LOST: Live Together, Die Alone; Season Two Finale

SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven’t watched the season finale of LOST, don’t read this until you have. The rest of this post is going to have a lot of spoilers.

Still reading? OK, you’ve been warned.

There sure were a lot of things going on in this episode. In typical LOST fashion, we learned a lot of things, and have questions about many more.

The first thing I’ll say was that my theory about Desmond being “in” on the whole Hanso/Dharma Initiative was wrong. There is a connection between Desmond and Charles Widmore’s daughter, however, and that was a surprise. Widmore, from what we’ve seen in previous shows, is a group of companies, doing at least medical supplies and construction. It seems as through Widmore might be the construction company for Hanso.

None of the predictions I made in my previous post were even addressed, other than how the plane went down. We found out that it wasn’t a bomb, or even a weapon. The plane went down because of an accident! It happened the day that Kelvin accidently died while fighting with Desmond, when the timer went down to zero.

Another thing we found out was that Henry Gale did indeed pull off an “Ana Lucia” by going into the enemy camp trying to find more information. “Mr Friendly” seemed to be the guy in charge before Henry showed up, but that’s changed.

One of the most surprising things was that they let Walt go with Michael! Now, I don’t think anyone that was watching thinks for a minute that “The Others” won’t try and get Walt and Michael back. One of the more interesting things that they said was the “We got more than we bargained for with Walt”. Did that me they couldn’t control him?

And of course, we found out what happens when the button isn’t pushed. Yikes.

There are many things that are completely up in the air, but in particular:

We have no idea of the fate of Eko and Locke. I sure hope those guys survived.

We still don’t know why Jack, Sawyer and Kate were taken.

That “explosion” that Desmond set off…what exactly did that do? Was it just masking the magnetic field so the island couldn’t be located? Was there some kind of shield around the island?

Is there really a sickness? Kelvin was obviously deceiving Desmond about that, but if that’s true, what had the French Woman witnessed that effected her companions.

5 thoughts on “LOST: Live Together, Die Alone; Season Two Finale”

  1. How about kelvin being the same guy that worked with sayid while sayid was a US interpreter? That sort of puts a huge connection between hanso and the us military.

  2. Steve,
    Been reading your “24” recaps on Dave’s Blog for a while, but just found out you were a Lost fanatic, too – so glad!! Have added your site to my list of “check on Thursday sites”

  3. Jaime – You bet. In fact, the connection between Kelvin and Kate’s father is even a more interesting one, since the reason Kate could have been “picked” by The Others was because of her father’s connection to this whole thing.

    I do have to say that I’m disappointed that Kelvin is gone. I really like the actor Clancy Brown.

    Sthnbelle – Glad you like the site!

  4. Why were Jack, Sawyer and Kate were taken? The obvious reason: they’re leaders and quick thinkers. I will leave the twisting connection projections up to Steve. 🙂

    I have a question about Michael and Walt. Yeah, it was surprising that Henry let Walt go. Even more surprising to me was that Michael has, up till now, been so concerned about Walt, yet he gets in this boat (which could be boobytrapped) without even checking for water or provisions. To be rescued by whom? After how many days? Michael totally dropped the concerned dad thing and made that scene unbelieveable. (I know, I know – like the rest of it is? But the writers weave some really interesting plot & connections into that show, so this scene was a let down.)

    Thanks, Steve, for providing some Lost! commentary.

  5. Hi MOTW!

    My suspicion has long been that Jack, Sawyer and Kate were part of Dharma, through their fathers. I think they’re all “first generation” Dharma kids.

    The whole thing with Michael and Walt bothered me too. I think The Others thought Walt was who they were looking for, but ended up not being the right person. I think they’ll focus a lot more on Aaron next season.

    Time will tell. The great thing about this show is that you can have a nice theory, and it ends up going off in a direction you never expect!

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