Things you missed in “The Cost of Living”

Here are some of the things you might not have seen in “The Cost of Living”:

  • The song at the funeral was Brenda Lee’s “I Wonder”.
  • In the second scene of Eko stumbling through the jungle, you can see the black smoke in the background for a split second just as he is getting up.
  • The name of the leader of the militia was named Emeka.

And a couple of repeats from previous episodes, mentioned here again in this episode:

  • The “new

2 thoughts on “Things you missed in “The Cost of Living””

  1. Someone on ABC’s board thinks that the nun who made Eko confess when he stole the food for his brother is the same person as Ms Klugh…any evidence for/against? I REALLY wish I had TIVO….

  2. Whoa! I’ll have to check that.

    Sthnbelle, the ABC site has previous episodes of Lost, so that would be another way for you to check.

    Update I took a look, and I don’t think they’re the same person.

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