Season 7 – 6 am to 8 am – Season Finale

Previously on 24, we found out that: Wearing a really bad wig makes it easier for people to remember you; Olivia can show a second emotion: completely freaked out; Janice proved that if you stab enough keys on a keyboard, you might do something useful; Kim really needs to learn to pick better people to talk to at the airport.

6 am – Olivia takes a phone call on the quickest “How Soon After The Beginning Of The Show Can We Do A Product Placement” ever. Seems that unlike in the real world, the deputy attorney general wants to debrief Olivia, which puts him at the end of a long line.

Her mother, Mrs. President, wants her in another briefing, and goes into detail on what happened during the last show. Things are happening pretty fast, but they appear to have had enough time to do a pretty amazing multimedia presentation behind her. She tells everyone in the room that Tony is the key to finding out about everything.

6:02 am – Jack continues to get information through his earpiece, and is told he’s going to need to take over the van. They’re pretty much watching Jack’s every move, which would be great idea for a plot, if it hadn’t already been done in the movie “Eagle Eye”.

6:05 am – At the airport, a lady and her son want to sit down, so Bob, the “I’m just going to the bathroom to kill someone” guy, has to move the spy camera briefcase he’s had open this whole time. It’s been taking pictures of Kim, and uploading them to YouTube. When he moves the briefcase, Kim notices that Bob’s got blood on his neck. He just blames the vampires he met in Sunnyvale, and goes to find something to clean it up with.

6:07 am – Evil woman finally has taken off her wig, and pulls over to take a phone call from Bob. Bob’s worried about the body he left behind in the restroom, and that he’s not going to be able to stuff it in his overhead bin without putting it into a plastic baggie first. Evil woman tells Bob that it won’t take long for Jack to deliver Tony.

6:08 am – In the FBI van, Jack asks for Renee’s iPhone, disables the “Your Friends At the FBI” app, and pulls a gun on Renee. To prove that he’s serious he FINALLY shoots someone in the thigh. Janice gets hysterical, and thinks that repeating Jack’s name over and over will somehow help.

Renee wants to know why Jack is doing this. He says it’d be pretty boring for the next two hours if all he did was take Tony prisoner, and besides, they have his daughter. Tony doesn’t want Jack to reveal any more plot points, and tells him to shut up as Janice and Chloe frantically try to help find where the van is headed.
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