LOST: D.O.C. theories


Another good episode! It was quite a surprise to see Mikhail show up, especially since we thought he was dead. He was probably on the verge of death after Locke threw him into the sonic fence, because people tend to heal quickly on the island. This could also mean that Ms. Klu is alive as well, and would certainly explain why she didn’t seem very worried when she asked Mikhail to shoot her.

I’ll try and dig up what the helicopter pilot really said when she saw Michael, because I don’t think it was what Mikhail said it was.

Once it was obvious that Mr. Kwon was alive, it didn’t take that much of a leap to realize that Mrs. Kwon was the one that was blackmailing Sun.

Jin and Mr. Kwon falls right in line with the “Father Issues” that everyone else on the island seem to have.

Sun’s in huge trouble right now. The question is, are the other women in trouble too? Why is Ben having Juliette get “samples” from the other women? Forced pregnancies?

The final big “shocker” of the episode, when the helicopter pilot said that Oceanic 815 was found and there were no survivors…. Well, I think that was a big red herring. The people who built all the facilities on the island seem to have a LOT of resources. I think the most likely explanation is that the plane crash site that the “world” found was staged. Now, WHY was it staged… that’s the bigger question. They either did it to prevent people searching near the island, or make people stop searching because they need the Losties (or at least some of them) on the island.

update: Changed “Michael” to “Mikhail”. (Thanks THG) That’s what I get for writing when I’m tired…

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  1. Mikhail, btw. 😉

    Regarding flight 815…I’m thinking that their crash on the island was NOT an accident…it was deliberate…based on that comment. I mean, who has the resources to spontaneously create a large plane crash WITH bodies (assuming they found bodies, which I’m sure they would)? That points to this not being an accident.

  2. From Sledgeweb:

    Mikhail tells Desmond that she said “Thank You”, but doesn’t come across as very genuine. According to some SWLS users (see comments), Naomi is actually saying “I am not alone”.

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