LOST: Harold Perrineau Explains His Previous Interview

On LOST, even when your character dies, it doesn’t mean we won’t see him again. I got that feeling when reading this new interview with Harold Perrineau (Michael) on his departure from LOST. In his previous interview, he sounded pretty bitter. In a new Entertainment Weekly interview, he tries to set the record straight:

Do you regret going public with your feelings?
I should probably think more before I say things. I should especially think before I say anything racial, because I recognize that when you make a racial comment it polarizes people. That was never the intention. It’s like, “No, no, no, don’t choose sides. I’m just telling you this is what I think. Everybody stay on whatever side you’re on; this is my point-of-view.” I should think about those things, and then unfortunately what happens is I just start to talk — like I’m doing now, I should probably shut up. [laughs]

The article discusses other things, such as his favorite scenes from LOST, his least favorite moment, and what happens when you find out that your character won’t be around much longer.

Via EW.com