing and throws Chloe a piece of rolled up carpet and some socks. He tells her, “Throw it on the ground, and rub your feet back and forth…then touch him.” He sees Chloe’s expression and says, “…Hey! It’s just a prototype!”

3:49 pm – The man who shot Boulder doesn’t seem concerned about being captured. He just looks at a watch on his wrist, and smiles. There’s a countdown timer on the watch. Jack jumps up and tells everyone to get out of there. What’s left of the crowd scatters… and the next moment the man disappears. Jack screams in frustration.


3:55 pm – The police run around and make sure that everyone’s OK. Jack Boulder has been taken away to have his shoulder looked at. Jack says, “Why can’t we hold on to these people?”

He hears a metallic voice behind him. “It’s because you keep ruining my plans, Jack.” He turns to see a dark hooded figure standing on top of a nearby building. “You’re not supposed to be here.”

Jack yells, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

3:56 pm – The figure on the rooftop says, “Let’s just say that I have a personal score to settle with you. Plus I’m almost out of men because you keep ruining my plans.”

Jack yells back, “You thought going back in time would stop CTU?”

3:58 pm – The hooded figure says, “You really aren’t seeing the big picture, Jack. I don’t just want you dead; I want you and your little CTU friends gone for all time!”

Chloe rolls her eyes and yells, “Couldn’t be a little MORE melodramatic, could you?”

The figure points something at them. There’s a bright flash.

3:59 pm – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill are standing next to two white poles.

4:00 pm – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 20 – 2 pm to 3 pm

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24 – Two Days Later – Hour 20

The following takes place between 2 pm and 3 pm

2:00 pm – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill are standing in a driveway in a residential neighborhood.

A woman screams from across the street: “ABNER! COME SEE! ABNER!!”

2:01 pm – Jack and company look around, but no one in the neighborhood seems to be paying any attention to the screaming. Someone comes to the window of the house they’re standing in front of, sees the group, and leaves. The door opens, and a man wearing a suit says in a loud whisper, “Just don’t stand there! Get in here! Do you want the neighbors to see you?”

2:02 pm – They hurry inside the home. The small entryway has a mirror and a set of stairs leading to the second story. They walk into the living room, which has a couple of couches and a fireplace. The man says, “What is it with you people? Sam has always said you need to come through in the backyard, or appear in the house! Do you want people to see you?” He looks at them expecting an explanation, but no one says anything. He starts to realize that these people might not be who he thinks they are. He says, “You are here for Sam… right?”

Jack smile weakly and says, “Uh… Sam… The butcher? Alice’s friend?”

2:04 pm – The man looks surprised, “You mean that you don’t know who Samantha is? Who are you people?”

Jack says, “We’re from a government agency…”

The man interrupts. “Government agency? Government agency?? Why are you here?”

Jack says, “My name is Jack Bauer. This is Chloe, Bill and Morris. We’re trying to find someone. Have you seen anything suspicious recently?”

2:06 pm – The man laughs nervously and says, “Suspicious? Me? Ha Ha! No! Nothing like that around here! Nothing suspicious! Whatever gave you that idea?” He leads them into the living room and says, “I’m Darrin Stephens. Ha! But you probably knew that already. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the couches over there? Go ahead and mix yourself a drink. I’ll be right back.” He goes through a swinging door leading in to what looks like a kitchen. He starts to argue with someone in hushed tones from the kitchen.


2:11 pm – Bill says, “OK. Is it just me, or is there something weird going on here?”

They hear a loud noise. They look over and see an old woman covered with soot sitting in front of the fireplace. She says, “Oh dear! Oh my! Why, tha… tha…that wasn’t supposed to happen at all! No!”

Chloe says, “No, Bill. I haven’t seen anything I consider weird.”

Jack and Bill rush over to help the old woman up, brushing the soot off of her the best that they can.

2:15 pm – Darrin and a woman come running out of the kitchen. The woman says, “Aunt Clara! Are you OK? What happened?”

Aunt Clara says, “Samantha! I… I don’t know. I was coming in for a landing when the… you… Have you moved the front door again, dear? Hmmm?”

Samantha says, “No, dear. Here, let me help you.” She helps Aunt Clara up.

Jack says, “What happened? Why did she fall through the chimney?”

Samantha turns to Jack and says, “She’s a bit confused, the poor dear.” She whispers to Jack, “She likes to try and climb up the chimney as a ‘hobby’. She does it about once a week.” She turns back to Aunt Clara, “Come on dear, let’s go and have a lie down upstairs.”

Samantha takes Aunt Clara upstairs.

2:18 pm – A black haired woman comes out of the kitchen. She says, “We just got the strangest phone call. Is there someone named Jack Bauer here?”

Jack says, “I’m Jack Bauer!”

The woman says, “Well, there’s a phone call for you!”

Jack runs into the kitchen.

2:19 pm – Morris whispers to Chloe, “Hey! It’s her!!”

Chloe says, “What are you talking about?”

Morris tilts his head at Serena, “That’s Samantha! She’s just got a wig on, and a stick-on heart on her face! Why is she dressed like that?”

Chloe says, “Why don’t you ask her?”

Morris clears his throat and says, “Aren’t you Samantha?”

2:20 pm – Serena looks him up and down. “What a strange little man. No dear, I’m her cousin Serena.”

Morris says, “Cousin?? You look just like her!” He turns to Darrin. “She looks just like Samantha! How could she be a cousin?”

Darrin leans towards Serena while she pulls away from him. He shrugs, “No, I don’t see a resemblance”. Serena goes into the kitchen.

Darrin asks Morris, “Why don’t you have a drink?” He goes to a mini-bar set up on a table near the stairs and starts to mix a drink.

Morris says, “What? You’re kidding right? Bill? Chloe? You see it don’t you?”

2:21 pm – In the kitchen, Jack has Fenster on the telephone. Fenster says, “I finally got in touch with Nadia. She said there was trouble at Secretary Heller’s home.”

Jack says, “He didn’t try flying his car again, did he?”

Fenster says, “It’s serious, Jack. It’s Audrey. She was still incapacitated, but she’s gone. They think she might have been kidnapped.”

Jack says, “Find out what you can. I’m going to find out what’s happened if I have to beat it out of someone!”


2:26 pm – Jack returns to the room, and speaks with Chloe. He says, “Chloe, I have some good news and bad news. They think Audrey has been kidnapped.”

Chloe says, “What’s the bad news?”

Jack shakes his head, “Not now, Chloe. I’m being serious. The good news is that Fenster seems to have found a way to contact us via telephone. We just have to be sure we’re near one so he can call us. He’s still trying to figure out a way to get us back. Anyway, they think Audrey must have been kidnapped because she was still in a vegetative state at Heller’s house.”

Chloe says, “Vegetative… I… Uh….” She sees the look on Jack’s face and quickly says, “This is really tough, Jack…”

2:28 pm – The doorbell rings. Darrin goes to the door and opens it. A white-haired man steps in the house, “Darrin! I hope you have those new ads ready. Mr. Hoggenswogger is still going to meet us here, right?”

Darrin says, “Uh, right…”

2:29 pm – Larry walks into the living room. “Oh! You have guests!” He shakes Jack’s hand. “Larry Tate. Glad to meet you.” Jack introduces himself. Larry looks past everyone and says, “Endora! What a pleasant surprise. Can I mix you a drink?” He heads for the mini-bar.

Everyone turns and is startled to see a red-haired woman in a flowery dress standing behind them. Endora says, “I’d be delighted.”

Chloe whispers to Morris, “Where the heck did she come from?”

Morris says, “I don’t know, but this place is starting to give me the creeps.”

Endora goes over to Larry and says, “You’re so kind. Not at all like Durwood here. He didn’t even think of offering me a drink.”

Larry says, “Darrin! I’m surprised at you. Why don’t you run along and get those ads? Mr. Hoggenswogger is going to be here to pick up those new advertisements soon.” Darrin leaves to get the ads.

Larry hands Jack a glass of Scotch, “What line of business did you say you were in, Jack?”

Jack thinks a moment and says, “Uh…Insurance.”

2:32 pm – Chloe let’s out a single, “Heh!” Morris elbows her in the ribs. Chloe elbows him back, but harder. Morris decides to stop before it escalates to tasers.

2:33 pm – A man comes into the room carrying a cardboard tube and hands them to Larry. Larry says, “Thanks, Darrin. I’m sure Mr. Hoggenswogger will be delighted with these.”

Chloe says, “Darrin? That’s not Darrin! He’s wearing the same suit, but that’s not him!”

The man and Larry look at each other, and then back at Chloe. Larry says, “What are you talking about? That’s Darrin Stephens! You haven’t had a drink yet, have you? Here, let me get you one?”

Chloe says, “That’s not him! What is it with you people and all this drinking? You have doubles of Samantha; Darrin leaves and he comes back and says he’s Darrin. Maybe you people drink too much, because these things sure are slipping past you.”

Jack pulls Chloe aside, near the front door and says, “There’s obviously something going on here, but we still have to figure out what’s going on so we can go after those terrorists! Didn’t we decide to ‘embrace the weirdness’? Well, it’s getting really weird, so embrace it!”

Samantha walks downstairs, “Aunt Clara is going to be fine.”

2:35 pm – Chloe looks in the mirror while fixing her hair and mumbles, “Jack! She’s blonde again! She must be using spray on hair color!”

Jack whispers to her, “Embrace the weirdness!” He walks back to the living room.

A voice says, “That’s right, honey! And that hair is MILES better than yours!” Chloe looks into the mirror and sees a man in a flowered shirt standing behind her. She turns around, but doesn’t see anyone. She looks back into the mirror. The man is still there, and he waves at her. Chloe faints.

Samantha looks over as Chloe falls to the floor. She yells, “Uncle Arthur! Stop that this instant! Come out of that mirror!” Samantha wiggles her nose. Larry stops in mid-conversation with Bill. Everyone else is unaffected. Bill waves his hand in front of Larry’s face, but Larry stands stone still.

Jack, Morris and Bill run over to Chloe. The man in the flowered shirt that Chloe saw appears out of nowhere. “What happened? She couldn’t take a little criticism about her hair?”

Samantha looks startled when she realizes she didn’t freeze everyone as planned. “How are you still moving around?”

Endora says, “I don’t think we can affect them, Samantha. I tried putting a hex on the bald one a few minutes ago, and I couldn’t. It just changed the color of his shirt. They look harmless enough. I don’t think they’re with them.”

Morris looks down at himself and says, “Hey, Eudora is right! My shirt is a different color!”

“It’s Endora, you toad!” Endora hisses.

Jack says, “Wait! What do you mean? Them? Them who?”

Samantha says, “I want to know what’s going on! Who are you people? Who sent you? The Witches’ Council?”

Jack says, “Witches’ Council? We’re from CTU. What’s going on here? Who are you people?”

Endora says, “I might ask you the same thing!”


2:43 pm – Jack says, “I’ll explain in a minute. I have to help my friend.”

Uncle Arthur says, “She hit her head, Sammy. Better get a doctor.”

Samantha looks down at Chloe and says, “Oh, no! Calling Dr. Bombay! Calling Dr. Bombay! Emergency! Come right away!”

An instant later, a man with a tennis racket appears out of thin air.

Dr. Bombay says, “Samantha, Endora!”

Samantha says, “What are you doing with that tennis racket?”

Dr. Bombay says, “I’ve been teaching my nurse a thing or two about tennis! Love all, you might say! Haw! Haw!”

Samantha says, “Dr. Bombay, you have to help this woman. She’s hit her head.”

Dr. Bombay replies, “Oh dear! Let me have a look.” He examines Chloe’s head. “Why, she’s a mortal! She’s not a witch”

Morris says, “You should try being married to her…”

Jack explains, “This is going to sound strange, but we’re not from here. We’re from another place and time.”

Uncle Arthur says, “Where would that be? New York?”

2:46 pm – Endora says, “This could be a case of inter-dimensional travel! That certainly would explain the others.”

Jack says, “Others? What others?”

Samantha and Darrin look at each other a moment. Darrin nods to Samantha.

Samantha says, “We were contacted by someone a few days ago. He’s going to be here any minute to pick up those advertisements from Darren.”

Darrin says, “Larry thinks Mr. Hoggenswogger is a client. Hoggenswogger told me that if I told anyone about this, he’d expose our secret to the government! Everyone will know Samantha’s a witch!”

Samantha says, “I tried to put a hex on him, but he’s not affected in any way!”

Jack asks, “What did he look like?”

Darrin says, “That’s the odd thing. He and the men he was with were dressed entirely in black!”

Jack says, “Those sound just like people from the group we’ve been chasing!”

Endora says, “I told you no good would come of marrying Dum-Dum here. If the Witches’ Council finds out about this, they’ll take away your powers!”

2:48 pm – Dr. Bombay tells everyone, “She’ll be fine. Just a couple of aspirin, and she’ll be right as rain.” He tells Chloe, “Pleasure to ‘serve’ you. Haw! Serve!” He raises his tennis racket and disappears.


2:53 pm – There’s a knock at the door. Jack calls Darrin and Samantha over and says, “I have a plan!” He explains what to do. There’s another knock at the door.

Jack motions for Chloe, Bill and Morris to move out of sight. Jack hides behind the door as Darrin goes to answer the door.

2:54 pm – Three men are at the door. They’re holding guns and don’t wait to be asked to come inside. The lead man says, “Do you have them?” Darrin hands him the cardboard tube.

As Darrin does this, Jack jumps him from behind, catching him by surprise. The other two men turn towards Jack as he yells, “Now!”

Samantha wiggles her noses and suddenly all three men are dressed like Little Bo Peep and are holding flowers! Jack side kicks one of the men as the other two run out the door, leaving their companion behind. Outside, a woman screams: “ABNER! ABNER!”

2:55 pm – Bill runs outside and sees that Mrs. Kravitz has been watching through the window. She says, “I saw the whole thing! That white-haired man is frozen! The three men that just walked in there! They came out wearing costumes! What’s going on around here?”

Bill says, “I… I… I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Samantha and Darrin come running outside. Bill thinks for a moment and says, “Have you been drinking?”

Mrs. Kravitz says, “Drinking? I should say not! I only drink tea that Abner makes for me in the morning!”

Bill says, “Well, maybe there’s something in that tea you’ve been drinking? You know, some types of tea leaves have hallucinogenic properties…”

Mrs. Kravitz considers this for a moment. She puts her fists on her hips and starts back towards her house screaming, “ABNER!!”

Samantha says, “I don’t know why we never thought of that before!”

2:57 pm – They all go back inside, where Jack is struggling with ‘Mr. Hoggenswogger’. Jack says, “Who are you working with!” He pulls back his fist to punch the man in the face saying, “OK! You asked for it!” The man disappears.

Jack sighs and looks at the ceiling, “Oh come on! Just one punch!”

2:58 pm – Bill says, “What was so important about those ads?”

Darrin says, “It was nothing really. It was just an issue ad they wanted me to write up for some government magazine. It was protesting the creation of something called Counter Terrorism Unit. Why would someone want to terrorize a counter? That doesn’t make any sense!”

2:59 pm – There’s a flash of light.

Jack, Bill, Morris and Chloe are standing in a large pit with gravel all around them.

3:00 pm – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 19 – 1 pm to 2 pm

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 19

The following takes place between 1 pm and 2 pm

1:00 pm – Fenster says, “Jack? Jack!” and slams down the telephone. He looks at the computer monitor above the doorway. The monitor shows Jack, Morris, Chloe and Bill standing on scaffolding next to the tip of a rocket.

1:01 pm – Bill lets out a yell when he realizes he’s standing high up in the air and grabs on to the scaffolding. A moment later, shots are fired. Jack looks down and sees that one level below them, a man in a black astronaut suit is trying to break into the rocket. Below that, on the ground, more men dressed in black are trying to do something with the rocket. One of them is firing a gun at them.

Everyone scrambles to avoid being shot, including Bill who scrambles with the precision of someone attempting to scramble while still holding on for dear life.

1:04 pm – Jack searches his pockets for something he can use, and realizes he still has on Batman’s utility belt. He pulls out a grappling hook with a line attached to it. He lets some of the line out and attaches the hook to a pole above him. He yells, “I sure hope this works!” and swings out and away from the rocket in a wide arc.

He swings around and back towards the man in the black astronaut suit. The man turns just in time to see Jack’s feet hit him in the face, and proceeds to learn the law of gravity the hard way as the pavement below breaks his fall, and him.

1:06 pm – Chloe and Morris run down to this level just in time to see Jack’s momentum carry him past where he wanted to gracefully land. He continues to ungracefully fall further down the rocket, still holding on to the line. The line suddenly pulls tight as Jack uses up all of the slack. He heads right back towards the scaffold. He hits one of the scaffold poles, lets go of the line and starts to slide down the pole. He has the presence of mind to try and stop himself. Unfortunately, gravity has other ideas and keeps pulling him towards the ground. He grabs onto one of the floor grates as he passes, and pulls himself onto the floor. One of the terrorists yells, “He’s not dead! Plan 2 is set! Run for it!” Sirens in the distance and jeeps heading towards the rocket cause the men at the base of the rocket to run away. Jack rolls over and sees them running away. He gets up and starts running down the stairs.

1:08 pm – Meanwhile, Morris and Chloe look through a window and see an astronaut inside the compartment the man was trying to break into. Morris yells for Bill to come down from the level above them as he and Chloe both try to open the door to let out the astronaut who’s trapped inside. They knock on the window and give the astronaut the thumbs up, and OK signs, trying to tell him that everything is alright. The astronaut comes to the door and starts to open the hatch as Chloe and Morris hear someone behind them. Morris says, “Bill, help me with this door!”

1:09 pm – Morris turns around and a short blonde woman dressed in a pink belly dancing outfit. He says, “Uh, Chloe? Did you order a belly dancer with a missing belly button?”

Chloe continues to struggle with the door and says, “Morris, quit goofing around!” The woman folds her arms, nods her head, and blinks. Morris disappears!

When he doesn’t respond, Chloe says, “Morris? Morris?” She turns around and sees the woman. The woman is folding her arms again, ready to make Chloe disappear too.

The astronaut yells something, but it’s muffled because his visor is still down. He pulls off his helmet, and yells, “Jeannie! Stop it! They were helping me!”

1:10 pm – Chloe and Jeannie help the astronaut out of the space capsule, and as they do, they hear Jack yelling to them from the ground, “Get out of here! This thing is going to blow!” Jack struggles with something that’s been attached to the rocket.

The astronaut looks down, at what Jack is doing and says, “Jeannie! Get us out of here!” Jeannie folds her arms and blinks again.


1:15 pm – They all find themselves in an office. Chloe is disoriented. Jack is attempting to disable thin air. Bill holds on to the edge of a desk with all his might. Morris is nowhere to be seen.

The astronaut says, “Now, I know that was a little disorienting, but let me explain…”

Jack says, “No need to explain, we do that sort of thing all the time.”

The astronaut and Jeannie look at each other, surprised, and then look at Chloe and Jack. The astronaut says, “What? Really? I’m… I’m surprised.. but if you’ve… Oh, never mind. My name is Tony Nelson. You’ve met Jeannie.” He shakes Jack’s hand. Jack introduces everyone.

Jack says, “We’ve been chasing after those terrorists for some time now.”

Tony asks, “How do you know they’re terrorists?”

Bill says, “Well, the whole “shooting, planting explosives and wearing a black space suit was a giveaway to me…”

1:18 pm – In the warehouse, Fenster reads out of a manual titled “Moron’s Guide to Evil Computers” while trying to adjust some knobs on the console he’s standing in front of. He turns several knobs, double checks the manual, and then presses a button. The lights go out.

1:20 pm – Chloe looks around. She says, “Wait a minute! Where’s Morris? What did you do with Morris?” The door to the office starts to open. Jeannie looks panicked. She folds her arms, blinks and disappears.

1:21 pm – A colonel walks into the room, and is surprised to see Tony and everyone else in the room. “Major Nelson! What are you doing here? I thought you were scheduled to go into orbit this morning?”

Major Nelson says, “Dr Bellows! I’m so glad to see you!”

Dr Bellows says, “You are?”

Major Nelson says, “Yes! We have to get the MPs! I was scheduled to be on that flight. I was all suited up and ready to go and someone hit me from behind. I must have been dazed, because the next thing I knew, I was here in my office.”

1:24 pm – A very loud explosion can be heard from somewhere outside. Dr. Bellows yells, “That sounded like a nuclear weapon!”

Jack says, “No, those sound a LOT different.” Major Nelson and Dr. Bellows run to the office window and look out. The rocket that was on the launch pad has exploded!


1:29 pm – Fenster has gotten the lights back on in the warehouse, but still hasn’t figured out how to get into the computer, because it is password protected and he can’t find any yellow sticky notes on the monitor that might give him a hint.

He looks up at the TV screen, and sees that Jack is talking to someone from the military and an astronaut. He can’t hear what they’re saying, but moves closer to the screen to have a better look. As he’s watching, he looks over and sees a small display next to the doorway. It has a countdown timer and reads:

31 minutes
Cocoa Beach, FL
Milwaukee, WI
Scranton, PA

Fenster taps on the display, but nothing happens.

1:30 pm – Back in the office, Dr. Bellows continues to talk to Major Nelson. “We need a description of the people that did this. What did this man that hit you look like?”

Major Nelson says, “Well, it all happened so fast, I’m not sure. I was hit from behind…”

1:31 pm -Another man walks into the office. “Dr. Bellows! We’ve been looking all over for you. Tony’s space capsule just exploded on the launch pad! He’s dead! It’s terrible! You have to come with me!”

He looks over at Major Nelson, and says, “Hi, Tony” He looks back at Dr. Bellows and then does a double take, looking back at Major Nelson. ‘TONY!” He runs up and hugs Major Nelson. “Thank God you’re all right! What happened? Who are these people?” He points at Jack, Bill and Chloe.

Major Nelson says, “Um…. You know my cousins, Roger!”

Roger looks at Jack and says, “What a coincidence! My name is ‘Roger’ too!”

Jack says, “I think you misunderstood. My name…”

Roger looks at Chloe. “Your name is Roger too? A woman? That’s pretty unusual. All the people in my family named ‘Roger’ were guys!”

1:33 pm – Dr. Bellows says, “Enough of this!” He turns to Major Nelson. “These are your relatives? I don’t recall seeing their names on the VIP list…”

Major Nelson says, “Well… Yes! They were my guests today for the launch.”

Jack nods in agreement. “Yes! That’s right. We were here as guests of Maj… I mean Tony.”

Roger says, “Cousins? You said all your cousins were in Montan… OUCH!” Major Nelson stamps on Roger’s foot.

Dr. Bellows squints his eyes, “There’s something not right about this. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something that’s not right.” He starts to leave, and stops at the door. He says, “I’m sure the base commanders are going to want to speak to you about this incident, but considering you’ve been hit in the head, I think it would be best for you to go home and get some bed rest. I’ll be checking in with you later.” He leaves.

1:36 pm – Bill finally loosens his grip on the desk and says, “A major explosion happens, you’re involved, and he sends you HOME? Wow, security is pretty lax around here.”

Chloe asks Bill, “What are you talking about? You’ve done the same thing…”

Roger holds his foot and asks Tony, “What did you do that for? That really hurt!”

Tony says, “I had to stop you from talking! Someone tried to break into my capsule, and set a bomb to blow it up! We have to figure this out… and away from here.” He looks up and yells, “Jeannie!”

The blonde woman reappears out of thin air. “Yes, Master?” She looks over to Roger and says, “Oh hello, Major Healey.”

Tony says, “Jeannie, I want you to take us all back home. We have to figure out what’s going on.”

Roger says, “I’m going to have to get back to see Dr. Bellows. I’ll be by later this afternoon.”

1:39 pm – Jeannie blinks. They all disappear, and Roger leaves the room.


1:44 pm – At the warehouse, Fenster realizes he forgot something. He grabs a phone and dials the number for CTU. No one answers. He looks down at his watch. “Figures! Those people ALWAYS take long lunches.”

1:45 pm – At Tony’s home, Jeannie serves everyone a drink. Tony asks, “What were you people doing up there anyway? How did you know that was going to happen?”

Jack says, “We didn’t. It’s a long story.”

Chloe takes a sip, looks around the room, and says, “Hey! You never told me what happened to Morris? Where is he?” She looks at Jeannie, “You know… The bald guy that was with me, trying to get Tony out of that capsule… Before it EXPLODED?”

Tony asks Jeannie, “Oh no! Jeannie, what did you do with him?”

Jeannie says, “Sorry, Master!” She blinks and Morris reappears.

1:47 pm – Morris gasps for air, see Jeannie and says, “Stay away from me!” He looks at Chloe, and says, “It was horrible! Horrific images kept flashing before my eyes!”

Chloe asks, “Where were you?”

Morris says, “I was forced to listen to celebrities pretend they understood politics!”

Chloe gasps.

1:48 pm – Jack tells them both to quiet down. He turns to Tony and says, “Why would anyone want to blow up the rocket you were in?”

Tony says, “I have no idea! I don’t have any enemies!” He stands up and walks around the room. “The Soviets have their own space program. I doubt they’d be desperate enough to try and sabotage ours just to make their program look better.” He walks to the front window to look out over his front lawn and laughs, “It’s not like someone is trying to assassinate me!”

These words startle Jack when he realizes the implications of what Tony just said. He jumps up from his chair, yells, “Get down!” and tackles Tony. A gun fires from somewhere outside. A bullet hole is in the window right where Tony was standing. The glass Chloe was holding has been shattered. She yelps and hits the floor. Everyone else decides that’s a good idea too, and also hit the floor.

Tony gasps as he stays low to the floor, “How did you know that was going to happen?”

Jack says, “Um… experience…”

1:50 pm – They hear footsteps upstairs. They hear a dog bark and a man scream. The man stumbles down the stairs, desperately moving his feet as if trying to shake something off of them. He falls down the stairs.

Jack jumps up and grabs the man. The man tries to hit Jack over the head with a bottle, while at the same time trying to shake something off of his leg. Jeannie screams, runs over and grabs the bottle away from the man as Jack wrestles the man into submission. Jack pulls out a rope from his Batman utility belt and ties the man’s hands. The man continues scream and kick his feet.

Jeannie says, “Djinn Djinn! Good boy! Come here!” A dog appears beside Jeannie, and she bends down to pet him. The man stops kicking his feet.

Tony mutters, “I hate that dog…”

Jack pulls the man to his feet, and pushes him against the wall, yelling “What are you doing here? What do you want?” The man doesn’t say anything. Jack looks around, and then says, “Jeannie, bring that dog back over here.”

The man gets a wild look on his face and says, “No! No! Not that! I’ll tell you! I was just sent here to get the bottle, that’s all! I don’t know anything else!”

Jack seems satisfied with this answer, so he punches the guy in the face, knocking him out. He walks over to Jeannie. “What’s so special about that bottle?”

Jeannie says, “Why, it’s my bottle! It’s my home!”

Chloe gives Jeannie a strange look. “Your … home?”

Jeannie says, “Yes! Let me show you!” She sets the bottle down on the table, folds her arm and blinks. She and Chloe both dissolve into two streams of smoke, both of which go into the bottle!

1:52 pm – Chloe and Jeannie rematerialize inside of the bottle. There is a set of circular purple cushions up against the room’s walls. Orange pillows sit on top of the cushions.

Chloe looks around, up, and then at Jeannie. “You live in a bottle.” Jeannie nods. “You’re a real genie?” Jeannie nods. “A genie named Jeannie.”

Jeannie nods again, “I prefer the term ‘Genie-American’”.

Chloe lets out a sigh, sits down, and says, “Well, now I’ve heard everything.”

Jeannie sits down next to Chloe and says, “How long has he been yours?”

Chloe doesn’t understand. “What do you mean?”

Jeannie says, “The blonde one. How long has he been your master?”

Chloe jumps up, “Hey, now! He’s not my master! I’m not a genie! What made you think that?”

Jeannie says, “Well, when you said you went from place to place like that before, I just assumed that…”

Chloe says, “Well, don’t assume anything! I don’t even think YOU should be calling Tony ‘Master’. It’s degrading!

A loud booming voice says, “Chloe?”

She looks up, and sees an eyeball staring back at her. She tells Jeannie, “OK, that’s it! Get me out of here!”

1:55 pm – Jeannie blinks and they both dissolve into smoke again. The smoke goes shooting out of the bottle, and Chloe and Jeannie rematerialize in the room.

Chloe tells Jeannie, “Don’t EVER do that again.” She looks at Jeannie’s costume, and says “Stand up for yourself! Put on some real clothes and find a belly button, would you?”

Morris smirks and says, “You should have kept her in there. She’d be easier to handle.”

Chloe gives him a dirty look.

1:56 pm – Jack says, “I’m confused. Why would they want to steal an old bottle like that? And want Tony dead?”

Everyone thinks about this for a moment. Jeannie speaks up, very quietly, “I think I might know.” She looks very scared.

Tony puts his arm around her. “What is it? What’s the matter?”

Jeannie says, “If a genie’s master dies, then the person who holds the bottle controls the genie.”

Bill snaps his fingers, “That’s it! They must have wanted to kill you, and take Jeannie so they could use her magic!”

Tony says, “Well, what can we do to stop that from happening?”

1:58 pm – Jack says, “Keep that bottle in a very safe place. Without it, they won’t be able to control Jeannie. I’ll be willing to bet that once NASA does an analysis of the launch pad site, and they see the bullet hole here, they’ll put extra security on you too. Besides, now that you know someone is after you, I doubt they’ll try anything else, especially with Jeannie here to protect you.” He looks over at Morris, who’s over near the man that’s been tied up. Morris is trying to shake something off of his feet. Jack says, “And I think that dog will help protect things around here too.”

Tony asks, “What do we do with that guy?” He points at the tied-up man.

1:59 pm – There’s a bright flash.

At the warehouse, Fenster continues to wait on hold for CTU, but no one answers the phone. He says to himself, “Lunch has to be over by now… Where could they be?”

Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill are standing in a driveway. They hear a loud scream coming from across the street: “ABNER!”

2:00 pm -Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – 12 noon to 1 pm

24 logo
24 – Two Days Later – Hour 18

The following takes place between 12 noon and 1 pm.

12:00 noon – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill stand on a sidewalk on a busy street, near a residential neighborhood. There are quite a few vintage cars driving past, and the kids in the cars are celebrating a high school football win. They’re yelling as they drive past. People on the sidewalk are looking nervously at the cars and at Jack and company.

Jack is very frustrated, “I’m beginning to think we’re never going to get these guys. I had him pinned to the ground! I almost had an answer out of him!”

12:01 pm – Bill looks around, and points to the house they’re standing in front of. “Where to next? In there?”

A lady who is walking past at that moment can’t help herself, and tells Bill. “Excuse me, but I don’t think you want to go in there. There’s something wrong with that family. They associate with hoodlums!”

Morris says, “Hoodlums? Who uses the word ‘hoodlums’ anymore?”

Bill says, “I like it. It’s a fun word. Hoodlum. Hoodlum – hoodlum. Hoodlum, hoodlum, hoodlum…”.

Chloe says, “Stop it, Mr. Excitement. Let the lady finish… Go ahead ma’am.”

The lady continues, “I think they’re over protective of their children too… Not that it’s bad to do that in this day and age, but those children been in that high school forever!” She lowers her voice, “and then there’s the matter of the older son that disappeared… No one knows what happened to him!” She shutters.

Jack says, “Um… Ok, ma’am. Thanks!” The lady leaves. Jack whispers, “Let’s go up to the house anyway”, as they watch her turn the corner down the street.

12:05 pm – They walk up to the door and ring the doorbell. A man answers the door and says, “Wow! You people are quick! They told me on the phone it might take a couple of hours! My name is Howard Cunningham, this is my wife Marion, and this is my son Richie.”

Marion says, “Oh, hello! We’re so worried! Richard’s friend is in such trouble! Howard, you tell them!”

Howard says, “Richie got a phone call from Potsie down at Arnold’s. Richie said Fonzie is down there trying to organize people to go get his friend Shirley. He said the she was kidnapped! “

Marion says, “I’m so worried about Richard and Arthur! They’re going to do something rash! I just know it!”

Jack says, “Wait, wait, wait… Let me get this straight, Arthur went to Arnold’s house to help Richie, ‘Potsie’, and ‘Fonzie’ find Shirley? What’s a Potsie and a Fonzie? They sound like hamster names…”

Marion says, “Oh, don’t say that. Arthur wouldn’t like that. ‘Fonzie’ is Arthur Fonzarelli’s nickname. All the kids down at the high school call him that.”

Chloe looks at Richie, “Wait… You’re in high school? You’re kidding right? You must be at least 25 years old!”

Richie ignores this and answer’s Jack’s question, “’Arnold’s’ isn’t’ someone’s house, it’s a drive-in.”

12:08 pm – Jack tells Howard and Marion, “OK, listen: I want you two to stay here. If this is who I think it is, we’ve been after these people for a long time now. Your son will be safe with us. We’re going over to Arnold’s to check on this.”

Bill interrupts, “I have a question. This ‘Arnold’ you’re talking about… This wouldn’t happen to be a pig, would it?”


12:13 pm – It’s very crowded at Arnold’s drive-in, and there’s a lot of celebrating about the football game. A young man with black hair talks on the phone. “I’m telling you, I checked! There’s no one here with that name!” He hangs up, and goes into the men’s room.

Richie arrives at Arnold’s with Chloe, Jack, Morris, and Bill. He says, “Fonzie is probably in his office.” He points at the men’s bathroom. Chloe tells them that she’s going to go take a look around outside.

Bill says, “An office in a bathroom? Is this ‘Fonzie’ some kind of janitor?”

Everyone in the restaurant stops, and gasps. Richie says, “Don’t let him hear you say that!” He walks to the bathroom door and knocks.

A voice from inside the bathroom says, “Enter-a-mundo!”

12:16 pm – They walk into the bathroom where they see three young men. Richie speaks to one wearing a leather jacket. “Fonzie! Jack, this is Fonzie, Ralph and Potsie. These people are from the FBI! They’re here to help get Shirley back!”

Jack speaks up, “We’re not from the FBI, we’re from CTU. I’m Jack Bauer. We believe that the people holding your friend are people we’ve been after for quite some time. I think we should handle this.”

Fonzie steps forward, “CTU? Never heard of it. Did Officer Kirk put you up to this?”

Jack looks astonished. “Kirk? There’s no way you could know anything about a star ship….”

Fonzie looks at the others young men with him, “You see? It’s just like Kirk to come in here and throw his weight around.” He comes over to Jack, and pokes him in the chest. “You nerds tell Kirk to sit on it! We’ll handle this ourselves, at least until the real FBI shows up.”

Jack says, “Now listen, you…” and pokes Fonzie in HIS chest.

Fonzie’s reaction is immediate; he steps back and says, “Aaaaaye! No one touches The Fonz’s jacket!”

Richie says, “Fonz! He didn’t know! Ralph! Potsie! Tell him!”

Ralph says, “He’s right, nobody touches The Fonz’s jacket. “

Potsie agrees, “Yeah, nobody!”

Richie says, “Fonz, we have to concentrate on finding Shirley.”

Fonzie looks at Jack, and then back at Richie. “You’re right. I’ll let it slide…THIS time. We still have to get that phone call, and then we can go get Shirley. We need to find out if anyone’s seen anything.”

Bill asks Ralph, “So, what’s with ‘Potsie’? What kind of name is that?”

12:20 pm – They walk out into the restaurant area, and a woman with a large L on her sweater runs up to Fonzie, very upset about her friend Shirley. Fonzie tells her, “Laverne, we’ll get Shirley back. Don’t worry.”

The phone outside the bathroom rings, and Potsie answers it. “No! For the hundredth time! You have the wrong number!”

12:22 pm – The noise in the restaurant is very loud as people continue to celebrate the football game victory. Richie says, “How are we going to get them to quiet down?” Fonzie snaps his fingers. Everyone immediately goes quiet, and the only thing playing is the juke box. Fonzie steps up to the jukebox, blows on his fist, and hits it. It turns off.

Fonzie says, “Listen up! This Jack Bauer! He’s here to help me find Shirley Feeney! Tell us if anyone has heard anything about what happened to Shirley.”

No one moves.

12:23 pm – Jack says, “This is very important. We believe that the people who took your friend are dangerous criminals. If you’ve seen anything suspicious, you have to tell us.”

Two greasers walk into the room, one short and one tall. The short one says a very nasally, “Hello!”

Laverne says, “Lenny and Squiggy! Get out of here!”

Lenny says, “Shirley said you would say that.”

Laverne quickly says, “Shirl? Where is she? Is she OK?”

Squiggy says, “She’s fine. She said she wants to meet us at the abandoned…”

Morris says, “Warehouse?”

Lenny says, “No, Mister Smarty-Pants! It’s the abandoned brewery. She said that Fonzie, Laverne, Squiggy and I are the only people that should come. She said that if they see anyone not matching our descriptions, they’re going to hurt her!”

Fonzie says, “We’ll have to get going. I’m getting my bike.” He starts to head out the door, but turns to the juke box.

Jack says, “Allow me.” He walks up to the jukebox, leans over and snarls. It turns back on. They head out to the parking lot.

12:26 pm – Out in the parking lot, Fonzie sees Chloe sitting on his motorcycle. He tells Jack, “Chicks dig my bike.” He walks over to Chloe and says, “I see you like my bike.”

Chloe looks at him, and says, “Yeah! It’s a classic! I wish I had one of these.” Fonzie snaps his fingers, but nothing happens. Chloe stares at him, unimpressed. He snaps them again, and looks at Chloe. She gets an incredulous look on her face and snaps her fingers back at him. Potsie and Ralph run to Chloe’s side. Jack turns to Chloe, and asks her to get off the motorcycle, which she does.

Fonzie gets on this motorcycle, and Ralph and Richie drive everyone to the abandoned brewery in their cars. Jack tells Richie to stop the car about a block away and tells everyone, “This is going to be really dangerous, but I have a plan. Ralph, Richie… You two set up a perimeter. Everyone else into the alley.”


12:33 pm – Richie and Ralph wait next to their cars which are parked next to an alley. Fonzie’s voice comes out of the alley, “I’m only letting you borrow that because you’re helping get Shirley back.”

Squiggy says, “Yeah, me too!”

Jack, Morris and Bill all walk out of the alley together. Morris says, “I feel ridiculous.” He’s wearing Squiggy’s clothes and Bill is wearing Lenny’s clothes! Jack is wearing Fonzie’s leather jacket, and his hair is slicked back.

Jack turns back to the alley and says, “Just stay low. We’ll be back in no time.”

12:35 pm – Chloe walks out of another alley, a little further down the street. She’s wearing Laverne’s “L” sweater. She walks up to Jack and says, “I feel like an idiot.”

Squiggy yells from the alley, “Hello! Did someone just call me?”

Chloe walks up to Richie and looks at him carefully. She finally realizes what’s been bothering her. “You’re that kid! From Mayberry!”

Richie looks very startled to hear her say that. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Chloe says, “Sure! You’re that kid! Opus, or something like that!”

12:37 pm – Jack tells everyone to quiet down. They head down the block to the abandoned brewery, which has a large “Abandoned Brewery” sign on it.

Morris says, “Always the same.”

12:38 pm – They enter the brewery, and it’s very dark. The move further into the building, and someone knocks a bottle over. Lights turn on in part of building, and we can clearly see a young woman being held by one of the terrorists up on a walkway. Jack and the others are somewhat visible, but are still in a dark area, so you can see their clothes, but not their faces.

Shirley screams, “Fonzie! Help!”

The man tightens his grasp on her and tells her to shut up. He yells, “Arthur Fonzarelli, did you bring the others?”

Jack hesitates and whispers, “What was his nickname again?”

Bill whispers back, “Fonzie!”

Jack tries to disguise his voice, “Um… Yo!” He coughs, “I mean Aaaaaaye! This is The Fonzie!”

Jack mutters to the others, “Say something!”

Bill changes his voice and says, “Hi there!”

Morris doesn’t even attempt to change is voice, “Greetings.” Chloe punches him in the stomach with her elbow. This time he changes his voice, “Uh …. Hello…. ?”

Chloe says, “Er, Yo, Shirley Feeney!”

Jack quickly tries to cover up these awkward greetings by saying, “The Fonzie is listening.”

12:42 pm – The man squints for a moment, as if trying to process all this, and then says, “One of the four of you is going to be to be contacted by a man named Jack. I want you to make up some excuse to bring him here. Once I get him and bring him to my boss, you can have the girl.”

Jack coughs and says, “Aaaaaye! The Fonzie wants to know, why do you want this Jack Bauer so much?”

The man says, “That’s none of your…. Wait a minute! I didn’t say anything about his last name…”

12:45 pm – Jack realizes his mistake and grabs a nearby beer bottle. He throws it at the man. Shirley ducks in time, and the bottle hits the man in the head. He loses his grip, and falls backwards into an empty beer vat. Shirley makes a run for it out of the building, yelling “Laverne! Let’s get out of here!”

Jack runs up the stairs to the walkway, and looks down. The man has disappeared!


12:51 pm – Back at Arnold’s, everyone celebrates because Shirley is safe and sound. Fonzie snaps his fingers, and two girls run to him. He puts both his thumbs up, and walks out with them. Bill looks around and snaps his fingers, but nothing happens. He continues to try and do that.

Chloe, Morris, and Jack sit at a table, drinking milk shakes. Jack pounds the table.

Chloe says, “Jack, I know you’re frustrated.”

Jack says, “I am, but it’s not that…. Ice cream headache!” He holds his forehead. “One lousy beer bottle! That’s all it took to get that guy! I haven’t interrogated or nearly killed anyone in hours now! I’m going to get rusty!” Chloe pats him on the back trying to reassure him.

Morris says, “Every time we get close enough to these terrorists, they slip through our fingers. We’ve never spent more than an hour in any of these places, and,” he looks at his watch, “that hour is about over. What do we do? How are we supposed to get these terrorists?”

12:53 pm – Jack says, “We have to get the jump on them. Trap them somehow. They want to get me out of the way. They didn’t know we were going to be here to screw up their plans, and they’re reacting accordingly.”

Bill agrees, “One of them said earlier that they were going to get rid of you. How did they expect to do that?”

Chloe says, “Well, let’s look at the facts. They’ve been going after various items in all these places. It’s hard to tell if they’ve been successful, because we’ve thwarted some of their plans. It really bothers me that they were going after those nuclear power plant plans.”

Morris says, “I agree, but what were they going to do with that giant robotic squirrel? And that last place we were in… Why did they need those boxes of paper? Surely they could have gotten other boxes?”

Shirley turns around and says, “What? Did someone just call me?”

12:55 pm – The phone rings, and Potsie goes to answer it.

Jack says, “Yes, I believe they could have gotten other boxes, but there’s something about that particular paper they wanted.”

12:56 pm – From across the room, Potsie yells into the phone, “For the last time, you have the wrong number! There’s no one named Chloe here!”

Jack jumps up, “Wait! That phone call was for us!”

He runs to the phone, and Chloe, Bill and Morris follow him, trying to listen in. He says, “This is Jack Bauer! Who is this?”

The voice on the other end of the phone says, “Jack! It’s Fenster! I’ve been trying to reach you for hours!”

Jack says, “When are the reinforcements going to arrive?”

Fensters pauses, “Uh… Reinforcements? I’ve been trying to get this phone working for the last couple of hours. I’ll get in touch with them. Jack, I’ve been able to watch what you’ve been doing on a computer monitor here. It’s like watching TV!”

Jack says, “Fenster, listen carefully you have to…”

12:59 pm – There’s a flash of light.

Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill are standing on a very tall scaffold, next to what looks like the tip of a rocket.

1:00 pm – Time’s up!