4 thoughts on “Things you missed in “Further Instructions””

  1. I was able to grab a screenshot of the wolf, but it’s not as good as the one you pointed to Andy. Thanks for the link!

  2. No, it was the P bear. a wolf dosent make any sence plus thats how locke new it was a p bear in the first place

  3. From the snout and the fangs, I’d say that’s a wolf.

    Another reason I say that is that it was Locke that considers himself a hunter, it was him barrelling through the side of the lodge… so I think that’s how Locke viewed himself.

    Locke knew it was a polar bear because two polar bears have been seen on the island. One was shot by Sayid and the other chased Walt and Michael. Locke told Charlie it was a polar bear they were tracking because he has hunting skills and can recognize bear tracks.

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