LOST: The Beginning of the End

Spoilers ahead

First, another question left over from last season: How did Penny know to broadcast on that frequency to talk to Charlie?

OK…on to tonight’s episode of LOST: The Beginning of the End

I enjoyed it. A ton of unanswered questions, a few easter eggs, … well, it wouldn’t be LOST with out that, would it?

All in all, I enjoyed the show. I saw right off that it was Hurley in that car (his hands gave it away). The fact that Charlie is dead, but not really, brings up two really interesting things about what we’re seeing: 1) Christian and Yemi were likely the same sort of manifestations from something on the island, and 2) we saw Charlie when he was OFF the island.

Does that mean that the island is doing that? That was my first thought, but while I was mulling this over, I think it’s more likely that Charlie is bounding around in time the same way that Desmond did last season. I think both Christian is doing the same thing, and that’s what Jack saw in Season One.

The “did you notice” things:

The “flash forward” scenes in this episode occurred before the “flash forward” scenes from last year’s finale because Jack said he was thinking of growing a beard.

That was Christian sitting in the chair when Hurley looked in the cabin.

That “fancy phone” comment from yesterday that seemed so out of place in yesterday’s disastrous “popup video”-style show was a phrase that Rose used during tonight’s premiere.

Hurley referenced the same thing that Jack said in last year’s finale: They’re not telling the truth about what happened to them.

That’s it for now… In the words of Locke, “We’re going to have to watch that again”.

Hidden Lost Season 4 Easter Egg

A couple of video frames after Kate speaks in the Season 4 Sneak Peek Video, many images flash by. I freeze-framed the video, and saw the following two images. One has someone looking through a broken window, which I think is likely the shack which Ben brought Locke to. The next image was of Christian (Jack’s father) sitting in a chair. The chair looks like Jacob’s chair.

Lost Shack Window

Christian In Jacob’s Chair

What could this mean? Christian is Jacob?? No, I don’t think that’s likely. I think it’s a lot more probable that Jacob is manifesting himself as Christian.

As for who or what Jacob is, that remains to be seen.

Oceanic Flight 815 Easter Egg on “Chuck”

Were you watching “Chuck” tonight? Did you catch the reference to Oceanic Flight 815?

When Chuck was being shown images, one of them triggered a response of “Ocean Flight 815 was shot down by surface-to-air…”

Interesting reference, especially for a show airing on NBC referencing a show on ABC.

Jack’s Newspaper Clipping

TV Squad the low-down fans figuring out what the text was on Jack’s newspaper clipping in the season finale of LOST:

Text of the newspaper clipping:

“The body of John Lantham of New York was found shortly after 4 a.m. in the 4300 block of Grand Avenue.

Ted Worden, a doorman at the Tower Lofts complex, heard loud
noises coming from the victim’s loft. Concerned for the tenants’
safety, he entered the loft and found the body hanging from a beam in
the living room.

According to Jaime Ortiz, a police spokesman, the incident was
deemed a suicide after medical tests. Lantham (sic) is survived by one
teenaged son.

Memorial services will be held at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home tomorrow evening.”

LOST commentary: Catch-22


That show started off with a real bang, er… maybe “twang” is a better word, and ended a bit predictably. There wasn’t much of a story advancement, but we did find out some interesting things:

1) It’s been at least one day of the “week” Juliette is spending on the beach. If you recall from last week’s episode, Ben told Juliette he’d see her in a week.

2) Penelope sent that woman out to search for Desmond. Now, how the heck the woman got out of a helicopter (if that’s what it was) without being ripped to pieces, I have no idea. I will say that the scene where it aircraft went down and the parachute opened was REALLY hard to see, even with a picture from a satellite dish. Maybe I need to get HDTV soon.

Anyway, we know that it was Penelope that sent her because she was carrying a copy of the picture that only Desmond and Penelope have. She should have some information about how she found the island. She’s probably Brazilian too, judging by the copy of the book she was carrying.

3) Desmond was engaged before he met Penelope, and he’s been casting around trying to figure out what to do with his life even before meeting her.

4) Charlie is still in deep trouble. I doubt he’ll make it until the end of the season.

5) In that picture on the monk’s desk: I’ve already said that’s the same lady that tried to sell Desmond the ring, only to turn around and refuse, and then told Desmond all about what his fate was going to be on the island.

The monk is in that picture next to her. Is that the monk’s mother? Sister?

6) Helicopters don’t have that great of a range. Where did it come from? A ship waiting out in the water somewhere?

LOST Easter Egg: Catch-22


I just watched the show, and caught a couple of Easter Eggs in tonight’s show, Catch-22.

The book that Desmond found was Ardil-22, the Portuguese translation of Catch-22.

The picture on the monk’s desk showed the lady from the shop where Desmond tried to by the ring – the lady that knew all about Desmond in his previous flashback episode.

All add more as I find them.

Lost – “Expose”

Spoilers ahead!

Some random thoughts about tonight’s episode, “Expose”:

That was quite an ending. Especially when Nikki opened her eyes while Sawyer and Hurley were filling the grave. What a gruesome way to die. Somehow I don’t think Locke’s advice to Paolo about “things don’t stay buried on this island”, will come true in this case, since they were buried in the graveyard above the high tide line. Sure was a quick way of getting characters nobody seemed to like.

Long time Lost Podcast fans: That’s probably as close to a zombie episode as we’ll ever see on the show.

I thought they did a pretty good job at stitching together footage from some of the earlier shows to show Nikki and Paolo interacting with everyone.

It was good seeing Boone and Shannon, but Nikki’s line of “I hope we don’t end up like them” was kind of like being hit over the head with a sledgehammer, and not your typical subtle foreshadowing.

The actor who plays Paolo (whose name escapes me at the moment) is referred to as “Tom Cruise of Brazil” by the writers, and in the show he was referred as the “Wolfgang Puck of Brazil”.

“The pigs are walking”, which Artz quotes, is a line from Animal Farm.

When Paolo is in the observation station, the conversation you can barely hear between Ben and Juliet while the enter the room is:

Ben: Who left this open?
Juliet: Tom was down here a couple of days ago.
Ben: Well, have him cover it up with the plane.

Question: After Paolo found that walkie-talkie…. Do you think he used it?

LOST: Par Avion

We found out a few things in this episode, and there was a spoiler in the preview for next week (more on that later).

“Par Avion” means “By Plane” in French.

We found out that Claire is indeed Jack’s half-sister, as I previously predicted here (and as many others have also suggested. We can add Claire to the list of survivors that have issues with their fathers. The question now is, why was Christian in Australia trying to see Claire just before his death? What did he want to tell her? Why did he travel all that way? Was she in danger?

The people working with The Others have a submarine they used to get to the island. The conversation that Kate and Mikhail had was pretty interesting. Mikhail said, “Two week ago, our underwater beacon stopped emitting it’s locater signal. There was an event. An electromagnetic pulse. It would be impossible to come back.” That means that there probably won’t be any help coming from the outside any time soon.

Mikhail knew the first and last name of Sayid, Kate and John. He was even able to spill the beans about John being paralyzed.

That fence that killed Mikhail wasn’t just built in time to keep the Flight 815 survivors out. It was probably needed to keep the animals out, and quite possibly to keep the people that were “recruited” (like Juliette) inside the fenced area.

John Locke’s purpose for coming along is more than just getting Jack back. He wants to confront Ben. (That was in the preview). Why he’s carrying C-4 in this backpack, I’m not as sure, but it’s not something that’s a good thing to just be carrying around like that.

Sawyer was reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. The Amazon.com description of that says that some of the themes are the struggle of good and evil, and the strength of the individual. “The strength of the individual” is particularly interesting in light of why Mikhail said Kate, Sayid and John were not on the list. Mikhail said, “You’re not on the list because you are flawed, angry, weak and frightened.”

Mikhail was wearing the same sort of jumpsuit that “Roger the work man” (the skeleton Hurley found) was wearing.

Claire finally found out about Desmond’s ability to see the future, and that Desmond has again saved Charlie from dying.

Jack seems content, just throwing the football around with Tom, which really shocked Kate. Has he gone over to “The Others”? Or is he just waiting for the opportunity to get out of there? Is Jack, “On The List”?

I think Jack is going to discover why The Others are there, and will start to try and help them do whatever they’re doing.