Wall-E Robot Toy Coming from Disney

I’m a total Pixar junkie, and have been since the early days of the company. (Remember Luxo Jr?) I just ran across this: Gearlog is reporting Disney/Pixar and Wowwee are going to release a Wall-E robot this summer for about $190!

It’s going to have a remote control, be able avoid obstacles, touch detection, sound, 10 motors and will be programmable! Very cool! Can’t wait to see it!

Pixar’s WALL-E

You’ve probably already seen the trailers for Pixar‘s next movie, Ratatouille.   I’m a big Pixar fan, going back to the Luxo Jr. days.  

So, have you heard about the Pixar movie coming out in 2008?   It’s called WALL-E, and you can view a preview trailer here.