10 thoughts on “Some Things You Missed During The LOST Premiere”

  1. Steve,

    There is a screen cap on ABC’s website (pic #33 in the slide show from last night’s ep) that shows a little girl in the holding room with Jack – Did I miss this (or did you see it), and where did she come from???

  2. Didn’t see it. I’ll take a look. Thanks!


    Whoa… I have no idea. I don’t remember this from last night’s episode at all. Perhaps this slipped in, and will appear in a future episode?

  3. who is that girl in pic #33 i didnt notice her.. i was wondering if anyone else thought that due to the cuts on “freckles” wrist were due to her being raped by “ben”. And would any body like to share their ideas or therios about the island or the others i would love to hear them, i believe in the theroy of purgatory…

  4. What was the deal with kate having breakfast….and then acting hungry when she was put in the cage across from Sawyer (he gave her the biscuit.
    Also….where’s the asian guy from the films? I’m still expecting him to show up at some point.

  5. I was wondering that myself, Liam.

    I’ve always thought that Marvin Candle (The guy from the films) wasn’t on the island, and that film had been made elsewhere.

  6. If you’ll remember…..Marvin said in the film a telling clue. He talked of the reports that went through the tube. The notebooks that had to be filled out. He said “we’ll receive them HERE” when they send them. That had to mean that he was on the island at least when the film was made.

  7. We found out that they weren’t really receiving them where he was, because there was a huge pile of them just being dumped out into a clearing in the jungle. The tube wasn’t even connected to anything, it just dumped it out onto the pile.

  8. Kate refused Bens breakfast, but after their kiss Sawyer tells Kate that she tastes like strawberries. Was he being nice? or did she taste like a traitor???

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