What was the plan for Mr. Eko?

Spoilers ahead!

There are a number of stories out this morning after Mr. Eko’s death last night. The New York Post as a some quotes from the producers about Eko’s demise, and MSNBC has an article that discusses Mr. Eko’s impact on the show.

I’m sure this was all planned out in advance, but it sure seems like if someone gets in trouble with the law in real life, their characters aren’t far away from dying on the show.

I told a friend last night that I think Bernard is going to be pretty upset about Eko’s death… After all, he’s the last one from the tail section that hasn’t been killed or captured.

I think it’s also pretty clear that the theory that “Smokey the Cloud” can manifest itself as a real creature, whether it be Jack’s dad, Kate’s horse, Walt, or Eko’s brother Yemi… well, I think that theory just got a lot stronger.

7 thoughts on “What was the plan for Mr. Eko?”

  1. Personally, I liked his arc, but I’m confused about how it’s supposed to relate to anything, really. Okay, without Eko and his brother, we wouldn’t have found the hatch, had the drug connection to the statues, had some good contrast to Locke’s character…but other than the plane, what other connections did Eko have to anyone, other than Claire’s psychic?

    I wish they could have done some stronger connections with him.

  2. Isn’t it obvious by now that the black horse and the polar bears came from the cages which the Others are currently using to hold Kate and Sawyer?

    They are escaped zoo animals, not hallucinations or illusions.

  3. Last night definitely cemented the “visions weren’t really visions but really the smoke thing” theory for me. Jack’s dad, the horse, and Yemi I will buy – not sure about the Walt sightings, though. Are there any other visions that we’ve forgotten? I’m pretty sure that Boone showing up this season, and Boone’s own vision of Shannon in S1 were drug induced, not anything from the island itself.

  4. I dunno yet about Jack’s dad…Ben made the comment that ‘two days later a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky’…he didn’t say which spinal surgeon…

    And why is Ben so dangerous? I’m thinking he’s got some special abilities (related to the fact he’s been on the island his entire life). Maybe he’s like that kid from the Twilight Zone movie (Twilight Zone purists…relax. I grew up more on the movie than the show, so there…). We haven’t seen any real source of power from him (thugs or otherwise), so what power does he have that makes everyone so scared of him?

  5. Yes, I think the bears have been established as “real”, since they probably did swim from one island (the one with the cages) to the other (where the fuselage is).

    I don’t see the horse swimming off to the other island, so that’s yet another reason that I don’t think it was “real”. The main reason was the way it appeared to Kate and Sawyer.

  6. say everyone but the horse there bodies are on the island so “smokey the cloud” uses them somehow. I think the others know not to bury or leave bodies on the island for that reason case in point that girl Sun shot.
    also did anyone notice the guy in the other hatch with the eye patch was the main soldier that interigated syiad I hope he knows the war is over.

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