More on Ajira Airways – And A Secret Message!

We found out about the Ajira Airways website in the previously mentioned Dharma Initiative #6 webcast, and here are a few things I’ve found so far.

1) This picture shows up briefly in the video that plays:

Note in the bottom corner, the date 1/21/2009, the date that LOST airs, so this is presumably a shot from episode #1 of Season 5.

2) The news scroll under the main window mentions avoiding the “South Pacific Triangle”, the introduction of new flights for island hoppers and to the arctic, and introduced “Destination Destiny” – The Australian outback is home to all sorts of characters, ancient secreats and hopping wallabies – watch out!

3) Antonio B. MacCutheon is referenced on the Ajira Adventures page; recall Widmore’s mention of Anderson MacCutcheon when he spoke to Desmond.

4) Also on that page, there’s a reference to an Origami Ball project. If you use the instructions on the “sample boarding pass“.

If you follow the instructions carefully, and look into the hole, you’ll see that it’s focused on the “13 29 02N”.

There’s also a bar code, with “144 47 50E”. If you look at these in Google Earth, you’ll see an airstrip, which is on Guam, one of the destinations for the flight on the flight page.

Find anything else? Post it in the comment here to share with us!