Easter Eggs and Things You Missed in “Not In Portland”

Just a couple of easter eggs this episode:

  • Karl was in room 23

  • Sawyer’s reference to the “Wookie” was a reference to the scene in “Star Wars” where Chewbacca is supposed to be a prisoner, but it turns out it’s just a trick

  • Juliet’s last name is Burke

  • Mittelos means “centerless” in German, and is an anagram for “Lost Time”

  • Since Alex considers Ben her father, Danielle (the French woman) might be Ben’s wife

7 thoughts on “Easter Eggs and Things You Missed in “Not In Portland””

  1. A german word “Mittelos” does not exist…
    But there’s the word “mittellos” which means
    “impecunious”, “indigent” or “penniless”…

  2. thewatcher: I made the mistake of going by what the Babelfish translator said. I checked with my mom today, and she said it meant “destitute”, which is basically the same meaning as the words you’ve suggested. Thanks for the correction!

    THG: Nice catch!

  3. Hey Mike,

    There’s some filtering software here and sometimes it does that. Did the same thing to Andy (The TropicHunt.com Guy). Sorry about that.

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